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I keep saying it and people keep ridiculing me for it, but as great of a president as Donald Trump was, his running in 2024 may be a mistake. He may not secure the nomination and his support is decreasing rather than increasing.

As I’ve reported in the past, I think that President Trump is one of the greatest presidents that we’ve had, if not the best, but he had to fight tooth and nail on literally everything that he did. If he had decided to give out free turkeys for Thanksgiving, the Democrats would fight him on it because he didn’t test the turkeys or because he had close ties to the turkey donors. It didn’t matter what it was, right or wrong, they fought him on it.

That said, I think that more conservatives would want someone like Ron DeSantis to run for president rather than President Trump once again. In fact, I’m nearly certain of it. I’ve been saying for several weeks now that more people seem to be showing more support for DeSantis than they are for Trump. This would even explain why President Trump has been so bold as to attack DeSantis for seemingly no reason.

Several polls have shown this and a new poll in Florida shows that DeSantis is actually dominating Trump.

The Daily Wire reported,

A new poll surveying Florida residents has found that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would trounce former President Donald Trump in a 2024 Republican Party presidential primary.

The poll, conducted late last week by Sachs Media, found that DeSantis beats Trump by a whopping 45 points, 66% to 21%.

The poll from Sachs Media, whose polls correctly showed DeSantis winning re-election by double digits, found that respondents “trust” DeSantis “more” than Trump to “be a good role model for young people,” 89% to 4%, “have a moral foundation for choices,” 81% to 12%, “unite voters around a common cause,” 76% to 19%, and “be respected by other world leaders,” 68% to 26%.

The poll comes as another new poll released this week by The Economist/YouGov found that Republican voters want DeSantis over Trump, 46% to 39%, and Independent voters also want DeSantis over Trump, 34% to 21%. For all voters, DeSantis had a 15-point lead over the former president, 43% to 28%.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • These polls much be taken by the Rino’s ,only Trump can straighten this mess out. I like Ron but he can’t handle the Job yet maybe in another 4 yrs and everyone I talk to said the same thing.

    • Hutch, that is exactly right! The Communist DemonRAT & RINO party do NOT want Trump at all in the line up, so this is how they are playing it. They are ALL funding DeSantis, and once he wins the presidency, that is if he wins, we will see the same old “politics as usual” with DeSantis being a BIG F’ing goose egg just like the Bush’s. In fact, if you do deep research, you will find that Ken Griffin or Griffith, not sure which, is a big hedge fund donor along with the Bush’s helping DeSantis behind the scene with major funding, hence why we are seeing what we are seeing with these so-call polls.

    • Let the great president finishing his job. Trump is world class leader. Republican should not fall for the divisive scheme from the Dems, lefties and RINOS. I will be also for De Santis to continue Trump’s job in 2028.

    • The establishment doesn’t want Trump. They knowthey will not get away with their BS so they started their lies and phony polls.

    • I keep saying Ron should become the VP under Trump and “get a feel” for the crookedness of our current government which is from BOTH sides of the aisle before then being elected to carry on. Trump had to fight hard against both sides of the aisle to get done what he did plus he knows those in other departments who need to be in jail for their criminal activities starting with Garland and Wray as well as the Penagon. Voters are the ones who need to clean house in Congress.

      • That is what I’ve been thinking too, then the Conservatives will be in control for the 12 years !! President Trump and Vice President DeSantis 2025 to 2037. I won’t be around but at least I will leave this Earth knowing that my Grands will live in a Great America

    • You have lost your minds. While I voted for Trump 2x and IF he were to be the nominee, I would vote for him again. However, he is NOT the right guy anymore. We NEED DeSantis!!! Trump is just too alienating for many in the middle, and we need their votes.

    • We need unity in the GOP and Rhino’s are just trying to divide and conquer. Love Desantos, but we need to stay on track and not switch horses in the middle of the stream. Trump will get us there!

    • No sir; only Jesus Christ can do that! Trump failed, because he chose to dothings his way, not Yhwh God’s so he was removed, BY Yhwh God.

      • Huh!!!! Youh Sandra, what language are you speaking!? You do not make any sense at all! Your spelling & English is atrocious!

    • Why not? Did he pee in your cornflakes? Or are you some kind of Leftist?
      I voted for Trump twice, but I could also support DeSantis & several others as long as they are not Biden or his ilk. How about you?

      • Absolutely. DeSantis will make a great president, but Trump has a schitt storm surrounding him. We need to make damn sure that we win the White House and the Senate in 2024. I do not think that Trump can bring the broad support needed to accomplish this.

