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While the next U.S. presidential election is nearly two years away, the Republican Party finds itself in a “YUGE” conundrum. That conundrum is former President Donald J. Trump.

Despite his effective policies producing one of the most successful presidencies in history, many do not believe he can win another term in the White House. Although President Trump is a strong leader and still the face of the Republican Party, his appeal with voters has waned.

Adding to the conundrum is the rising popularity of one potential 2024 Republican presidential nominee. Many experts insist that “as things stand today,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would obliterate whomever the Democrat Party ends up electing as their candidate.

Some believe it will be a landslide, an outcome similar to what DeSantis did to his challenger in the Florida governor’s race. It wasn’t even close. But although he’s inching closer to becoming the conservative frontrunner, DeSantis still must overcome the “elephant in the living room.”

It’s rather ironic that the Republican Party symbol is an elephant. President Trump is that elephant in the living room. After announcing his intention to run for president in 2024, a showdown is unavoidable. But is it in the best interest of the party and, most importantly, the country?

There’s an inevitable battle looming. Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump appear headed for a toe-to-toe, all-out battle for the 2024 Republican nomination? Regardless of who wins, both may end up battered and bloodied. Can the conservative presence survive such a bloodbath?

Patriotic conservatives must use their heads. They must put country before personality. President Trump’s conservative policies are fantastic. However, for the conservative agenda to save our nation, a Republican must retake the White House.

President Trump may not be able to. There are new polls suggesting Governor DeSantis is more appealing to conservative voters than the former president. Former Republicans like Paul Ryan suggest that any Republican not named Trump will defeat any Democrat, including Biden.

Republicans must think long and hard about what’s at stake during the next Republican primary. Democracy wasn’t really on the 2022 ballot in the way liberals claimed it was. But it’s sure going to be on the ballot during the Republican primary.

Conservative voters will be asked to “read the tea leaves.” They must be astutely insightful. If President Trump’s odds of winning the presidency are not solid, Republican voters must put country before personality. American democracy will truly depend on this outcome.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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      • I think of “goofy, cheese head, yankee” that wrote $10 trillion worth of hot checks, for a half breed, FULL communist from Kenya

    • Exactly!!! The Republican Party has never belonged to the RINO’s, they’ve infiltrated the purity of the Republican Party with their own Libertarian/Democrat policies – Paul Ryan is not a Republican, he’s a hardcore RINO, which is more Democrat than Republican. They just hide within the GOP to take advantage of their infrastructure, but pass laws that are in alignment with their father and (im)moral hero, Barry Goldwater. Do you not remember when RINO Boehner and the Congress dedicated a statue to Barry Goldwater in Statuary Hall at the Capitol in 2015? Nancy Pelosi spoke, focusing on Goldwater’s libertarian social views, including support of abortion rights and opposition to discrimination against gays and lesbians. Barry Goldwater could not stand Christians because of their strictly Biblical ideology. Now, does that sound like a Republican to you? Goldwater is the father of libertarian RINO’s.

    • Ryan failed to protect Trump, worked against him and traded American sovereignty for a cheap gardener. He is the old school promise anything then side with the DNC republican. He is one of the reasons Trump is popular. We could do without former rep Paul Ryan.

    • I agree completely. I didn’t trust Ryan when he was Speaker of the House. I certainly don’t want to listen to him now.

  • Don’t worry, Just look at the humongous crowds of folks and just like the rallies the voters both Dems and Reps and Independents will drown out the naysayers only to grab the torch and make a hugh run for the finish line. We only have to look at all the good he’s done whether you like him or not and put all that aside to look again to see all the progress we made in our economy, vaccines brought forth fast, nothing was out of whack and running smoothly on our way to even better days. Ask yourself if you were better off before Biden and count the many ways. Sometimes a SEE significant emotional event has to happy in order to wake the folks into making the correct decisions along with the Trumpster in order to put our America back on track.

