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House Republicans are set to engage in a major budget showdown with the Democratic Senate and Joe Biden just six months away. At stake is the debt ceiling, which sets the maximum amount of money that the federal government can borrow.

Republicans have insisted that any increase in the debt ceiling should be accompanied by spending cuts to reduce future deficits, however, Democrats have argued that this is simply a partisan attempt to hold the government, hostage.

This week, President Biden declared he wanted a “clean” debt ceiling hike with no strings attached, whereas Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy stated he wants to negotiate with Biden and strive to cut spending before it leads to a potential government shutdown.

In an informal news conference with reporters outside the Capitol, McCarthy explained that he believes it is “arrogant” of Biden to not even discuss any possible conditions for raising the debt ceiling, noting how discretionary spending has increased by 30% in just four years under Democratic control as opposed to no increase during eight years under Republican rule.

The Epoch Times reported,

The speaker said Biden’s refusal to discuss anything other than a “clean” increase in the debt ceiling, which limits federal borrowing, is “a sign of arrogance that he would say he wouldn’t even discuss it.”

“I mean think about what the Democrats have done just in four years, they’ve increased discretionary spending by 30 percent. When Republicans were in control for eight years, discretionary spending didn’t go up one dollar,” McCarthy said.

Noting that the national debt is nearly $32 trillion, McCarthy asked, “Why would you do this to any future generation in anything we do? Why wouldn’t you sit down and talk, especially with something as serious as a debt limit; why would you want to wait until the end? Who wants to put the nation through some type of threat at the last minute with the debt ceiling? Nobody wants to do that.”

The impending budget showdown will be one of great importance and consequence for Americans as either side could potentially lead to a government shutdown if matters are not handled properly.

Cutting spending is seen as necessary by many Republicans however Democrats argue that such attempts are more likely than not driven by partisan politics rather than fiscal responsibility.

As such, it remains unclear how exactly this issue will be resolved or if it will simply persist until another crisis arises in the near future.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Smoke and mirrors folks. In a year we will be looking at 36 trillion in debt, big bills passed….the republicans whining on spending and the democrats smiling the US is further down the sewer

  • Clearly, it is the Democrats who are playing politics. By stating they want a “clean” increase to the debt ceiling they are saying they want to continue their irresponsible spending and aren’t willing to consider any actions to reduce the deficit.

  • devildemocommiecrats seek to bankrupt the nation so their communist Chinese owners can own everything and reward the devildemocommiecrats with the wealth and power they lust after so greatly!!!!! I have very little confidence in mccarthy and his band of TRAITORS bt am happy to see true patriots in the House hold his feet to the fire!!!!!!!!!!

    • What’s your definition of TREASON and where is it found in US law? Wouldn’t SEDITION or DERELICTION of DUTY be far better charges?

      • For start on Treason, how about biden selling our oil to China? How about all of the documents at a office paid for by China? What about opening the border for terrorists? Thake your pick, he has done nothing good for America, but daily done thing s to hurt America.

  • “Who wants to put the nation through some type of threat at the last minute with the debt ceiling? Nobody wants to do that.””

    WRONG!!!! Almost every democRAT wants to do exactly that and blame the republicans for it. They ALWAYS do that!

  • How about Biden stops giving money to the Ukraine! He’s trying to act like a big shot while getting the US further and further into debt.

  • You can tell the true caricature of the Biden’s just by the way they basically eliminated their granddaughter!!!! The Biden’s want nothing to do with hunters daughter and hunter himself is trying to not let her use the Biden name!!! How pathetic of him!!! Joe and Jill are the most horrible grand parents I’ve ever seen!!! Just goes to show you their true colors!!! Classless pieces of trash!!!

  • One way to reduce expenses would be to reduce the salaries and expense accounts of all our “representatives”. Some of them are completely worthless and should be sent home. Another way would be to reduce and /or eliminate so many of the payments given to people who can work but don’t want to or would rather steal.

    • Crime, looting and stealing are about to get MUCH worse. Biden’s skyrocketing inflation will be most harmful to those, (and their families), on low incomes. Food and gasoline prices will/are already causing hardships.

  • This week, President Biden declared he wanted a “clean” debt ceiling hike with no strings attached.

    In other words, the government can spend itself into oblivion.

  • If we stopped giving so much money to China, Ukraine, WHO, and every other entity outside of the US, we could clean up our national debt. However our govt always seems to feel Americans should come last.

