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Authorities in Minnesota are presently conducting a federal investigation into an alleged case of arson that resulted in extensive damage to the premises of three conservative organizations.

It is suspected that this fire was intentionally set as a targeted political assault.

Fox News has revealed that the incident took place during the early hours of Sunday in Golden Valley, which is situated near Minneapolis.

The affected building housed not only the offices of the Center for the American Experiment, the Upper Midwest Law Center, and TakeCharge, but also several other businesses.

At present, no individuals have been arrested and law enforcement officials have refrained from disclosing any potential motives behind this act.

“The fires obviously were set by someone,” John Hinderaker, president of Center of the American Experiment, a conservative think tank, noted in a statement published by Fox. “They targeted conservative organizations. They didn’t firebomb the chiropractors or psychologists or the Manufacturers Alliance. We are cooperating with the FBI to try to identify the perpetrators.”

As noted by the American Experiment: “The fires occurred around 2:00 am on Sunday morning and were started outside the first-floor offices of American Experiment and TakeCharge, and in the third-floor offices of UMLC. The second floor has no visible fire damage. The three-story building houses a variety of small businesses in addition to the three conservative policy organizations.”

“It is extremely concerning that we may have been the target of an arson attack, constituting an act of domestic terrorism,” Kendall Qualls, president of TakeCharge, noted before he offered up a potential reason for the alleged attack.

“We were targeted because we are a conservative black organization disputing the narrative of systemic racism. If we were a left-leaning organization trumpeting the systemic racism mantra, throngs of media outlets would be at our door affirming that we are victims of racism,” he added.

“They can firebomb our offices, but we will never stop promoting the bold truth: The problem of racial disparities is not because of systemic racism. It’s because we have let the crisis of fatherless homes explode to 80+ percent in nearly every major city, including Minneapolis. We are the ONLY national organization promoting the return of the two-parent family and school choice in the [B]lack community. This heinous act emboldens us to be stronger and louder,” he said.

Fox obtained a statement from James Dickey, Senior Counsel at the Upper Midwest Law Center, who expressed a similar sentiment.

“We will not be intimidated by this apparent act of domestic terrorism. Our resolve to uphold justice and protect the rights of Minnesotans remains unyielding. Despite the setback, the Upper Midwest Law Center will continue to champion the values of fairness, equality, and freedom for all,” Dickey said.

“We are thankful to local fire rescue for their swift action to put out the fire, and to the FBI, ATF, and local authorities for their quick response and dedication to finding the perpetrators. We hope those responsible are brought to justice for this heinous act of violence,” he added.

A new report released this week states that President Joe Biden is currently experiencing a more challenging path to reelection compared to any other incumbent president in the past thirty years.

Gallup’s latest findings reveal that less than 40% of surveyed individuals expressed a desire for Biden to serve another term, marking the lowest rating in over three decades.

This figure is lower than his current approval rating of 41%, as stated by the Washington Examiner.

“The gloomy results for the liberal president follow several other polls showing him losing to former President Donald Trump, though many of those polls show that voters don’t want either to return to the White House,” the Examiner added, citing the results.

“However, Gallup did offer a glimmer of hope for the incumbent. The survey firm made the case that a couple of other recent presidents who were underwater in polling leading to an election won, though none were as undeserving as Biden is,” the outlet added.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • The “authorities” will never find anything, and no one will be charged by our corrupt Federal agencies. Why? Because they are all part of the Deep State and may have even helped the arsonists.

    • Under what laws do you propose extermination? Remember, we have a Constitution with DUE PROCESS. Either we follow it, and it includes capital punishment for certain crimes, or we abit the Great American Experiment is a failure.

  • Had this been a left-wing organization that was firebombed, the FBI and media would have called it an attack by far-right domestic terrorists and if they happened to be white or Hispanic then they would also be labeled a white supremist group. Apparently, idiots in the government think that is the biggest threat in the country. People with half a brain know it’s a made up boogyman to scare low IQ people.

  • We all should know damn well that the Communist Democrats Biden, Obama, Soros, Gates are behind this and nothing will be done about it.
    The building belonging to those black conservatives know that the Highly Racist Communist Democrats are behind this and my thoughts are is,, anyone who votes Communist destructive Democrat is way beyond me.

  • right here is your real far left Communist democrat justice. this is their way of dealing with any that don’t toe the line for them. and remember, you voted them in office. so you have no one to blame but yourself when it hits you. party of peace for the people my azz. terrorists is what it is.

  • That will make Trump stronger,his base more fired up and more people wake up to the two tired justice system. Also shows how scared of the conservatives the demonicrats really are !

  • This is just the beginning. The left loves this type of action. I am concerned though this time Americans aren’t going to set back and do nothing. This is our country and now we are having to fight on our own land for what we believe in.

    • Doris, we should have never sat back and took any of it to start with. I truly hope there are enough like-minded patriots like me left to take this country back from the communist left. I have absolutely no trouble going up against anyone who wants this Free Republic to fall. The old saying “Love thy neighbor” is long gone because any “neighbor” who supports communism is an enemy of the country that I love dearly !

  • Does anyone think the fbi is going to arrest any of it’s informants that it put up to this ? Another Fed operation like the plot to kidnap the wicked witch covid dictator governor or the pipe bomber they have had the license plate of since day 1 but still ” Have No Clue ” who it could be.

  • Any bets that the investigation will take years to complete and even if they find the culprits, they will get a slap on the wrist?

  • This is the way the far left dems do business. They’re extremely dangerous. Is this what we want our country to be like???

  • The first act Trump should do before anything else is disband the FBI. They are totally corrupt and I’ll bet big money that they will not find anything of evidence to arrest the arsonist that did this.

    • Uhh, the DN☭ election fraud apparatus is still intact!

      ☭ongress and the Feral ☭ourts refused to even look at the evidence over the 2020 Marxist coup. …………………….remember?

      However, many Demo☭rats and fewer Republicans are up for US Senate re-election in 2024. Of the 33 Senate seats up for election next term, 23 are held by Democrats.

      Even allowing for Biden winning again (with election fraud), the GOP could flip the Senate and, providing they hold onto the House, could easily impeach Biden in early 2025.

      Waiting for that more favorable period is galling to me and all MAGA patriots, especially the J6 patriots STILL in the DC gulags, 3 years now without DUE PROCESS.

      The amount of damage Biden, complicit RINO’s like McConnell and Democrats …can do, …AND WILL DO till then is scary!

      So How? The only way I see to remove Biden and the Deep State now is sadly illegal, even if necessary!

      Remember, communists once voted fraudulently into power have …NEVER … I REPEAT! …NEVER been voted out of power in the next fraudulent elections. They have to be forcibly removed but the RINO’s have to go first.



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