    • One of the reasons the GOP lost so much in 2022 was Trump and the MAGA rhetoric. Independents do not want Trump. Do not count on us!

      • Independents generally vote Democratic. Once elected they caucus with the D’s. Nothing new there. They seem to go with the highest bidder. Wish they would organize a Party and fight their own fights. They never seem to have a dog in the fight.

      • Wishy washy ” independents” are chickens hits that mostly vote for marxists anyway. They all would need a kick in the balls, if they had any.

    • I like Trump, voted for him and would do it again if nominated BUT his unfiltered mouth is his own worst enemy. Ron DeSantis is highly qualified and, as the poles show, would defeat Trump by a large margin in 2024. That’s who I’ll vote for this time around.

  • all thou Ron DeSantis is a great politician he cannot have the influence on the world stage the TRUMP has, Ron DeSantis is still young and can learn much from TRUMP AND FOUR YEARS OF TRUMP AND THAN EIGHT YEARS OF Ron DeSantis COULD REALY BRING AMERICA BACK.

      • Years ago, a friend and I played chess every day. I kept narrowly losing to her until I realized I was protecting my Queen. When I switched and defended the King I stopped losing.

        Conservatives work harder to defend against other Conservatives than they do win against Liberals. Ten Republicans (Conservatives) will agree that they are all preferable to a liberal candidate. The problem is that they cannot unite to back one candidate to defeat the liberal. Democrat strategy is to put a Democrat in the office. Republican strategy is to put a Republican with the best position in office so they never unite behind one candidate. There will never be a “never” Democrat candidate because Party discipline is too tight. Democrats do everything they can to give the seat to the party. Republicans focus on giving the seat to a candidate.

        If a Republican president had as bad a record as Biden has, the president would have ratings as low or lower – among Republicans – as Biden currently has among Republicans.

  • I have been reading the tea leaves. President Trump has solid support in Texas. Ron would be a great VP pick and he is definitely a great Gov.

  • Paul Ryan is a dick. So is McConnell. And a Rino, alongwith many others in the Republican party. Let’s start a Trump led Conservative American Party with Make America Great Again as our slogan.

    • Ryan did nothing but harm. McConnoll at least got 2 and maybe 3 great justices confirmed. Also almost 200 other judges. If he didn’t do anything else, what he did with the justices and judges was very laudable. I’d like to focus on Success and McConnoll had success with the judiciary.

    • I am about as conservative in my political views as a lifelong Republican as you’ll find but since I really dislike Trump I suppose you would call me a RINO. You people all know that Trump is not really a Republican. Let’s put him to a test. When the Republican primaries come around in 2024 let’s ask all of the candidates seeking the nomination the following question starting with Trump. “If you do not win the nomination as the GOP candidate, will you support and campaign hard for the candidate who is chosen for the presidential election?” Ask each and every candidate the same question. How do you think he would respond? Perhaps you guys who throw the term RINO around so loosely could use a new term How about RITO as in Republican In Trump Only. Actually he is a former Democrat in disguise. All of you folks who love to use the term RINO sound like a flock of sheep bleeping as your sheep dog Trump herds you into his corral. Please stop!!!!!

      • who else could produce his results? go ahead, I’ll wait…. how much longer will you pay YOUR gov’t. to abuse you? I bet you think you are free in Amerika?…. prove it

      • YOU ARE A RINO !!!! I bet you can not give me three things Trump did while in office that are not true conservative beliefs !! When mistakes were made by Trump in picking the people around him it was because he did not know that person well enough and took advice from too many RINO;s that turned on him. Yes there are RINO”s in the Republican party and there are a lot more then most people realize. I suppose you believe the 12 republicans in the Senate who just voted to help the Democrats pass the gay rights junk are not RINO’s !!!

      • What Trump is, is honest. Everything he ran on he worked to get passed. That is all I need to know. Your republicans run on lies. For years they say one thing then propose another.

        • Amen to that busseja! Trump is the most honest individual in politics. That’s why the EVIL Doers can’t stand him!

