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Deathbed confessions are something you hear about occasionally and that actually do happen every once in a while.

Most of the time, people don’t have any crazy secrets that they’ve held onto their entire lives to reveal as they pass away. But sometimes, you  come across someone like Thomas Randele.

Randele was said to be one of the nicest guys around. He was someone who followed the rules and was loved by his community. In fact, he was loved so much that a line stretched outside of the funeral home to visit him even a week after his death.

Shortly before Randele passed, his wife who he had been married to for 40 years contacted some of his co-workers and golfing buddies to come to say their goodbyes to him before he passed. Little did they know that he would reveal a secret that he had held on to for 50 years.

As it turns out, Randele was a fugitive who was wanted in one of the largest bank robberies in Cleveland’s history.

Six months after the robbery, Randele changed his name and never told a soul his secret, not even his wife or daughter.

Once he committed the robbery, he cut off contact with his family and friends and really started a brand new life. He planned on going back to his hometown after the statute of limitations ran out, but once he was formally indicted, all hopes of going hope vanished. He was forever Thomas Randele.

Ted Conrad (his real name) quickly figured out that security was fairly loose at the Society National Bank in Cleveland after he started as a teller in January 1969.

He told his buddies it would be easy to rob the place, said Russell Metcalf, his best friend from high school.

A day after his 20th birthday that July, Conrad walked out with $215,000 from the vault, a haul worth $1.6 million today. By the time the missing money was noticed, Conrad was flying across the country.

Check out this video from 2015 about U.S. Marshals still looking for him.


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