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According to a new report, President Joe Biden was more than angry to find out that Republicans were hammering him in public over his obvious cognitive decline.

Fifty-three members of Congress in the United States joined former White House physician Ronny Jackson in signing a letter in which they demand that Joe Biden undergo cognitive testing and promptly make the findings of that testing available to the general public.

The congressmen are all members of the Republican Party, and Dr. Jackson served as the White House physician for both Presidents Obama and Trump.

“While you underwent your annual physical exam on November 19, 2021, you either did not face a cognitive test or those results were withheld from the public,” Jackson wrote in the signed letter.

“White House Physician Kevin O’Connor, D.O., attested to you being ‘fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency in a very superficial, and purely physical manner; however, we are worried about your mental abilities,” Jackson added.

The letter detailed a variety of various reasons why the public’s faith in Biden’s cognitive abilities is declining, and it cited those reasons.

For example, 66 percent of voters think that he needs to go through some kind of mental examination. In addition, 56% of people do not have faith that Biden is both mentally and physically capable of carrying out the responsibilities of the president. This represents a 39-point swing from the month of October in 2020.

A total of 64 percent of respondents are of the opinion that Biden has demonstrated signals that indicate he is too elderly to carry out his responsibilities as president. And only 33 percent of voters are happy with the job that Vice President Biden is doing.

The letter stressed the fact that even the New York Times had published a comprehensive study exposing several worries that exist concerning Biden’s mental competence. Specifically, the letter mentioned that these concerns include Biden’s ability to understand complex concepts.

“The increased scrutiny surrounding your cognitive state has been fueled by your recent public appearances, during which you shuffle your feet when you walk, often slur your words, lose your train of thought, have trouble summoning names, and appear momentarily confused,” the letter stated. “All of this was exemplified during your most recent trip to the Middle East, where you claimed that we must ‘keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust,’ among other things.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Okay.

    Suppose that Boke Jiden actually and reluctantly goes through with this cognitive testing and the test yields positively, what most of us already know and agree, confirming that he lacks any intelligence whatsoever.

    Then what?

    Who gets to force him out?
    Or will they keep denying the facts by constantly retesting him? Stalling or buying for time.
    When BJ Clinton, the felony rapist who was moonlighting as the saxophone playing President was impeached, there was no one who forced him out whilst he arrogantly stayed on. Seems to be the standard procedures for a Democrat.

    All I am asking is what’s going to be the contingency plan against Jiden’s possible resistance should the decision to pull the levers on this come to fruition?

    • Maybe if the SOB denies and puts off leaving it will shut him up and stop him from screwing us anymore then he has to date

      • Nothing will shut this cognitive wretch who thinks he has replaced God. He assumes he is loved and respected? That alone tells you how impaired he is. He will be remembered as the most vile despot in history. That is if he survives the cudgel of anger and dishonor the citizens heap on him.

    • Well, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to actually remove a President from office. Yes, Clinton was impeached, but the Senate declined to convict him, so the impeachment meant NOTHING in terms of removing him. The same thing would happen if they try to impeach the senile sock puppet, because no matter HOW badly they want to get rid of him before 2024, they would NEVER vote to convict him in the Senate, and the Republicans would not have the 2/3 majority it requires without Demmunist votes. Besides, the senile sock puppet is INCREDIBLY useful to them as it stands now–they are taking a wrecking ball to our Constitution and our liberties, and proceeding FULL SPEED AHEAD with their Marxist takeover and selling us out to China, using the senile sock puppet as a PROXY for the America-hating OBAMA, who is the one pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    • The 25th A did not apply to Clinton, but does to decompensating “Biden”; the problem isthat leaves uswith Cackling Kamala, whose stability & bizarre affect leave much to be desired, as well as the fact that she was never eligible to the office.

      • If it wasn’t for h.clinton’s questioning of b.obama’s citizenship status, we never would have known that he could have not been born as an American citizen. Now we have harris’ eligibility in question and the same forces gloss over her ineligibility status and continue to ignore that neither of her parents were citizens, rather that they were students here at the time of her birth, and left here after graduating. harris was raised in Canada. I had brought this up with groups on both sides and neither D’s nor R’s dare to even comment on it. Thank you for bringing this subject to mind again as the REAL illegal con job continues for decades.