      • Happy Warrior, do some “RESEARCH”!The Communist DemonRAT & RINO party do NOT want Trump at all in the line up, so this is how they are playing it. They are ALL funding DeSantis, and once he wins the presidency, that is if he wins, we will see the same old “politics as usual” with DeSantis being a BIG F’ing goose egg just like the Bush’s. In fact, if you do deep research, you will find that Ken Griffin or Griffith, not sure which, is a big hedge fund donor along with the Bush’s helping DeSantis behind the scene with major funding, hence why we are seeing what we are seeing with these so-call polls. BTW, it’s “human nature” that will be our “DEMISE”! Let that one sink in………

    • Even if that person is a RINO, sold out to the left, & a better qualified choice was a write in? Don’t think so. Our duty is to the Constitution, not the Party.

  • Sure DeSantis looks good going against a demented President but who wouldn’t. Hem (DeSantis) said he was going to focus on his next four years as Governor, and now the press is going to make a liar out of him when his ego yields to their pressure. If DeSantis has the balls you all seem to think he has let him come right out and admit he is going to run for President and resign from governor right now. I am sure the dems could and would use this against all Republicans. Let’s stop playing games with our lives. Wake up Republicans and get rid of those who want us gone, Say good-bye to McCarthy, McConnell and McDaniel. Move forward with a strong, decisive voice with solid action backing up your words. In other words, If you are going to talk the talk and walk the walk, do it or get out.

  • Trump is the only one who fix this country he did once he can do it again DeSantis makes a good governor I don’t think he can handle running the whole country maybe in 4 years.

    • Oh, he “fixed” us all right! Take a closer gander at the USMCA he dumped on us, find out what all it REALLY says! It’s just 1 debacle.

  • If anybody but Trump runs then I do not vote. Just try to insert another candidate in there and complete your destruction of the Republican party. I am sick of the Ryans and the McConnels , Romneys , collins Murkowskis and others. We give you the government and you give us shit sandwhiches.

    • There’s just a 2 headed uniparty; the heads pretend to hate each other during election, & go back to business as usual, voting left agenda in between.

  • Republicans are kidding themselves if they think the media will not do the same thing to DeSantis as the did to Trump- because Republicans let them get away with it. Weak Republicans let them get away with stealing the election, 3 fake impeachment attempts and the ridiculous insinuation that he wanted an insurrection. What we should all want and should have insisted on, was a fair election. Surely most people know in their hearts that Biden did not get anywhere near 81 million votes.

    • I am concerned that NOTHING has been done to assure fair and legitimate voting has occurred, either in 2020 or 2022. If you cannot vote with a photo ID/drivers license, and get the votes counted and announced on the day of voting, then it leaves everyone to “question” the legitimacy of the election. Mail in ballots should be abolished unless “specific” conditions exist. Period.

      • Greg, isn’t it ironic!? And so many of these elections are going to DemonRATs! it seems that there are more votes for them than there is the number of that population! How can that be!? I suppose it’s the “DEAD” that are getting their votes in, along with the pussy cats & pooches!

      • You don’t think a candidate who never left his basement, is suffering from advanced dementia, who doesn’t even know what country he’s in couldn’t pull in more votes than Obama and Hillary? In addition, Trump actually got 8 million MORE votes than he did the first time he ran.

      • Greg, How right you are. I have to believe there was election/voter fraud in 2020, because I just can’t believe 81 million Americans were that stupid to vote for demented sock puppet,

    • Totally agree! One ballot at the poles with your name on it! Use human beings that can count up to 1000 and burn the machines. Then we will hopefully have a fair election. STOP THE STEAL!

    • Jason, I absolutely agree that even though I like DeSantis, and he has done super by Florida, he is young, and controls one state very well, but he will get the very Prejudiced Treatment from 10 to 21 Rinos, Democrats, and all others who may Secretly Respect, but still are afraid of President Trump, such as some leaders from other countries! Because President Trump has such a strong will and personality, willing to fight back endlessly against everyone wishing to fight, to save America from becoming communistic! He has gone though 4 years of hell from the very beginning with seldom any let up and STILL fights for us!

  • I see Trump as the Hiliary Clinton of the republican party. He has some hardcore support like she did but he really brings out the vote of people who don’t like him. Just like Hiliary does. In this atmosphere I don’t see any possible way he can win. Democrats are literally voting for turnips as long as there’s a D beside their name. The candidate quality means nothing to them and no one in the world can excite more democrat turnout than Donald Trump.