  • Trump needs to come back and reverse all the changes Obiden made, finish the wall, bring back all the laws he had on immigration & start deporting the over five million illegals. Get out of the green fake deal, the Paris climate accord, and eliminate the massive increase in funding for the UN, WHO and Faucis IOV. Rebuild our military with real men & woman, ban trannys, bring back don’t ask don’t tell, and seize whatever military equipment of ours in the Ukraine and Afghanistan. Start the pipeline and bring us back to energy independence & refill our strategic oil reserves(again).
    Declare Antifa and BLM Terrorist organizations, arrest and sue them and soros for the two billion in damages they are responsible for. Pardon and give some amount of reparations to every January 6th inmate and person who did time, wipe their criminal records clean.

    With his fu attitude make all the countries that think we are jokes realize that was then and this is NOW.

    Help rebuild and refund our Police Department’s, give cop killers the death penalty.

    STOP ALL SALES OF AMERICAN SOIL TO OTHER COUNTRIES, FOREVER, then buy back what China owns at a discount. Bring back every single sanction on non compliant nations.
    Fire every Obama and Biden government hire. Start investigations into 501c Organizations that are involved with any Democrat.

    Ban ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes and all election machines. Have all ballots printed at the same location as our money with the same type of security features.

    Defund the ATF, eliminate 99% of gun free zones, eliminate gun bans in any and all federal parks, Forests and land. Eliminate all Unconstitutional firearms laws by creating a government agency that protects firearms ownership.

    Much of this can be done by executive order just like the hundreds Biden made and the republicans will be busy with investigations on the Biden’s, FBI, CIA, DOJ and Homeland Security.

    Many of these things will be ignored by any other President, NOT President TRUMP, he has the balls to make these things happen. Trump needs to come back for his second term!

    • I think the Supreme Court just gave back our 2nd Ammendment Rights and I agree with everything your commenting on, protect our Constitution at all cost and prosecute all and every one that tried to destroy it, Banishment, Prison or Exsecution don’t care for executions but in this case Our freedom was at stake so the max should be in play here.

      • The Bill of Rights came from GOD. Not 7 robes that are pro-theft, murder, racist, ignorant, “you have to buy healthcare, 87 genders (no evidence). The Bill of Rights state plainly what the gov’t. CANNOT do to the citizen. Lincoln destroyed that in 1865. democracy=MOB RULE

    • Only thing I see missing in all that is criminal prosecution of anyone involved with imprisoning the J6ers this long without fair trials. Including judges and the jail officers

      • study Amerikan history. Lincoln enforced the Patriot Act in Maryland. Had senators arrested, jailed, never charged. Stole their property, kicked the wives & children to the street. Kept them in jail till after the war. GW Bush made it law. Here we are

    • Juan,
      I LOVE YOUR POSTS! You are basically the ONLY one who has any common sense & BRAINS! If there were more people like you, just think how much better off the world would be. In my honest, humble opinion, I believe that “human nature” will be the Worlds demise!

  • Isn’t that what party conventions are for, to select the party’s candidate? We’re getting ahead of ourselves here. I’m a Trumpster, but if another is the Republican candidate, I’ll vote for the other. ANYBODY can beat Biden.

    • “ANYBODY can beat Biden.”
      Kitty NOT if they (the Communists) cheat & they get away with it like they did in 2020!

  • Trump needs to go away. He will simply be what he was during his first four years, the foil of the Democrats and the excuse for getting absolutely nothing done. He had good ideas and the will but the atrocious obstacles thrown in his path were insurmountable and only led to four years of hate being spewed from both sides and brought the country to the brink. I am a conservative but I believe the deadlock brought about by the Dems over their hate for Trump is not worth it. I can’t afford another four years of paying for antacids in order to turn on the local news without puking in my mouth.

      • Sherri, I think Worried Conservative needs to go back & read Juan’s post. He pointed out just about every accomplishment by Trump. It was factual & well stated.

