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A recently surfaced video from E. Jean Carroll’s 1996 television show in New York City presents a surprising and eccentric side of her character, as she displays an intense fixation on men and sex.

During the segment, E. Jean Carroll exhibits peculiar behavior that leaves the guests visibly uneasy.

She unexpectedly lies down on the floor while passionately discussing ‘The Dating Game’ show and proceeds to objectify the male participants.

E. Jean Carroll: All’s you have to remember is you’re a woman. And if you’re a woman you’re precious… Yes my darlings, chasing men is the highest amusement there is, but manhandling the difficult little buggers is something else… Call me… I hate that music. I hate that music. I hate that music. This is not, not, not The Dating Game… A melancholy proposition is before our beautiful Moira. She either’s going to prove herself as a complete nitwit as a man handler… Here I come. Is there anybody here that weighs less than 400 pounds.

During that period, she claimed that Trump accompanied her on a shopping trip for lingerie after their chance encounter on the street.

Allegedly, he then assaulted her in the dressing room of a prestigious department store. E. Jean Carroll’s recollection of the specific year is hazy and she altered her account when confronted with inconsistencies regarding the alleged dress she wore on that day.

The fact that the case against President Trump reached the court demonstrates concerns about the integrity of the judicial system in New York City and raises potential risks for conservative individuals living and working in the city.

According to earlier reports, Elizabeth Jean Carroll alleged that former President Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan during their shopping trip in the mid-1990s. However, it is unclear when exactly this alleged incident occurred.

Furthermore, in 2019, E. Jean Carroll participated in an interview with Vanity Fair following her controversial accusations against Trump.

The article portrays Carroll as an eccentric individual who resided in a cabin infested with mice, referred to as the “Mouse House,” painted trees and rocks blue around her log cabin, and traveled with her poodle dyed blue.

Notably, she did not bring along her cat named Vagina T. Fireball on these journeys but left it at home.

Vanity Fair wrote, “The “E” in “E. Jean” stands for Elizabeth, a name she gave herself after growing up as Betty Jean.

She lives in a cabin she calls “the Mouse House,” surrounded by trees with trunks she’s painted a striking shade of pale blue.

When she embarks on her road trip, in a Prius named Miss Bingley, she leaves behind her cat, Vagina T. Fireball, but takes her now-departed standard poodle, Lewis Carroll, whose pompadour was also dyed blue.”

E. Jean Carroll made a statement suggesting that she received sexual advice from her dog. However, it remains uncertain whether she was referring to Lewis Carroll or another dog named Tits.

E. Jean Carroll’s dog, Lewis Carroll (Youtube/Elle Magazine)On October 30, 2017, Elle Magazine shared a video on Youtube which provided additional confirmation of the authenticity of the information presented in Vanity Fair.The video showcases Carroll’s daily routine at her residence in upstate New York, where she can be seen sporting a vibrant red wig.At present, the video has garnered close to 33,000 views.Below is the excerpt at the 4:40 mark:

“I call it the “Mouse House” because some very distinguished mice live here. Conneman(?) lives in the kitchen. Tuberski(?) lives in the bedroom.

This is my shed. And on that side are the books that most influenced me growing up. On the door, are the list of my dogs Markie, Fortuna de la Spunky(?), Heidi, Tits, Bloody, and Hepburn.

The streams and the rivers were dry and it so horrified me that I came out and started painting the rocks blue to indicate that there was once a river here. And then after I got done painting the rocks, I just sort of walked over here and then did that tree and then did that tree. And then I did this tree. And then pretty soon I’d done this whole forest.

“The Mouse House” (Youtube/Elle Magazine)
“The Mouse House” (Youtube/Elle Magazine)
Carroll painted the rock blue (Youtube/Elle Magazine)
(Youtube/Elle Magazine)
(Youtube/Elle Magazine)
(Youtube/Elle Magazine)


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Doug Goldsmith

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  • I’m thinking high-functionong mental illness, and probably psychedelic drug use. “Eccentric doesn’t even begin to explain her. Clearly she’s long had had a fetish and fantasy about being manhandled by rich and powerful men. (note to all: fantasies are not reality.)


  • It just goes to show how corrupt the NY judicial system is and just how f’n stupid the morons of NY are for awarding this mentally ill idiot anything!

  • This sick bovine belongs in a mental institution! Where’s the police report regarding this ‘alleged’ rape? Was she examined by a Dr. after this ‘alleged’ rape? This case should be tossed out on its ear for her ridiculous allegation!

    • And she also needs to do some serious time. I wonder what the Judge and Jury will do with this one. They can also go with her to the big house and have an orgy together.

  • There was no credible evidence presented. NY is out to destroy President Trump. I hope and pray he can win on appeal.

    • Not only that, the Judge threatened Trump when he tried to speak and wanted to put his Lawyer in jail when she tried to defend her client. This sounds like a B-rated plot in a bad movie.

  • The Anti-American Communist Democrats said every woman should be believed. But when it comes to a Republican woman it’s propaganda and lies. Think about that, and no matter what color wig she wears, it’ll never change her ugly looks. President Trump has much better taste in women just look at Melania. Wow.!
    She lives in a cabin with a cat named vagina, and her dog told her about sex.. And that Unconstitutional corrupt court and corrupted jury believed her.?? I wonder how much of Trump’s 85 million dollars has been promised to all of them.?

  • Carroll is sick, delusional! THese false, fake allegations have no credibility just as Carroll has none. All of these false allegations will be dismissed.