    • Right on KC, democrats will vote for President Trump during the primaries because they know he can be beat. President Trump must bow out if the GOP is going to have any chance to win the WH.

      • Guess what Phil, as long as the DemonRATs continue with getting away with cheating, we will NEVER see another Republican become POTUS & once they have control of the Senate, Congress & POTUS, they will completely do away with elections altogether. Perhaps, this scenario may happen even without them in power as I believe more than 90% of the R’s are Communist as well. Like I always say, we became a ONE party system when in 2008 everyone wanted to “make history” by voting for a Muslim, BIG ear monkey, Community activist & for 2 terms to boot!

    • The 2020 election was fraudulent. If you can’t see the proof, you aren’t looking. Trump won by a landslide, get rid of the machines and start counting the ballots by hand. Then you will know the truth if “Trump really brings out the vote of people who don’t like him” in any kind of numbers.

  • Trump is the only one who can clean this mess up and put those that did it in jail. DeSantis is in for a rude awakening. Trump will beat him badly! Like a drum!

    • Coco, you are sadly mistaken, Governor DeSantis has an exemplary record as Fla governor and he can clean up the DC Swamp also.
      I loved most everything President Trump did but the reality is he can’t win the presidency. He barely beat one of the most hated women in America, how do expect him to beat even the sock puppet Biden, let alone any other Damocrat?

  • No you do not want DeSantis to run. Why? Because he’s compromised. That’s what DT was saying. He’s not criticizing DeSANTIS for disloyalty to himself. DT knows what others know but aren’t saying, that DeSANTIS is a puppet for those who are pulling his strings. Do I like everything DT has said or done? NO. But he’s INDEPENDENTLY WEALTHY which means HE CANNOT BE MANIPULATED by people like Schwabie baby or Georgie Porgy Soros!! He made BIG mistakes trusting PENCE & this infamous attorneys trying to persuade DT to concede. NOT!! That election WAS STOLEN and its NOT GOING TO GO AWAY JUST BC PEOPLE LIKE OBLABBA say to get over it. NO!! ALL OF YOU HAD BETTER GET THE ’ MACHINES OUT AND MAIL IN BALLOTING OUT (except for Service people stationed overseas). You all need to realize that they have been stealing our elections FOR DECADES!!!

  • Our problem is that republicans focus on the number of voters and democrats focus on the number of ballots.
    Election day voting = one voter, one ballot. Absentee voting = one voter, one ballot. But mailing out ballots indiscriminately = an infinite number of ballots leading to infinite opportunities for fraud.

    • Right you are Charlie, democrats will be supporting President Trump during the primaries because they know President Trump can be beaten. Democrats want to run against President Trump.

  • be careful not to fall into the Dems scheme to cause division in the GOP. they will do anything and everything to create a rift so neither candidate has a chance to win in 2024. i just hope Trump and Desantis. along with the voters realize the Dems’ scheme
    we need unity not division.

  • President Trump versus Governor DeSantis, it’s not about trust, it’s about electability and I just don’t think President Trump can be elected.
    President Trump is too abrasive and nasty for many Americans and he barely beat one of the most hated women in America.
    I just don’t see President Trump as a viable candidate so I will be supporting Governor DeSantis this time around.
    President Trump was a great president but it’s time for him to move on. He shouldn’t run in 2024 because it’s about winning not running.

    • Phil, I suppose it’s “politics as usual” for you? The same old same old, like the good old days of the Bush era. Don’t worry once DeSantis becomes a threat to the DemonRATs, they will do the same to DeSantis by slandering, harassing, abusing, bullying him, “CALLING HIM NAMES” – you name it! Let’s see how well he handles it without “caving in”. So it’s more important for an “R” which is just as much of a commie as the “D” is, to win an election than to try to fight for & hopefully win to make our country great again. Although I think it’s too late & we are too far in the abyss, I still have a glimmer of hope. And it’s comments like yours, that make me state that “human nature will be our demise” and I am sticking with it! What is going on now, will be far worse than the “fall of Rome”. Read up on that & get educated, because it is a very, Very, VERY grotesque story of history & how “human nature” influences what happens.

  • Agree completely! Also, paper ballots only and video verified hand counting! Electronic tabulators of any kind can be hacked or programmed to change counts. Only video verified hand counting is hack proof.

  • Here are my 2 cents.