    • If Democrats get their way and Trump is pushed out what makes you think they will not do the same thing to Desantas?? No the never Trumper Republicans need to push real hard to get one day voting and ID laws past so we can have a honest election for once and you will see that Trump will win big if this happens. Otherwise no Republican will win unless they are compromised by the Democrats!

    • Got nothing done???? Wow, you must have hibernated for 4 years. I agree he was kinda hard to stomach from time to time but he got more done for America than anybody, probably, ever.

    • Oh Worried Conservative, you better trade the antacids for Xanax and hide in a corner or a closet for that matter! They, the Communists love folks like you who can’t take the noise or heat & cave into them. Well, good luck with that, because with that kind of attitude, be prepared for even worse than what they manage to do with Trump that you somehow want to blame him for. Wow, they really have you all tied up in knots. Just remember what Trump has always said, “they are not after me, they are after you, the American people, I’m just the messenger.” He is 100% right! GET BRAVE, because it’s not going to get any better Trump or not!

  • Trump is the most divisive possible candidate and the GOP deserves to lose if it nominates him. And speaking of RINOs, he campaigned with a promise to balance the budget and then signed off on 4 consecutive trillion-dollar deficits- did not veto anything. We need a temperate candidate who lives modestly and has proven conservative values, gentlemen.

    • P.S.: Trillion dollar deficits and a 30+ trillion dollar national debt are the real reasons for the inflation we are suffering, and never forget it. It will only get worse, with rising interest rates, unless one or both of the following: increased government revenue and/or reduced government spending

      • And you think Trump is responsible for this?? What a dumb ass !! Democrats are the ones responsible for the deficits. With the help of the media, Democrats always make the Republicans responsible for shutting down the government when they try to stop the Democrats big spending by refusing to go along with their deficient spending.

        • Well said Racecar! If Trump gets back in office, he needs to outlaw the “PORK” that these corrupt politicians put into these stupid bills. This is precisely why we are TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT!

    • If Trump signed off on it with Veto Powers it doesn’t mean a thing cause it would go back to the Senate for a final vote if veto was aginst the vote from the Senate….. Congress, Senate, President Veto, back to the Senate for a final vote if the Senate already approved it in the first round and the president vetoed it, it goes back to the Senate and gets approved or disapproved.

  • Trump should be our candidate for 2024, reason is he understand the game now I thought he was to passive when he was President he did alot of good when he was president altho it was a uphill battle for him getting hit from Republicans and Democrats with no support from some of his party members, besides the dems hate him thats a good sign his doing something good for this country, De Santis for 2028 and 2032 that would be 12 years of getting this country in order, Green or Tulsi for VP or Secretary of State The old guard republicans are dinos so don’t think they will make it thru the next election besides there full of Rinos in the old Guard, also I think Green should be speaker of the House.

  • The best way to turn off a large share of independents and a lot of Republicans is to claim that Trump is in control of the party. Going ahead with that is a sure recipe for losing.

  • I don’t care about his personality, all I care about is President Trump cleaning up the mess this disaster in there now has created there seems to be nothing that they haven’t screwed up, and on purpose in my humble opinion. DeSantis is very good but let him serve his state for one more term, then run. In my opinion he is the only one who has the cojones to get the job done, quickly, with no BS.

  • He is going to win. you RINOs better get ready. we who are real republicans and love our country will destroy your Hope’s to keep us locked in evil. He will set America free. God bless Trump.

    • You are NOT a “real Republican” and when you keep using the term RINO you prove you don’t have a mind of your own.

      • HE IS A TRUE REPUBLIGAN and you are a RINO. Anyone who does not like the word RINO is just that a Rino !!! There is only one thing to call a Republican that votes for a Democrat bill when it goes against the constitution or is a socialist program and that is a RINO !!!

  • Conservatives are tired of the sloppy ticket the RNC gives us for potential candidates. If they would put the right one on the ticket it would be a land slide.