    • Clinton was never charged for the crime. Was charged for lying to congress. B/S cover up. in the private sector he would have been discharged and loose ALL benefits.

    • Biden should be Impeach or step down. He is making so MANY mistakes. We can’t have a delusional president in the White House or in his basement.

    • No one invokedthe 25th A on Clinton, but it definitely would apply to Biden. Problem is that leaves us with cackling Kamala of the inappropriate affects (something not right in her “attic” either), & the even further “out there” leftism! She was installed as impeachment insurance!

    • Article 25 of the US Constitution specifically lists who has the authorization and authority to remove a POTUS due to mental or health reason as well as any other reason be it known that would prevent him from accomplishing all the duties of President of the United States of America. Everybody in High School Civics class learns that.

    • If Biden is forced to take the test, he’ll just get angry. “Come on man! Stop spreading rumors! In 2020, I ran for Senator and I won! Just like I said I would!”

  • There is no question in my mind that Biden MUST be given cognitive tests, preferably by independent doctors. We know his minions cannot be trusted to tell us the truth. I am the daughter and wife of two guys who have cognitive decline and what I’m seeing tells me he has altzheimerz.

    • My husband has dementia and his symptoms are very much the same as Joe Biden’s issues. It’s beyond sad to watch the progression, but, it is what it is. While I ache for him, I also scorn the family and the democratic party for shoving him into the white house solely because they seek the power and, I guess the money while our country suffers. It is elder abuse, pure and simple.

      • Joe Biden is the corrupt, venal, GREEDY head of the Biden crime family who has been selling the US out for cash from our enemies for YEARS. Just because he is no longer mentally competent does NOT excuse him from the DECADES of corruption and TREASON he committed before he lost his marbles. I do not feel ONE BIT SORRY for this corrupt, lying PUKE. Karma-wise, he DESERVES whatever he is getting! For what he is allowing to be done to this country in his name NOW, he should be publicly HANGED.

        • You are absolutely correct JoAnn. He has hidden behind the; “Good Ole Uncle Joe” persona while being a detestable traitor and pedophile, though he has never been particularly all that bright. Just got himself in the right position to profit off of it. And his family continue to use him to enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of the country. His family, the Demonic-Rat party and the waste-stream media (along with a fair number of dim-witted Americans) are all to blame for the position they have put us all in with hin “in-charge”. I think je definitely needs to take a cognitive test. I also think Americans should have to take some kind of basic congnitive test before they are permitted to vote. The constitution was never written to allow complete uninformed morons to vote!

          • Don, you are so correct. you should know what and who you are casting a ballot for, If you dont have a clue you should be turned away, and no one else has the right to vote for you.

        • Unbelievable that you can call Joe Biden without any proof.
          Yet number 45 who has a record of dirty dealings going back 40 years all on record.

          • try again, snowflake!!!!
            biden has been nothing but a leech and a grifter all his life, not to mention a liar, plagiarist, and an unprosecuted & unconvicted pedophile !!!

      • As a retired Nursing Executive I admire your thoughtful reasoning as to this man who is currently the President of the USA and having the feeling of scorn is one I also felt at the outset of his Presidency and to think a family to permit such an obvious embarrassment to a loved one’s dignity ,damage to the American Citizen and our Nation for nothing but greed and self serving interests to enhance Power serves
        as the basis for what big Government has become and to all who play the game.

        • Learn some grammar Texdrd. Your entire comment was assembled as one single error-laced and incoherent sentence. You may have a worthwhile thought but we will never know. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

      • You are 100% correct. If anybody cared about him, they would never have installed him as president. He no more won the election than I did!

      • His wife as well as the rest of His family should be ashamed that they continually allow His poor & dangerous behavior affecting the Nation to go on!! And on another subject WHY IS THERE NO ACTION ON HUNTER BIDEN’S DEALINGS WITH CHINA & this being done with Biden’s knowledge,Why is this so blatantly ignored?

    • This “poor man” has been selling us out to China or whatever OTHER foreign power hostile to the United States would pay him for DECADES. Don’t waste your pity on this corrupt, venal, lying TRAITOR. He deserves what he is getting and WORSE.