  • Trump needs to sue for defamation of character. she said awful things about him and he doesn’t know her. That has to go both ways. If he doesn’t know her, she doesn’t know him. Obama is afraid Trump will mess up his goal of “fundamentally changing America.” So he found a deranged body to cause trouble. Of course, dear empty head Joe will get his cut of the illegal payout.

    • I so agree with you. Everyone should be afraid of the Obamas and what they have up their sleeve for America. Look what they’ve done to our beautiful country so far. They’re sick, low lives!!!

  • When Trump appeals this case, these videos should be evidence of her instability and obsession with sex and men. For the life of me I can’t figure out why they weren’t used for this trial….

  • I still want to know if Carroll has ever been told to describe President Trump’s “private parts.” If she can’t, wouldn’t that end this nonsense right now?

    • That is what cost Slick Willy almost a million dollars. He had the State Police aka his pimps go after a female he had admired and bring her to his hotel room. When she appeared, he ordered her to her knees and told her to kiss it-meaning his private parts. In court she was asked to describe Slick Willy’s private parts and she did. It really cost the Clinton President big bucks and the loss of his License to practice Law.

  • Trumps lawyer found out about connections between the judge and Caroll’s attorney at the end of the trial thanks to a news report. The judge didn’t allow Carroll’s tweets as evidence in court, including one where she said The Apprentice was her favorite show.
    There will definitely be an appeal. Too much evidence of impropriety by the court.

  • This is one deranged woman. Just goes to show you how deranged the left is. They are desperate to get rid of Trump that they well do and say anything.

  • Don’t sound like or act like a “Rape Victim”, more like a street walker in search of men to have sex with……Where is the Proof that Trump even knew this woman much less had relations with her! This woman definitely has Mental Issues!!!

  • Of course she couldn’t name a date…. It would be to easy for Trump to prove he was no where near the witch at the time…..

    • Funny sounds just like the Kavana case! Can’t remember when or where it happened and nobody but her remembers it! And nobody was in the stor? That’s a stretch!

  • @ E.Jean Carroll:
    If Carroll is anything, SHE IS THE DEATH OF “ME TOO”!
    Because her Unbelievable as Unprovable Accusation plus her UNASHAMED BRAGGING have made her

  • I am sure the equally corrupt judge did not allow this in the court room! This is more like framed by Democrats! I wonder if the Judge would like the same kind of trial???? And maybe that is what needs to be done! Have somebody frame one of these corrupt judges somewhere where the Democrats have zero swing! Or maybe start claiming Joe Biden can’t be on any conservative state ballot! Listing his treason at the border! And suing him as joe Biden the Canidate so they can’t use our money! Democrats are trying to start a civil war! And if they get it. It will be open season on them! And they will only have themselves to blame!

  • I’m betting potus Trump gets his 5 million back from e Jean nutjob from the first trial.
    Unhinged communist democratic socialist sheep won’t learn a lesson to safe themselves.

    • Robin she gets no money until after all his appeals are done.. This bird brain will never see any of this money. By the way she was awarded 8 million this time and give million the first time. She is talking about during him again if he don’t shut up.

  • To paraphrase Mark Twain — ‘Never let facts get in the way of a good story’ — especially in the quest to ‘Get Trump’.

  • That case against Trump was garbage. I seriously doubt he would have been attracted to that loudmouth wingnut. Yikes!

  • This was a phony case brought on by a lunatic. No way was President Trump ever going to get a fair trial in this City. Also evidence of her making these comments were not allowed in court. She is a deranged woman, accused many men of rape from the time she was a teen. Leave it to the dems to take on phony court cases.

  • we all knew she was somewhat off mentally. swears something happened but cannot remember where, when, what exactly? and some judge allows a win on that? corrupt to the core! this should be played during his appeal.

  • When the course of the nation can be affected by such goofy pieces of female body parts as this, we are in deep trouble.

  • This woman has some real mental problems and I think her charges against President Trump are Trumped up and should be dismissed. Why wait two decades to claim sexual assault unless it was for 15 minutes of fame. I hope these charges are reversed and she be ordered to pay all court cost concerning the case and a public apology to President Trump.

  • She only won because the system hate Trump. They can beat him except by cheating but now they want to take all his money and or jail him.

  • And after a jury saw this. They found Trump guilty???????? She had no idea when it even happened! Sounds more like she got this story from the Cavanna case! This looks more and more like a Democratic set up as it is the Democrats that are this perverted! Funny that the courts would not let Biden to be prosecuted and she reported it when it happened and was fired! Sounds like she raped Trump!

  • And you dum asses gave this crazy woman money for her Lie she is a liar and the judge should have thrown this case out do to inaccurate information deception, lies changing story and you people what is wrong with your brains, get help mental help by a Christian organization you all need help

  • This woman is a certifiable NUT CASE, and the fact she was able to find a judge to allow this TRAVESTY of a lawsuit to go forward just shows you the state of the Judiciary, today, thanks to equally LOONY Demmunist appointees!

  • Eccentric is not a sufficient description. Nutty is closer to the real thing. It seems to me that her charges against Trump were from a dream she had while under the influence of something.

  • I can’t figure out why this stupid woman(and I use woman loosely) didn’t yell or scream out if she was being assaulted in a dressing room, she waited long enough to bring it up……..she’s
    a scam artist, she’s not worth 83 cents, she’s an embarrassment to the rest of women.

      That is the reason I used CAPS.



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