    I’d rather have Ron DeSantis win the presidency by a huge margin, than have President Trump maybe win the vote by a razor thin margin. And that’d be a thin win indeed , if at all. Plus the dems and their media cronies would fight him all the way. I just don’t want that for my country.

    DeSantis’ policies would be like Trump winning but without the media attacking Trump ferociously. We went through that endless nonsense with all the lies morons like hate-filled Pelosi and that pencil-neck geek in California could muster. If that means the left has won that war, so be it. I’d rather have a near-sure thing than a tight loss because the left, as we all know, will cheat in the vote counting but with DeSantis as the candidate, the level of cheating required to win would need to be monumental.

    • I fully agree but some of the hardcore Trump voters cannot see past their rose-colored glasses. I want what’s best for this country to stop the communist from literally turning us into something worse than Veneziale. DeSantis would make an awesome POTUS and I believe he could bring a lot of the Left over to vote for him as well.

    • Ellis, what I am reading in your post is that you can’t handle “the noise”, so you want Trump OUT! This is written in the Marxist handbook & it’s working with folks like you, how naive you are! This is why I say, “human nature will be our demise”. Do you not think that if DeSantis was a threat, that they (the radical Globalist media, NWO, Nazi’s) wouldn’t go for DeSantis jugular just as they have with Trump!? YOU’RE KIDDING ME, RIGHT!!!!

  • It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.
    Don’t count President Trump out yet.
    The Communist Democrats and Rinos always use the same lies before elections to play with Americans minds.

  • A lot of you need to get your head out of Trump’s ass. I voted for him twice but in all honesty, he got played at every turn while being POTUS. Trump is toxic now and He WILL NOT win if he is the nominee in 2024. This is fact no matter how you want to look at it. The majority of Independents will not vote for him which we will need to win the White House. Let’s not forget the STUPID mistakes Trump made while President. The biggest was buying into the COVID hysteria and literally shutting down a booming economy and letting this little weasel Fauci play President through it. The poison jabs HE IS STILL PUSHING is another reason I no longer fully trust him. What he did to General Flynn was another red flag for me and he NEVER came clean in admitting that he did not have Flynn’s back when he was being set up by the FBI. I like Ron DeSantis and you can call him what ever but he is a very smart Governor and has proven that he can combat the idiot Left which smacked Trump around like a pingpong ball.

  • Those supporting Desantis are those that want to try and hurt Trumps re-election! Without trump there is no Republican party that can win! i think they should run together and avoid the waste of money the Democrats are trying to start! Trump should be first as without him the republicans would have no spine at all! Then Desantis could run with Trumps support! That would give the party twelve years to clean up the Democrat disaster! Anything else and they will lose it all!

  • Do not believe this article. It’s Fake News. Period. All these msm people get their marching orders from AP who gets their marching orders from MI6, who get their marching orders directly from DAVOS!! (Read SCHWAB)

  • I love Trump and think he did so many great things for America, and would have done so much more if the MSM, the Dems and Rinos, and the alphabet agencies hadn’t done everything they could to stop him. But, if he runs, he will draw out every lunatic hatefilled anti Trump maggot in the country to vote against him. The Dem machine would ramp up the dominion machines, the phony ballots, dead people voting, illegal votes, harvesting, etc. If they could muster up 81 million phony votes for the moron in the WH, they will muster up even more this time around. DeSantis will be just as good without the baggage.

    • The Dems will smear any Repub who runs, they have a deranged insane lust for power and control. Whether Trump or DeSantis the Dems will pull out their playbook of racism, lies, and kooks no matter who the GOP puts up. Trump has a proven record, DeSantis doesn’t.

  • The smart people do not talk to pollsters and if they do they lie. I knew their “red wave” was BS. How else they could now point out that Republicans are not the saviors. Trump hasn’t lost the support of the real people, the ones that love this country. I’m an Independent and I will vote for Trump again and again. We need someone with cajones in the white House. DeSantis is good in Florida where the conservatives are but he doesn’t have the cajones to stand to the world leaders.

    • There would have been a RED WAVE but unfortunately at this point, they are still stealing elections! The Red Wave is there but apparently there aren’t enough Republicans un-corrupted enough to expose and fix it.

  • Baloney, Trump is as popular as ever, as good of a governor DeSantis is he couldn’t fill 10,000 seat stadiums beyond capacity like Trump, these reports are from The Swamp to smear Trump.

    • Scott C – I was just sitting here in Texas trying to process my anger over this article. It subtly implies that Trump’s Democrat problems were if his own making, and now he’s got too much baggage. We get him re-elected, then we’ll see just has all the baggage. You certainly hit the bulls eye with your statement.

