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The plot to conceal a scandal involving classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center, funded in part by anonymous Chinese donations, was orchestrated by eight of Joe Biden’s closest confidants with initial approval from the Justice Department. CBS News only learned of the violation 68 days after the documents were first discovered on November 2nd by Biden’s personal attorneys, and it’s still unclear what they were originally searching for.

The news sparked suspicion within the White House as to how it had remained concealed for weeks between Biden’s aides and the DOJ. Senior adviser Anita Dunn initially rejected any notion of making the discovery public because she feared that doing so would lead to unwanted scrutiny and an inevitable appointment of a special counsel. As such, a quiet agreement was kept between eight aides and the department until it eventually leaked to CBS News on January 9th.

Rep. James Comer has since taken up the issue in order to investigate why or what prompted Biden’s personal lawyers to search for classified material at his home in Wilmington, something which occurred after an initial trove of documents were discovered at his Penn Center office, but he has been unable to acquire any answers from that White House, DOJ and National Archives due their refusal to cooperate with him. Despite this lack of transparency, Biden maintains that he is providing complete disclosure regarding this matter.

However, there are still numerous questions remaining about why these private attorneys were attempting to find classified information at their own volition. Moreover, it’s unclear whether or not anyone else was aware this action was being taken while they attempted to keep all associated knowledge hidden away from public view, an effort which ultimately failed when the news broke out in spite of their best efforts.


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  • joebamma is a slimy brain dead POS who has lied his entire life. Find the idiot guilty and hang him next to his boss the kenyan on live TV. FJB

  • It doesn’t matter if Biden says he’s cooperating or not. That fact remains he should never have had them, he had to of known they were scattered in and around unprotected in plain site of everything for 6+ years and as VP could never declassify them. It was unlawful for him to have period. Biden should be indicted and his homes/offices along with Hunters and Brothers homes and offices especially knowing now the 3/ of them did have relationships with CCP and businesses.
    No ifs, ands, or buts, this is far worse than what they found at Trumps Mara Lago where Trump was cooperating too and FBI knew those documents were there to get anytime, locked safely up and secret service all around, and only for a few months allmin one room, not unsecured all over the place for 6+ years like Biden’s places.
    FBI should be involved and DHS. They aren’t controlling it because they already have a bad reputation and don’t want anyone knowing they too are involved in this cover up, again.

    • As the world knows he has had a tight partnership business relationship with the CCP while being an elected official, which is totally illegal and he is nothing but a backdoor deal self-serving crook; so in this case this is not a matter to be cooperated with; it’s TREASON and he should be in GITMO right now!
      Do we still have a functioning constitutionally based rule of law nation or not? Are we witnessing a dictatorship or monarchy that pretends to be a Constitutional Republic?
      Arrests should have already been made starting with the Big Guy!

  • looks to me that these lawyers need to go to jail for looking at classified docs without the right to do so, lock them up and while you are at it put the old frail demented bumbler in there also, he is a criminal just like them.

    • This is also true and we only see the surface so imagine the spies involved in this total breach of our Nation’s Security!
      Espionage and Treason are absolutely on the table for starters and somebody better do something about it all fast or this nation is done for!

  • It all goes back to who Biden’s boss was when he was VP. Obama knew what Biden was doing and may have even advised him to put some documents away for whatever reason. Now it appears that they don’t have any more use for Biden so here’s how the master minds get rid of him. Conspiracy 101 LOL

    • Rest assured Obama’s hands are all over this recent highly coordinated effort to derail Biden’s political reputation, personal standing, and future. The Dems have a plan; we just haven’t seen it all unfold yet.

  • Did these attorneys Biden hired have sufficient security clearance to look for and handle classified documents? And how about all the people who had access to the boxes, e.g., Hunter, Biden’s visitors, et al?

  • I am certain the so called progressive Marxist would like to keep most of their scams and crimes from the public scrutiny, and will even murder people to do it. Just like what happened to Seth Rich when he leaked their crimes?

  • This is another waste of time and our money! As the corrupt Democrats and DC courts will never do anything! If joe is to be punished the people will have to do it. Maybe he needs the Maxine Waters treatment for the rest of his life! Along with the rest of the Democrats and corrupt DC court!

  • Obummer is going where the hell did my top secret documents go?? Oh my buddy Joey has them. What the hell is he doing with them?

  • Who authorized the attorneys to enter these properties to search for these documents? Did they just wander into Joe’s garage and home to see if any evidence could be found there? How do we know the degree of classification and if the documents were “stolen.” This is evidently being hidden by a compliant media, trying to protect its progressive communo-socialist puppet.

  • Biden should be in house arrest at least until these treasonous items can be taken care of. I would be good to get Kamila In charge. No one can be as corrupt as Biden.

  • Biden IS an Unregistered Foreign Agent! He was SELLING SCI, and Top Secret Documents to the CCP [His Owners] Ukraine, and George Soros. He did NOT Have the security Clearance, OR, Access, to the SCI Documents [Which should NEVER have left the SCIF. Who got those Documents out for him? Were they part of this TREASON He was VP at the time, without the necessary Security Clearance. Are these the Documents, that are STILL Unsold?

  • Sorry but we can’t trust anything that comes out of Biden’s mouth, he is a pathological liar. Most everyone that is working for him will lie to cover the illegal things he has done.

  • This lying POS needs to be put under a microscope. He and his crack head kid and other family members have stolen from the US since day one and committed many crimes including several with impeachable actions. I don’t care if this old POS is mentally ill or not he and everyone around him need to be investigated found guilty and hanged. FjB

  • If there is a mole he or she will get a bad case of Clintonside! Or drop dead covid! That is the way the Democrats work.

  • i smell an obammyboy fingers in this. the puppet outlived his usefulness, and time to ditch it. he wants cumala to take over now. so that he can get more of his type of people into the u.s.



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