      • The WEF and Deep State are now running our country.
        The takeover is nearly complete, thanks to traitors from both parties.
        We had a chance with Trump, but even Trump took bad advice from RINO traitors like Chris Christie.
        It’s likely that we will never have a legitimate election again.
        They have all the power, between the demented traitorous puppet in the Whitehouse, the Kenyan fraud who works his strings, crooks like Susan Rice and Ron Klain, who keep him dosed with mind control drugs and enhancers, the traitorous jackboots in the CIA, FBI, and the more than 50 other spy agencies — along with hundreds of Marxists in our courts andin our schools and universities, teaching our children to hate the greatest country that has ever existed, and their propaganda arm in the Mockingbird Media, as well as the Marxists-Socialists who control most Social Media, if you add in the absolute ignorance of that part of the American electorate who they have actually convince that America is evil, that Republicans — the party that was CREATED TO END SLAVERY — would sell every black person into slavery, if given the chance, along with about 50 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS, many of whom will fraudulently vote — Democrat, of course –because they are here for the handouts Soros and the globalist elites have promised them — I don’t think we have much of a chance to beat them — but I will keep voting, and I will keep praying, and I will try to believe that there are enough true PATRIOTS, that somehow, against all odds, our Republic can be saved, because without a free United States of America, the One World Government’s reset that puts all of humanity, except the elites in power, into a kind of feudal slavery so horrible that the world has never seen it’s equal before — the one spoken of in the Bible — will be a reality, and it will be a reality very soon

        • I feel you are correct . The slide to Marxism and Communism is very far along and we will be lucky to get back out of it. The quote, ” it’s easy to vote in socialism but you have to shoot your way out”, sort of shows where we are as a nation

  • The letter should of had three times the amount of names. The DemoRats don’t want Cammala in lieu of senile Joe. Joey hid in the basement during the 2020 election, with the support of the media, and now he is hiding behind COVID. They are all corrupt.

  • You have to know O’biden is without a doubt mentally challenged!

    Even if he were to agree to a Cognitive Test, the results will never be made public.

    It will take the rest of his term (2 more years) to get him out!

    And the big question is: Do we want Camel Toe Harris to take over??

    The Sad thing is, people in this country are so blinded by this Clown, and continue believing he is a good president! Useless, worthless and BRAIN DEAD!

  • The democrats in power from the top (Biden/Harris) to the bottom (Pelosi/Buttigieg/Schumer) have not demonstrated to the satisfaction of the American people that they have anyone ready and able who displays the type of character or administrative skills and sound judgement that should be in the White House. Top to bottom, this administration is a complete failure and for whatever reason are guiding the USA to second class world status.

    • More like THIRD WORLD status, which was what Obama always wanted–and HE is the man behind the curtain in this circus, with his hand up the backside of the unelected senile sock puppet they installed in our White House so Obama could have that “third term” he wanted so much to finish destroying this country which he has ALWAYS hated.

  • I seriously doubt that the senile sock puppet’s handlers are going to allow him to undergo such a test–and if they DO, it will be with a “doctor” of their OWN choosing who will LIE and claim that Biden passed with flying colors. After all, they can’t very well admit they put a FRAUDULENTLY elected, incompetent, senile IDIOT in the White House so they could pursue their Marxist takeover of the country from the shadows, and let Senile Joe take the blame for what they’re doing, now could they?

  • Dr. O’Connor cannot say anything about Joe Biden’s brain. Barak Obama has him under a Do not reveal statement!

  • Not going to happen, anymore than Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe is going to make America energy independent again. Corrupt Quid Pro is not going to take a test that he knows he is going to fail. even if Corrupt Quid Pro took the test, he still won’t resign. RINO’s McCarthy and Beijing Mith have publicly stated, they have no plans on impeaching Corrupt Quid Pro. No matter what investigations come out of the investigations on Hunter’s laptop, all roads point to the W/H, Corrupt Quid Pro is still not leaving. What is the alternative? Horizontal Harris. Replacing one incompetent with another? Next in line is Corrupt Pelosi, unless Pelosi gets shot down by Communist China on her way to Taiwan. LOL. One might think it’s not funny. Majority of the people could care less if Corrupt Pelosi gets shot down by Communist China.

  • His anger is a symptom of dementia; it may be also blocking his approval for releasing the results. I would suggest that the physician and/or his caretakers appeal to a higher source due to risk involved.

