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CNN recently reported that Joe Biden is not very happy with the outcome of his administration’s mishandling of highly confidential documents, a situation which many in the White House appear to have accepted stoically. This may be indicative of a larger issue at hand, however, leading some to speculate whether Democrats are making moves to replace Biden as their Presidential nominee for 2024.

When asked about the matter in an interview with Reuters, David Axelrod, who was political advisor for former President Barack Obama, suggested it was “a huge gift to Trump” and a notable source of embarrassment due to Biden’s prior criticism of Trump for the very same circumstance. Axelrod went on to call this mess “a huge pain” for Biden’s re-election campaign prospects.

In response to the incident, Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) filed a grievance with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics. The organization’s director Mike Chamberlain put forth that such behavior is reprehensible and can’t be tolerated; a breach of public trust and potential obstruction charges could arise based on how the White House lawyers decide to proceed legally. He argued that double standards can’t be implemented when it comes to holding high-profile officials accountable as it is wrong to expect regular citizens held up to higher standards than those in influential positions.

According to Chamberlain, there is evidence that senior White House lawyers may have inappropriately used taxpayer resources for personal gain, namely as part of an effort to shield Joe Biden from potential criminal prosecution. This could be seen as both unethical and irresponsible given that it creates an untenable conflict of interest for those same White House attorneys, who may be looking to reduce transparency into any mishandling or misplacement of classified documents while at the same time attempting to protect their client’s interests as a private citizen outside their official roles in government.

Fox News reported,

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, weighed in on the complaint, asking why the president’s special counsel was with Department of Justice (DOJ) officials gathering the classified documents.

“Why was White House Special Counsel Richard Sauber accompanying DOJ officials while they collected classified documents at the Biden residence?” Jordan asked. “Mr. Sauber’s role raises serious concerns about the integrity of the Justice Department’s investigation.”

The White House did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

The complaint comes as Biden weathers the growing scandal that saw the discovery of two batches of documents in the Penn Biden Center and the president’s Wilmington, Delaware garage next to his Corvette.

The White House has also been under fire for the lack of visitors logs at the president’s Delaware home. They told Fox News Digital on Monday that the logs do not exist.

George Washington University (GWU) law professor Jonathan Turley says that President Joe Biden’s lawyers are “likely witnesses in a criminal investigation” as the probe into Biden’s handling of classified documents continues.


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  • LOL saying joebamma is concerned is foolish at best, that POS doesn’t know the time of day let alone what he thinks about anything but when he gets his next injection. FJB

  • Since when does a VP have access to confidential and classified documents, much less that them when their tenure is over? He needs to be held accountable even more so than Donald Trump. At least Donald Trump was President and declassified what was taken with him. The double standards need to stop NOW!

  • Perhaps Joe will need to run in 2024 and try to win so he can continue to avoid prosecution for all the financial and classified document crimes he is involved in? If he leaves office now, Harris can pardon him and it won’t matter because she will never be elected president anyway.



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