  • “Republicans must think long and hard about what’s at stake during the next Republican primary.”
    Somewhat melodramatic. When are you not serious during election time? I always am.

    “If President Trump’s odds of winning the presidency are not solid, Republican voters must put country before personality. American democracy will truly depend on this outcome.”
    You have just noticed that some folks view Presidential elections like they did their High School class President elections?

    Lastly, There is no American democracy in this country. This country is a Constitutional Republic (which at times does employ democratic election methods).

  • Excuse me, The Republican Party was never the Rino’s to begin with, The Rino’s never had the ability to do much more that screw up the Conservative Platform by going Maverick at the worst possible time for the American Tax Payers, the Constitution, and the Nation as a whole, Even now the Rino’s took the biggest loses in the mid terms as far as incumbent seats, Why, Because the rank and file of the Republican Party is threw with Lukewarm 1/2 assed Rino’s who are only interested in being invited to the Democrats social season soiree’, a few minutes of lime light in the FMSM giving them pats on the head for screwing their professed party at the worst times, and fattening their back pockets out of the Democrats Hog Trough in the Swamp. No, The Rino’s never had the party, Trump has lead the party rank and file by Leadership and His willingness to fight and take the DC Swamp head on for the nation.

  • Trump had this country in exactly the right position. We have millions of hungry people now and Biden just let 4 million illegal immigrants through our unprotected border. Food is a huge problem. At least with Trump our police force did a great job, the military was taken care of, and our economy was THRIVING. He does need to talk to someone HE RESPECTS about that huge ego problem he has though. It is hurting him and us. And the name calling. Ok to think it but DON’T SAY IT. We want him to win and put this country back on top.

  • Forget 2024. After being disappointed at the fizzle of his ‘big announcement’ – we CANNOT build on the stolen elections of 2020 and 2022, or the whole edifice of the U.S. federal government will be fatally tainted by that faulty foundation – my attention has been brought, by an online patriot, to the very telling fact that behind Trump on the setting of his speech there were 19 U.S. flags. Those in the know understand the significance of that seemingly insignificant fact: Trump ‘announced’ thereby that he will run for the office of the 19th president of the original United States of America, NOT the U.S. Corporation that we have insidiously labored under since 1871. And as far as I am concerned, that means that we won’t have to wait until 2024 for the re-planting of that ‘flag’ for the nation. It can take place within 120 days, in new elections under our rightful federal constitutional Republic. Which procedure can wipe out the stolen elections of 2020 and 2022 in one fell swoop, for being parts of the old, fraudulent governing structure . And which means that Trump – and his patriot military backers – have been playing 5-D chess. Against some very Dark opponents, who are now going down for the count, as having been outplayed by the side of the Light. Lighting our way into a New Era. A Golden Age. Just waiting for us to inherit it; on the other side of some difficult times first. As the consequences of our actions; leading up, ultimately, to this Graduation time.

  • The RINOs have failed the people their whole careers so would one listen to their opinions. The need their clocks cleaned like the Demonrats lights they are.

  • If you think that the Democrats and their Allies in our so-called “media” and the Corrupt FBI and DOJ will not work to Destroy DeSantis as they did Trump….. then I have some Ocean front property in Arizona to sell you…

  • Funny how the people saw right through Ryan! He was a loser right from the start! Him and Romney that couldn’t draw a crowd of fly’s that would come to see them! JUST LIKE BIDEN! They rented a football stadium and only fifty people showed up to hear him! Democrats been stealing election a lot long than you think!

  • Trump IS our next president. As he has done since the summer of 2016 all America supports him!!! He again will fight the sleeeeze RINO’s of the GOP/RNC! BUT, again “We the People” will prevail!!!!!

  • How about not pitting Republicans against Republicans, that is how we are losing to Democrats and the Republican Party leadership needs to get that! Since President Trump was a successful President for our country and DeSantis only has experience as a governor maybe a stronger choice would be Trump for President and DeSantis as Vice President!!! Then after Trump, DeSantis for 8 years!!!