  • Mr. Cruz … it’s ok to be pissed off but don’t go pissing into the wind. Translated….Direct your angst in the right direction.

  • I think Trump was great even if I did not like some of the things he said or some of the people he appointed, it shows now how many stabbed him in the back. I don’t know why he would want to go through all the bull crap again. He had little help. 2024 is a way down the road.

  • Trump was a great President, but he did not enforce the US code regarding voter fraud. The party leadership all failed. We need to remove and replace all of them from leadership. Democrats have made democracy a bad word because they violate the consent of the governed. That is not democracy and voter fraud is not democracy. It is chaos. Democrats are the party of chaos, not democracy.

  • Six years of Democrats using government resources to slander and defame obviously has had some effect on pussycat Republicans. Twice impeached, and twice EXONERATED . Investigate, investigate,investigate, nothing found !

    Remember that Trump made campaign promises and delivered what America needed. President Trump didn’t have to kiss the Saudi Arabian ring, etc. $1.88 per gallon gasoline, plenty of heating fuel. No supply chain problems.

  • Well, Daniel, your polls are NOT accurate for the nation. Take a poll in D.C. and I’m sure Biden wins by a landslide! Sure the media and those that have been trying to get rid of Trump before they get put in prison, would welcome DeSantis if that’s what it took to get rid of Trump. Don’t fall for it! They are the ones pushing the ‘Trump is done’ narrative.
    Besides the FACT that 2020 was stolen from Trump, and more importantly, the American people! He has another term coming anyway you look at it. If we are to survive, I firmly believe 2020 must be corrected because they can destroy us between now and 2024. Trump should be Speaker of the House until 24!
    DeSantis is much more valuable in ’24 as Speaker of the House and Trump as President.
    After all that President Trump sacrificed for you, me, and America, to consider throwing him out like a dirty shirt should leave a sick feeling in your gut! You KNOW no one, including DeSantis, could take the 24/7 attacks by the full powers of the CIA, FBI, TSA, the media, Congress, and the globalists that control them, like President Trump has! Now, it’s his turn to turn the tables and put them in prison where they belong.
    DeSantis is a great guy. He did exactly what I would expect a legitimate governor to do. We weren’t so lucky to have a legitimate governor. The dems here run a shill to split the Republican vote and get their globalist elected. Florida needs DeSantis, but he could serve the country better by leading the House, NOT taking out Trump for the corrupt globalist swamp.

  • Anyone who derives any credibility on polls is simply kidding themselves but pollsters have to poll – I get it – but as consumers of the polls we do not have to consume / believe them. They have been grossly inaccurate for some time and continue to be.

  • Agree that Desantis has a more likable personality and would be a inner. My only question is ..does he have the “smarts” to go with it?…and a good business acumen ?

    • Obviously, you haven’t been paying attention to all the great things DeSantis has been doing in Florida; kicking out the FEDS at the Polls, stopping the influx of illegals, stopping the CRT and Transgender indoctrination in the Schools, stopping the mandates on the clot shot, handling the crisis of the hurricanes with effective intelligence without bragging on himself or expecting praise and worship or acting like a narcissistic school yard bully when attacked by the left, which includes Trump.

    • Hey Dee, this is NOT a “popularity” contest, this is about EVIL vs GOOD, a LIFE OR DEATH situation and saving what is left of our “FREE” country! Right now we are dealing with a strong powerful “EVIL” that is not conquered by having a smile on ones face & playing nice, nice to try to get along, to get along. I quote “pleasing kills” – 2 simple words that paint a BIG picture. GET IT!

      • Trump was tough because he worked with tough construction men. DeSantis has not yet had to fight hard enough to go against the communists in our government. It is getting close to this nation going into Venezuela mode. That would someday become the new world, one world government warned about in Revelation. The USA is bound on all 4 sides by water. Look that in the last book of the Bible.

        • Well, of course Carolyn, we are becoming the next Venezuela, after all most of them are invading our country with most of their population coming from their prisons! So yes, they are coming in illegally & bringing their Communism with them & our government is allowing & promoting it. WE ARE DOOMED!

  • Like all poles, this one is also designed to favor one over the other! DeSantis needs to continue on his mission in Florida and the White House is HIS in 2024! No if ands or buts! NO ONE can tough him! TRUMP IS our next President with Americas full SUPPORT!!!!