  • It is about time to end the Reckless Spending driven mainly by the Democrat Party whose members seem to be getting richer and richer! Does anyone in this government actually know where and on what, the Trillions of dollars are Spent? How did Obama and Biden get away with giving Iran Billions of Dollars and Euros in CASH? How did these Two Political Hacks become Multi Millionaires? Does anyone wonder how much of that money found its way back to Obama and Biden? This government is a Toilet that is flushing away Our Taxpayer Dollars! This must STOP before we end up like Venezuela!

  • This is the Nancy Pelosi strategy of negotiation. Demonize the opposition and block every piece of legislation. With the help of Mitch McConnell, she prevented legislation protecting the American people from the Mexican cartels and the CCP.

    • Defund the IRS hikes because it is the right thing to do. Then balance the budget & pass a bill requiring a balanced budget forever except in times of war.

  • Freeze every asset owned by Democratic politicians and their corrupt supporters and use it to start paying off the monstrous debt they have already imposed on future generations.
    Fuck them all. Let them go join the homeless living on the streets of San Francisco.
    Let the radical liberals figure out how to support their asses!!!

  • How much longer are we going to tolerate the cap from the lying, thieving, liberal dem bloodsucking, parasitical, ticks who are without merit worth , value, morals, honor or integrity?
    Daily the scum slide closer to the 2nd American Civil War. Still they have no idea, thinking that all the have to do is keep talking.
    We made an error in the first Civil war, we left some of them.
    Not this time, we will leave none of them to reset.

  • Fiscal responsibility, the democrats haven’t any idea what that means. The total national debt is the product of democrats wild spending and especially their welfare spending.

  • I think Biden wants to raise the debt ceiling so he can send more money to Ukraine, and then they can send it back to the Democratic party, like happened in the last election.
    Speaker McCarthy, you need to stick to what you believe. You are right about what we as a country need to do, NOT pad Biden’s pocket. He should be giving his pay back to the government like our real President did.

  • A 30% increase in debt spending in the House, which has been under control by the Democrats is criminal. I read that we need to reduce the existing budget by 26% in order to get ourselves solvent. And, I bet, there is any number of us on this site who could take the budget & easily accomplish this by eliminating absolutely stupid spending from the budget.

  • Biden is not demanding anything, it is his backroom activist advisors. Biden does not know what day it is, or what is going on in his administration.

  • Hunter for president, a bunch of men dressed as women doing children story hour and Abrums M1 tanks to start WWIII will be perfect as long as the big guy gets his ice cream cone.

  • FJB that POS should be impeached before he totally destroys the country. The demented old fool can’t complete a sentence without fking it up and only mouths the words he is told to say without understanding what he trying to say. Get rid of the POS now. If the ho takes over ,she is even less capable then joebamma but I believe the POS could be shut down at every turn.

  • FACT!!! You cannot spend your way out of debt. Balance the budget and stop the give away to buy votes that the DNC use.

  • Well the first thing is to cut Biden’s pay check! Something he will notice! Then cut every dime leaving the country! No more weapons to anyone! They already gave away 80 billion worth! If they need them go and get them back! If they plan to start any wars! They are going to lead the charge! As if they don’t go none of us are going either! It is time for all those with a big mouth to lead from the front! And if they can’t first fix our boarder! They can’t fix anybody else’s boarder! And the first person to pay more tax should be Biden!

  • To cut spending . . . what is the $$ dollar amount of the benefits handed to the illegals who cross our border every day? phone, housing, meals, free school, etc. etc. Anyone have the dollar figure on that? We have U.S. veterans sleeping on streets with private groups (Tunnels to Towers, Wounded Warriors, etc.) asking for money to give the veterans what our government should provide them before giving any border crossers anything.

  • This is nonsense. If the President won’t discuss spending cuts, do it anyway. Shut the government down if necessary.

  • McCarthy also needs to insist that the BORDER wall be completed ., Restart our ENERGY production . All out war on the drug cartels . Reopen the pipelines that he shut down . And complete the pipeline PRESIDENT TRUMP , started . Put an end to the threats to Social Security and retirement funds . Refill our S.O.R. to full capacity . STOP the war on Fossil Fuels .

  • Allowing “no strings” debt ceiling increases is like like giving your kid a “no strings” limit on his credit card. How could that ever go bad?

  • If McCarthy has to ask the question of why Biden would refuse to negotiate, he is either stupid or more clueless than I previously thought.

  • Cutting frivilous democratic spending is the only way to reduce our ridiculously high and dangreous national debt.

  • NO DEBT CEILING INCREASE!!!! Biden should be forcibly removed from the office he is squatting in. The VP SKANK should also be removed for blatant incompetence. Put this scum where they belong!!



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