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It’s no secret that Cook County is a disaster. The Democrat-controlled county is responsible for most of the crime in Illinois, and it consistently votes to raise taxes on the rest of the state. As a result, the rest of Illinois is held hostage every election cycle. Enough is enough! Now, several counties in Illinois are trying to break away from Cook County and form their own state.

On Election Day 2022, voters in 27 counties in the state passed non-binding referendums urging elected officials to participate in conversations focused on ending ties with the State of Illinois.

New Illinois is a nonprofit organization that educates Illinois citizens about their right to pursue the creation of new state from the State of Illinois. They are seeking a state split, following the process provided in the U.S. Constitution (Article IV, Sec. 3). This is the same way that West Virginia split from Virginia. This divide is not between Democrats and Republicans—it is urban vs. rural, small town and suburban.

The solution to this problem is a state split. By splitting Illinois into two states, urban and rural areas can govern themselves according to their own needs and values. This would free up rural communities from being forced to subsidize Chicago’s problems, and it would allow Chicago to enact its own policies without having to worry about how they will impact the rest of the state. A state split is the only way to solve this problem once and for all. I actually think that several states need to do this.

It’s time for a change in Illinois. We cannot continue to be held hostage by Cook County any longer. A state split is the only solution that will allow us to govern ourselves according to our own needs and values.

New Illinois


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Good luck New Illinois. I left Illinois back in 1970 due to oppressive taxes caused by Chicago even when the Old Mayor Daley was in charge, who by the way knew how to run a city better than anybody that has followed him. For too long Chicago has been a haven of lawlessness from the Mayor’s office down to the street thugs all looking out for themselves. I have no idea how to clean it up but it will take a lot of community involvement and additional law enforcement PLUS a hard nosed DA who will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. If you need to build an additional prison, think about building an island in Lake Michigan and putting them on it like Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay for the worst offenders.

  • We are experiencing the consequences of having largely lost contact as a society with the awareness that we are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ – that Life has a Purpose beyond just in and for itself only. And just so, is atheism, or even just secularism, proving to be an impossible premise for any sort of decently functioning society. But that’s part of the life experience, to understand the consequences of our actions – in this case, of attempting to live without the consciousness of the Purpose of it all. And I’m not talking about ‘religion’. I’m talking about living with, or without, Truth. We really need to move on, out of this false premise of a society.

    In the meantime, if there were some decent Law And Order going on, which acts as well as a deterrent to crime, there wouldn’t BE so much crime going on. Duh. But then, there wouldn’t be the sort of Crisis that allows the sort of Opportunity that the NWO crowd ideologically use in order to accomplish their goal, of overthrowing the Established Order. Which is specifically what this current situation that we are in, of (largely Soros-funded ) Soft On Crime conditions, is all about. But it’s the same bottom line that we are heading towards: The need to acknowledge our true natures, to continue any longer on this planet. So to that extent, the Crisis factor is a good thing. Not to avoid the issue, and think simply to establish new states. But to change our state of mind itself. And grow up to that potential.

  • If they would get rid of spitter & Chicato’s beetle juice they wouldn’t need to secede from the state of Illinois…



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