  • For anyone to say Trump was the greatness President ever must be coming from his sons. History will write the one President who attempted to destroy our country wanting to be a dictator will be Donald Trump. For anyone else saying he was the best President are delusional and must see a doctor. I have yet received a response on what he accomplished as President. I will give him credit for coming up with stupid names for people who does not like. Also give him credit for furnishing materials for talk shows, saving talk shows money not having to pay writers. Anything else he accomplished I would like to know.

  • Just as Trump couldn’t figure out why he shouldn’t keep appointing Deep State Snakes when president, or why he shouldn’t brag about his Death Jab, when millions are suffering or dying from it and continues to refuse to denounce it.

    Just as he can’t figure out why many are angry that during his announcement speech, NOT ONE WORD about all the patriots suffering in the gulags that he called to Washington on Jan. 6..

    Trump will never comprehend why so many are disillusioned by the “Stable Genius,” who is acting like a narcissistic school yard bully.

    I will vote for DeSantis, who has proven himself to stand against the deep state and actually do something about it in Florida in a very intelligent and effective way, without expecting adulation and worship from those he helps, or caving in to the evil if he is thrown a complement.

    • Deborah, tell US the truth, YOU ARE EITHER A “DEMONRAT” TRYING TO PRETEND YOU ARE A DESANTIS SUPPORTER OR JUST ANOTHER DEMONRAT “NEVER TRUMPER” COMMUNIST RINO! You could foul me for Anna Nevaro the way you mimic calling Trump a “narcissist school yard bully”! He did plenty for the American people all while being attacked, slandered, and abused 24/7! It’s just amazing what he had accomplished with NOTHING but road blocks in his way, but I guess you haven’t noticed as I suppose the high gas prices, empty shelves in grocery stores, inflation like I never seen in my lifetime doesn’t affect you! Guess what honey, it’s only going to get worse, but we can’t have a “school yard” bully who calls people names once in while run our country. OH NO, THAT CAN’T HAPPEN! In the mean time the DemonRATs, RINO’s & “Never Trumpers” are name calling, slandering, and terrorizing Trump & “WE THE PEOPLE” unrelentingly! But, I guess you are fine with being a called a racist 24/7! Perhaps, you agree with their name calling……..who the hell knows! I will say, it’s folks like you & carson who are a part of the “demise of our FREE WORLD”! Sad, but true. People, it’s time to wake up, we are not in HS voting for “best personality”, “most popular”, we are at a point of a LIFE or DEATH decision that if we don’t get it right, there will be a point of “no return”! WAKE UP & SMELL THE ROSES

      • not only grocery shortage. A med I need once was from China, my pharmacist hunted til he found it available from Australia. But now it is not going to be available for 2 weeks. That is a failure on the Demonrats running our country. Why won’t they allow all meds made in the USA?

  • Between the “never Trumpers” on the right, & all those on the left, the numbers are not there to do anything but hand the WH back to the left, for another 4 yrs, to finish what they started. Is that really what will help America? I think not. Yhwh God will not be helping this time; it was He who pulled Trump out in ’20, not the cheating. There was cheating in ’16 too; itwas fully expected Hilary would follow O, only she didn’t…

  • DeSantis wants to remain governor of Florida. HE needs to run in 2028.
    President Trump should run n 2024 & will win. We need his expertise. DeSantis needs a few more years before running especially since his wife had a cancer scare this year but fortunately is ok. The demos are terrified of Trump running & they should be.


    • I think ALL the Biden family should have to show their taxes for the last 6 years, same as they WANT WITH TRUMP,

  • So say you are right, and we pick Desantes. Then the democrats start all over , lying and obstructing his every move. Just like they did to Trump? Then the commies own you and what you do and think, you give into them every time! Next they will tell you that they won’t lie about your candidates if you chose who they pick for you, like Romney or Turtle McConnell.

  • The pole is skewed. Many don’t participate in these poles. Trump has unfinished business and is the best candidate to get things accomplished. Many would like to see Desantis as VP for 4 years and then President for 8 more.

  • As so many have said, “they” will come up with the votes to win and I believe this also but, what can be done to stop the “cheating” ? We are not a free country if we accept cheating.

  • 2024 Trump for President and DeSantis as vice President. 2028 and 2032 DeSantis for President, he will have more in DC on his side as he works with them as VP.

  • Yes…all of us must believe the polls…the same polls that said Trump would lose in 2016 by 17% in Wisconsin. Desantis is a pupil and past endorsed candidate of Donald J. Trump. Trump is ascending and the most dominant and influential political figure of our time.



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