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Corrupt Big Tech and the liberal mainstream media manipulated the news cycle ahead of the 2020 Presidential election. Joe Biden was the sole beneficiary of their crooked deception. Using millions of fraudulent votes, Biden stole a second term from President Trump.

Even politically moderate Americans, who were mistakenly tricked into voting for Biden, are now having buyer’s remorse. Joe Biden has been a complete and total failure. He and his radical progressive liberals are destroying America.

Just ahead of the New Year, President Trump gave an abysmal accounting of Biden’s performance. President Trump made a list of his pitiful record of inexplicable failings. The most successful president in U.S. history began by listing Biden’s number one biggest failure.

Candidate Joe Biden proclaimed to the American people that he would end the pandemic. He has not. Under Joe Biden’s horrific COVID policies, case rates have risen, and more people have died during his 11 months than did under President Trump’s entire final year.

Despite being gifted with three vaccines and a host of therapeutics, Americans have watched one wave of variants gouge away their freedoms. During the 2020 Presidential campaign, Joe Biden said that if a president allowed over 200,000 Americans to die, he should resign.

Since Joe Biden stole his way into the White House, 400,000 Americans have died. We’re all waiting for Joe Biden to step down. He has not, and will not. Joe Biden is a liar and a horrible politician. His strategy has been the same from the beginning.

Biden has shamed unvaccinated Americans. He has accused them of being responsible for every surge in cases. However, a higher percentage of vaccinated Americans are being infected by COVID variants.

Moreover, Biden has used doom and gloom to project a miserable winter for the unvaccinated. Things are not unfolding even close to that scenario. Joe Biden is not only a liar, he is a buffoon. Biden’s COVID failures are his most glaring.

Millions have died unnecessarily because of his terrible decisions. Biden has also closed the door on investigations to hold China accountable. Nevertheless, President Trump’s list pointed to a number of other complete failures beyond the dozens related directly to COVID.

Almost immediately upon pushing his way into the White House, Joe Biden undermined the most successful U.S. border policy in decades. What Americans got was a wave of illegal migration like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

It has been both a humanitarian disaster and a dangerous national security crisis. Fueling the national security crisis was Biden’s decision to sever the Keystone Pipeline project. Since taking office less than one year ago, Joe Biden has driven America from energy independence to reliance on foreign sources.

Many of these sources must come from dangerous adversaries to the United States. Biden has weakened our energy policy and put American lives at risk. Further eroding our national security, Joe Biden made fools of proud American military heroes by his cowardly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden ignored advice from trained military professionals and oversaw the most embarrassing military debacle in U.S. history. Our nation is now far less safe because of Joe Biden. Biden has tried to impose unconstitutional vaccine mandates that have fueled a terrible supply chain crisis.

Further burdening hardworking Americans, Biden’s fiscal blunders have ignited the worst inflation in 40 years. Biden uses fictitious economic and employment numbers to act like he’s done something good for the U.S. economy.

He is using smoke and mirrors. The employment and economic growth numbers should be far better than they are. Under President Trump, Americans experienced the greatest economy and job numbers in history.

Despite the pandemic, President Trump had the nation on a steady path towards economic recovery. Biden’s fiscal decisions are on the verge of triggering a recession. Like the millions of Americans who strongly disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance, President Trump is likewise disappointed and equally troubled.

Every decision Joe Biden makes cements his legacy as the worst U.S. President in history. Joe Biden is a complete and total failure. November 8, 2022, will not be a day when Americans can completely amend a horrific mistake and level judgment for a stolen election.

The U.S. Presidential Election will not be until 2024. We have three more years of pathetic Joe Biden policies to withstand. However, as written in the U.S. Constitution, on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November 2022, Americans will launch the battle to “Save America”.

Returning control of Capitol Hill to conservatives will stop Joe Biden and the progressive left. With control of both Houses of Congress, Republicans can prevent further destruction to our great nation. Then, on November 5, 2024, Americans can, for the second time, vote the most successful president in U.S. history back to his rightful seat in the Oval Office.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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