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Everyone knows that the problem at the border isn’t getting any better anytime soon as along as the Biden crime family is in charge. Instead, Texans have to fend for themselves, and so that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The Texas National Guard has now constructed a razor wire fence along the border near El Paso in an effort to stop immigrants from crossing into the United States illegally. The deployment of troops and equipment began this week and has already resulted in two miles of triple-strand concertina wire being put up.

The construction of the razor wire fence is part of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s “enhanced border security effort” and comes in response to a surge in illegal border crossings. The fence is intended to reduce illegal immigration and enhance border security, but it has also raised concerns from the left about the treatment of immigrants.

The fence is located on the banks of the Rio Grande and will be closely monitored by the Texas National Guard troops. It is also close to a popular crossing point for immigrants, which has caused some to worry that the fence will be used to detain and turn away immigrants seeking asylum in the United States. To that I say…just come here legally and through the proper channels. That’s all we ask.

Basically, we want them to take off their muddy shoes before coming into our house, and they just want to tell us to get lost so they can jump on our furniture.

While the Texas National Guard has said that the fence is intended to deter illegal crossings, but the left is calling on the Biden regime to take action to make sure that immigrants are not subjected to inhumane treatment. They gotta make sure they’re getting their free money and lobster dinners.

The construction of the razor wire fence is yet another sign of the increasing militarization of the US-Mexico border. It is also a reminder of the need to create more legal pathways for people seeking to migrate to the United States, as well as provide more job opportunities and protections in their countries of origin.


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