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ANTIFA is a violent militant group. Some may claim that radical activists don’t advocate the values of either of the primary American political ideologies. This is not true. ANTIFA is a radicalized group that specifically targets conservative American values.

The militant organization has destroyed police stations and hundreds of buildings in defiance of America’s constitutional rule of law society. ANTIFA has created chaos in dozens of communities across the U.S. They have caused property damage worth billions of dollars.

Their solitary ambition is to destroy the fabric of American democracy. ANTIFA uses violence to oppose anything that doesn’t align with the radical agenda of the progressive left. As evidence, they are now igniting violent confrontations during peaceful, conservative campaign events.

Portland, Oregon, specifically the infamous Chapman Square Park, has been the site of dozens of ANTIFA-triggered riots. Oregon’s primaries are coming up on May 17. The Republican candidate for Governor, Stan Pulliam, decided to have a campaign rally in downtown Portland.

This would seem to be a logical place for a peaceful campaign event for a gubernatorial campaign. But ANTIFA did not see it that way. The rally began peacefully. Initially, there were around a dozen or so Pulliam supporters with “Vote for Pulliam” signs.

The tranquility was short-lived. The response from ANTIFA was clearly planned. Within about five minutes, 15 to 20 radical ANTIFA terrorists showed up at the rally. These radical anarchists threw flash-bang style explosives. They were there to do nothing but cause fear.

ANTIFA radicals stole the signs right out of the hands of Pulliam’s supporters. The militants attempted to take the only camera Pulliam had recording the event. Quite possibly, they wanted to secure and destroy any evidence of what they were doing.

The bus Pulliam himself brought to the event was vandalized. While Pulliam tried to livestream what his rally endured, radical ANTIFA thugs were throwing things at his wife. After the rally ended and he was able to leave safely, Pulliam posted a follow-up video.

The Oregon gubernatorial candidate mentioned the lack of police presence and said, “This is just the latest example of terrorists being terrorists in the terrorist hotbed, Portland, Oregon.” Portland Police issued a statement asking for help in identifying the criminals.

The press release read, “A group assaulted another group using fireworks in downtown Portland, causing injuries to two people, and Arson Investigators are asking for public assistance.” The release listed the date, time, and location, along with a contact phone number.

If police do receive eyewitness testimony, what will be done? Rarely, if ever, does a member of these left-wing radical activist groups get prosecuted. If arrested, they receive little more than a slap on the wrist. Therefore, these radical groups focus their violence on liberal-run cities.

Republican-run governments see to it that they are arrested and prosecuted. But not in liberal havens like Portland, Oregon. ANTIFA uses a mob mentality. The liberal militant group is not peaceful and never has been. They do not advocate for justice; they support violence.

They do not understand the true meaning of America’s First Amendment. ANTIFA has destroyed cities and hurt hundreds of innocent people. They must face criminal consequences for this criminal behavior. Until these radical groups do, they will never stop.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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