  • Biden shouldn’t be livid if he is fully competent. Just take the tests and if you’re as competent as you say you are, then you should pass with flying colors.
    But we all know he can’t pass a first grade math test let alone a cognitive test.

  • pelosi shaking China
    biden killing al zawahiri

    they all need cognitive tests…they’ll take us to war and then die off….

  • He ran twice in the 80s and the people were smart enough to say no…These days the voter isn’t that bright, they keep placing morons in office…They got the government they wanted….glad I have no grand children to fix the messes of the dimwitted voter.

    • @dcwalker

      In the ’80s, the people were also encouraged to just say, “No!”, to drugs as well.

      In regards to these days, the government has become the, “middle man”, within all aspects of the drug industry.

      While there’s plenty of truth to your statement of the people being “dimwitted”, in addition through the legalization of gateway drugs on up, those who indulge are made sure that they’ve got easier access to their supplies so they remain dumbfounded and ill-informed as long as possible.

  • Obama and Trump had to do it so what’s the matter Bozo(AKA) Joe Biden what have you got to worry about other than you and your son are both crook’s amongst other things
    Wish you all the best to you and your son
    Maybe y’all can share the same cell!!!

  • The fact that Biden listens and does what a creep like Obama tells him to do is final proof he is lacking in common sense…and then we have..the..blow queen..god. !…no more democrats please. !

  • Joe should be forced to take this test. and…Pelosi also, she’s not right either. and….there are also a few others like, mad maxine waters, and diane feinstein, can you believe she’s 88? these people are the reason as to why we need/ {{ASAP}}, TERM LIMITS, AND JUST AS IMPORTANT MANDATORY RETIREMENTS @ 75, ALL DEPTS, ESPECIALLY THE SUPREME COURT. THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO “FLEECE” THE AMERICAN CITIZENS LONG ENOUGH. OUR SYSTEMS HAVE BEEN AGAINST US LONG ENOUGH, IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT / CONGRESS/ JUDICIAL DEPTS.

  • If they do the test and find him cognitively unfit. The will change the meaning of what cognitive abilities really means.
    After all they are trying that with Recession.

    • Ahh, but recall that all of this actually began when, “… it depends on what the definition of the word ‘is’ is.”, ironically uttered by another felony rapist Democrat fraudster.

      Then, recall how they didn’t like the term, “crisis” so they came up with, “man-made disasters ” instead.

  • It’s about time. He should have been tested before he was even elected. He’s the oldest POTUS we’ve had. The Democrats actually thought that Republicans would vote for him because, you know, he’s like that sweet old uncle we all have. Well, Biden is burying Americans in debt. He gets driven around so the high price of gas doesn’t affect him, he is guarded 24/7 by armed security so, taking guns away from law abiding citizens to protect their families doesn’t affect him. He eats all his meals from the taxes we pay so why should he care? Time to seriously investigate the Bidens and impeach him for his wrong doings.

    • He is not our kind oleee uncle . He is a fucking treasonous piece of dirt , both him and his corrupt family belong in the ( goww lak Jail ) Rice and Obama are behind all Biden’s stupid moves their all commies (not Democrat’s )John Kennedy was a Democrat these ass holes are sick and must be tried on treasonous charges .

  • Joe Biden would have had trouble with a Cognitive Test when he was 39 . . . . today not a chance in a Million he would pass.

    • might want to check his ‘family tree’ , because i have a good feeling that it doesn’t fork out with other “branches “ , meaning that the ‘family’ is all related in some way or another

  • Congress, an equal of the other two branches of government can pass even an informal request to have a non mental defective requirement of the present of the president … so why don’t they?

  • I think it’s about time we should take Biden and his girlfriends out to the playground and wrap toilet tissues around their ankles and push them off a swing and nail a 3by5 saying, they played the game of treason

  • Well, if Elizabeth Warren believes she would win if she had a penis, she currently has options: surgery or becoming a transgender man, changing the pronoun preference to he, his, dressing accordingly and using the men’s bathrooms…EASY PEASY!! And then he would certainly receive ALL of the support from the Progressives…this is a no-brainer. Good luck to MR. WARREN.

  • Joe Biden is a clear and present danger to America. His shoot from the hip Executive Actions are not well thought out and are leading us to ever higher inflation.
    His fumbling through foreign policy has placed us on the brink of a third world war.
    He must be tested for cognitive ability immediately! And every Presidential and Congressional candidate must be tested before their name is placed on a ballot and every year while in office!

