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The White House and Justice Department (DOJ) have been accused of conspiring to cover up the classified document scandal involving Joe Biden from the American people until news of the incident was leaked to the press. This action is in direct contradiction to claims made by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on January 12, who stated that “there was transparency in doing what you’re supposed to do when these items were discovered.”

The initial incident at Biden Penn Center was confirmed by the White House when contacted by CBS News, but they chose to withhold any additional information from the public, including details about a second batch of documents found at Biden’s home in Wilmington. This has been corroborated by reports from The Washington Post, which have noted various attempts made by both Biden’s personal attorneys and Justice Department investigators for keeping this matter hidden from public view.

However, it appears that these efforts may have not been successful since news of this scandal still managed to be revealed. A number of questions remain unanswered such as why exactly did the White House and DOJ choose to keep this issue a secret? How long were they planning on concealing it? And why wasn’t the public informed sooner? Furthermore, some are concerned that there could potentially be other stories like this where important information is being withheld without their knowledge or consent.

Whatever the answer may be, it’s clear that there has been an attempt to keep this particular story under wraps and away from public scrutiny. It remains unknown if similar cases exist but it does raise serious concerns about how much transparency there really is with regards to government information and its dissemination.

The lack of transparency surrounding this issue has prompted scrutiny from critics who are now wondering what could have caused Biden’s attorneys to search for illegally stored documents in the first place. The White House has yet to provide an answer – or any other detail – on this point, apart from reiterating their stance that they will not comment while a special counsel appointed by the Justice Department carries out an ongoing review.

This controversy raises a number of questions regarding truth and justice, with many now questioning just how much information and evidence has been kept hidden by this administration as well as whether or not justice will be served as it relates to any illegal activity that may have taken place. Until more details about this situation come to light and all facts are considered, it’s difficult for anyone outside of those directly involved in this investigation to make an informed assessment.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This is clearly evidence of sedition, treason, deceptive trade, fraudulent business practices, dishonest services which calls for their immediate & their families termination w/ extreme prejudice, as the apple (or nut)
    does NOT fall far from the family tree.

    A forest also includes the poison trees which bear fruit as well.


    • I, along with others I have spoken to, 100% agree with your post. Thank you. All of this administration is evil, corrupt, and immoral. They should all be impeached/fired/court marshaled. PERIOD. We are now living in a BANANA REPUBLIC. If Democrats can’t see this, they are as evil, corrupt, and immoral as this administration.

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  • In other words the top management in both DOJ and FBI have willingly committed a crime against the Constitution and against America. they should all be given the chance to resign within the next week or face a trial, heavy fines and termination with absolutely no chance of ever working in Government Service again.

      • Biden and his criminal family are compromised by the Enemy & multiple departments covered up evidence of their crimes! That’s Treason and you people are just like eh they should resign.
        What’s even worse is neither of you even suggested that the people who’ve been selling us out to the CCP should be held accountable!
        Everyone involved has committed Treason against the United States and its people, they all not only deserve Death it’s the punishment for TREASON!

    • I would favor giving these SCUM nothing but that SECOND option. Otherwise, the Deep State will just sneak around and stick them in some OTHER government job where they can resume business as usual.

  • I’m paid $185 per hour to complete the task using an Apple laptop. I absolutely didn’t think it was conceivable, but my dependable buddy convinced me to give this straightforward an71 chance a go after she made $26,547 in just 4 weeks working on it. Visit the following page to find out additional

  • Wray, Brennan, Clapper, Comey et al are sand bagging the first floor entrances to the DOJ/FBOand CIA headquarters.

    Dumpster fires out back darken the sky! Snipers on the roofs.

  • We are getting very close to being a third World Nation. When you have the head of the country and all his minions, all with the same socialist agenda, it’s pretty close to and on that “slippery slope”.

  • Along with the questions of why the attorneys went to the “Think Tank”, etc, in the first place, and why the FBI and Justice Department refused, or denied, the request to either go and search themselves or accompany the attorneys, I want to know why they entrusted this task to the attorneys, knowing they didn’t have security clearance. I have my own thoughts. I believe they know what has been going on and they are giving the attorneys time to destroy anything incriminating Biden. What other reason would they have? As I said, these are my thoughts!

  • Take the entire administration down, and the Rhinos, like Mitch M. too! If we don’t, at the rate we’re slipping into communism, there won’t be enough of America left come 2024!!!

  • All, including Biden and his admin, should be impeached and then locked up for Treason awaiting their executions.
    If we don’t have enough evidence by now of all their treasonous acts, then we are a sorry group of people.
    Time to rid our Republic of all these traitors.

    • I could not agree more but I am sorry to say that with Schmier and his communist puppets holding the Senate we CAN NOT get any of them convicted of jaywalking, much less any type treason. The Senate is bought and paid for by the “DARK MONEY” -from the likes of SOROS.

      If we could just get one conviction of Treason and that sentence, Death by Firing squad, was used we could get an awful lot of them turning states evidence and maybe get America back.



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