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One of the most important rules for gun safety is to always treat your firearm as though it’s loaded.

We saw what happened recently with Alec Baldwin and the firearm used on the set of Rust, in which he ended up killing somebody on set while filming – this could have all been avoided if everyone would have followed proper safety measures when handling guns.

The second rule you should follow in order not to get injured or killed during any type of handling of a firearm would be never to put your finger near the trigger unless ready to shoot.

Well, obviously, the soy boy prosecutor in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, has no idea how to operate a firearm or how to operate it safely, at least as he was in the courtroom on Monday pointing the weapon at people in the courtroom with his finger on the trigger.

I’d love to hear how the liberals justify this being as anti-gun as they are. In fact, let’s see how some of them responded to this in the Twitterverse:

obviously, if both sides did this with the gun, there was instruction about it prior to it happening.

if not, then blame the judge!

This doesn’t make any sense. If both sides pointed a gun at people with their finger on the trigger then there must have been some instruction to do so? Umm…no. FAIL!

Another moron said,

Forgive me, I don’t know much about guns, but what can happen if you fire an unloaded gun?

Again, this goes back to basic gun safety. Always treat a weapon as though it’s loaded. Don’t point it at anyone and DEFINITELY not while your finger is on the trigger.

But someone else responded to that tweet in a way that was perfect:

Why don’t you ask Alec Baldwin that question? He supposedly thought his gun was not loaded. Woman shrugging

This just goes to show you that liberals know no boundaries and can’t stoop too low to defend their own bias.


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