  • El Presidente O’biden has NO cognitive sense or abilities!

    Most people who have any cognitive sense KNOW this!

    He should have NEVER been elected and yet he was and we continue to pay this IDIOT $400,000 a year!

    Nothing will happen should he take this test. Most likely a 3rd grade reader!

    But, if he doesn’t take the test, it will be a good start to getting RID of this fool in 2024. He needs to crawl back under his political rock and just go away!

  • Kamala Harris has been “vacationing” in Hawaii for last two weeks, probably being schooled by Obama to take over after the mid-terms, Joe ain’t gonna make it two more years!

  • Trump was tested because the congress demanded it so why do we have to keep asking for Biden to be tested.We all know he is not fit to be Prseident

  • I Am Sick to Death of the Duplicity Being Exhibited by This Administration! It Is Evident to the Naked Eye & Those of us That Have Any Cognitive Function, That This Man Could Not Organize a Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony on His Own Without the Puppet Masters Pulling His Strings! He’s Making a Joke of This Once Great Country! His Wife Should Be Ashamed of Herself for Allowing This to Happen! That Whole Family is a Farce, & the Physician Should Have His License pulled! Disgusting!

  • The Democrats will get rid of him when the far left have accomplished what they sit out to do , completely destroy Capitalism ignore our constitution and replace our rights with socialism. Getting a senile president along with a ignorant vice president that couldn’t and wouldn’t replace him was all part of the plan.

  • What’s the problem, take the cognitive test already? If Biden is mentally capable he should pass a cognitiver test with no problem and Slow Joe could put these questions to rest.
    Every American who is paying any attention knows without a doubt that Biden is demented and incapable of taking care of himself let alone being president.

  • If biden refuses an exam he should be impeached for deceiving the citizens of this country into believing he is fit for the presidency!

  • He is proving now, people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s suffer from fits of rage or anger. Mostly because they know what they want to say, but they just can’t say it, or they have to search for what they want to say. If you were slowly losing your mental capabilities, you would get very angry too; especially, when you started out with so few in the first place. Suppose he does go to a cognitive doctor; do you really think he is going to pick one that says he is not cognit. If the doctor does say he has either of the disease above. The media will just spin it such that he all is well. We live in Orwellian times where the truth is a lie, and a flat-out lie is the truth, and it is all about control. Biden is just a puppet for the deep state they tell him what to do and say and he does, and if something he does is wrong it gets buried by the media. Case in point, the big buy and Hunter Bidens laptop, you want a twenty-four-hour, seven day a week news story it should be front and center, you know dang well if we switched the name to Trump it would be. Trump would be under the jail by now instead of in the White House.

  • No worries. Just have Dr jill do it. Whoops G said dr jill would be a great surgeon general, what with her doctorate degree in education. Or, dr aoc could ask how many one finger and I holding up? 1. You are more sane than all democRATs

  • They will invoke the 25th amendment and Harris will be president. Now you know why the democrats won’t do it.

  • He is a. BRained dead AHol$$. He must be tested now before our country falls into the shitter and the fool bankrupts the USA I’m 90 year old Korean vet and you can believe m e He needs Help.

  • Your article refers to the President as “Vice President “. Hopefully, Congressman Jackson’s letter did not.

  • Really? All congressional Republicans didn’t sign off on this? What is wrong with them? Maybe they are afraid President ‘Mandelbaum’ will challenge them to pushups?

  • Always angry, congenital liar with an inferiority complex and delusional about his abilities, of course he needs help, but he will never get it from the puppet masters behind the curtain.

  • Even if they gave him [a] cognitive test(s) if they back not in his favor, they just change the results. You can’t trust anything coming out of Washington so what could you hope to achieve.

    I know it sounds apathetic but this is reality.

  • Come on Godfather Joe, you know damn well there is not one politician willing to meet you out behind the barn. As an old criminal investigator who first came to know you during your first term in the Senate; I can testify without reservation that not one of those self-serving, witless, cowards wallowing around the swamp can make a dent in our Godfather’s operations.