  • What gives you a monopoly on the truth? How can you or any other establishment elite speak for the majority of voters? The fact is that establishment elites such as McConnell and McCathy do not represent voters. In other words, none of the candidates that are acceptable to them interest voters. Only an outside Maverick such as Donald Trump incentivize voters to turn out. That is the conundrum. He represents a threat to the vested interests of wealthy political and economic elites.

    • Ron DeSantis is a clone of Donald Trump. There policies are almost identical. However, DeSantis has yet to prove his mettle. Does he have the heart and strength to stand up to the establishment that Trump has. Donald Trump withstood two impeachments and another investigation/trial after his presidency for his principles. Can DeSantis or anyone else for that matter stand up to this onslaught? They are already preparing their attacks against DeSantis. Would he withstand the assaults against his wife and children that Trump has?

  • Trump nor any other single person stole the Republican party. It has been taken over by sane, logical thinking America loving Conservatives. Now, all we have to do is eject the remaining Rinos like Ryan.

  • President Trump is the only reason there is still a chance for a true America. For the last century the political parties of democrats and Republicans have controlled and raped this country with the blood of its citizens. Our only chance is a complete makeover of our rights under OUR Constitution and the vote.

  • You can’t really “steal” those folks from a party who come to you willingly. No party can claim ‘ownership’ of of a voter just because they vote for the party regularly. If your policies and your message are poor, don’t expect discerning people to stay. DJT captured the “lightning bolt” in 2016, and many still believe, with justification, that there were enough 2020 vote process and ballot “irregularities” in battleground states to flip the electoral vote total to Biden.

  • You traitors are trying hard to talk people out of supporting Trump, it’s not going to work!
    Democrats sneak their own into the GOP and we call them RINOs. The GOP and the DNC have much in common. The only true Republicans are MAGA.

  • Desantis wants to be the governor of Florida. He will not run until 2028.
    President Trump needs to run in 2024 & will win. THis is what is terrifying to the demos.

  • DeSantis has already said he will not run against DT. Stop lying and putting up the overly dramatic headlines!! He’s looking at 2028. Take that Klausie Schwab and George Soros!! These guys are whom John is speaking of in Rev.2:9.

  • President Trump has not stolen anything. He became the voice of forgotten and voiceless. No one before him tapped into it.

  • You anti-Trump Republicans are the only thing wrong with the Party. Trump did great when he was President and his re-election was stolen, The proof is there but no Democrat judge would even look at it. Trump held this Party together and the proof he is the best is that the Democrats and Rinos fear him the most.

  • I’ll be honest if president trump isn’t our candidate I’ll never vote again. The Dems can have the country. They may have the country anyway after the 2022 steal.

    Please do your homework on who backs desantis. That says a lot. He’s not president trump which we’ve been led to believe by the mainstream media.

    • Cj, I see you did your research! So good to know that I am not the only one who sees this. Can you say “Bush”

  • Daniel, you aren’t the first journalists spewing doubt about Trumps support. His support is still just as strong or stronger. RINO’s opinions are to cast doubt about Trump’s future victory. They do not want to see him again especially not Donald Trump 2.0.

    He was naive his first term believing that government employees would choose love of country over partisan politics and bribes. Now he knows better and will have the right people in the right positions and use the same Marxist techniques the Dems have instituted.

    RINO’s will be weeded out ………… or Trump will have his own political party. There is no difference between a RINO or a Communist loving Democrat except the Democrat at least knows what party he or she belong to.

  • When elected/former elected start referring to it as their party, there is a problem. They still work for the people who make up the party and gave them the privilege of serving as their representative.

  • You would think that as a journalist the writer of this article would have the latest information and stop speculating on fantasy! In short DeSantis has said I AM NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2024, I SIGNED UP FOR FOURS YEARS AS GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA. Get a clue writers you’re just making yourself look stupid and out of the loop!



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