    Godfather, I know you do not like to pat yourself on your back so I will for you. Over the years you have become the favorite subject/informant for many of us old criminal investigators; primarily because you have the courage to not only admit your crimes after the fact, but you give us old cops the who/what/when/where/why/how/because in real time making our jobs ever so easy.

    Godfather, do you remember that international drug trade and money laundering investigation in the mid seventies in which you, little Billy Clinton, and a gaggle of Jimmy Carter’s guys were named as subjects? Why don’t you impress the folks and explain the term, “Green Lining”?

    Oh, I can’t let you go without thanking you one more time for giving many of us investigators involved in the above referenced drug investigation to claim (at least for a little while) that there was spiritual element in our work. When we heard that you went to one of Little Jimmy Carter’s prayer meetings and asked for prayers for not only the other subjects named in the above referenced investigation but we investigators as well, we knew you truly deserved the title of “Godfather”!

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

  • LOL, dream on. Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe suffers from degenerative brain disease. One has about as good a chance of Corrupt Quid Pro taking a cognitive test as asking Corrupt Quid Pro to restart the Keystone Pipeline. Corrupt Quid Pro is lucky if he can remember what he ate for lunch on any given day.

  • this brain dead m fucker should be headed for an electric chair with his crack head son of a bitch hunter u can throw the racist nigger Obama in their to

  • This 47 year satanic asshole doesn’t know straight up from wild owl shit! This moron doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time! Hell yes it’s way past time for this cognitive mess to answer questions!!!

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  • I wonder if this is the end game plan of BOTH joe and kamala failing cognitive tests so pelosi could get gavin newsom in as top PUPPET

  • Don’t know what Biden is worried about, with the cheating abilities of his party am sure the test would come out with an excellent rating.

  • Yet?? So many people who complain about him.. VOTED for him and would vore for the anti-christ himself, if he ran on the Democrat platform…

  • Please Mr. President Biden, Get the test and be transparent. We must know if you are mentally capable of keeping your job!!!

  • Think about it… who would be in line to replace him.
    Vice President and then Speaker of the House.
    The only way out of this is to Vote and Win.

  • Common sense people already knew of his advancing cognitive impairment long before the election of 2020. Yet here we are. And democrats love to claim they are of such superior intelligence…hmmph

  • BIDEN was ok with testing Trump when he was President. seems more than fair to me if he gets tested. BIDEN isn’t SPECIAL or ABOVE IT ALL . Besides he is showing DEFINITE signs of serious mental decline.

  • old stupid joe acts like he had a lobotomy decades ago ,no need to test the prick to know he is brain dead F him and the horse he rode in on. FJB

  • He is retarded and has been for a long time . Also a homewrecker cheating with a married woman so called Mrs.Biden . Hog would be a better description for that bag lady !

    • Tony, Be careful! The corrupt, radical LEFT would not like you saying those things about “DR JILL” (she’s as much of a doctor as I am a rocket scientist!). They might “cancel” you. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO NEED TO BE “PERMANENTLY” CANCELLED!

  • I think a working brain is needed for the test, How will this work on him i wonder after it is found out his brain is dead?? Does he get buried immediately or left in office . OOOPs I just realized that the dims are in control with backdoors and corruption in stone in DC in the present day and time.




    • JOHN, FJB is NOT the 1st ANTI-AMERICAN PRESIDENT! I would have to say that honor goes to the one who most voted for in 2008 to “make history” (only because he’s 1/2 black) on the pretense of “Hope & Change”. You know the illegitimate one who is Muslim & a Community Activist. Yeah, that’s the ONE – the one who is the “puppet master” & holding out his 3rd term through senile Joe! That’s the ONE!

  • Honest assessment will reveal that along with a low to average IQ, Mr Biden has definite expressions of senile dementia. Even his walking gait indicates an aging process that can be accident prone. His fits of anger before the public are worsening. The formation of words and sentences are becoming more garbled. His own family members should encourage him to resign. On the world scene Biden is an embarrassment! He should be a concern to all Americans. It’s time to retire from public life and enjoy family time before all capacities diminish to mush.

  • “And only 33 percent of voters are happy with the job that Vice President Biden is doing.”

    I thought that biden was “president”! When was he DEMOTED to “vice president”? I would think that the author of this article could at LEAST get the job that biden holds CORRECT!

    I quit reading this article after the “VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN” comment!!



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