Quickly but quietly, Big Pharma and various state governments are working to inject beef and dairy cattle with mRNA “vaccines.” The practice has been happening with pork since 2018 and beef is next on the agenda.

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Jason Nelson, CEO of Whole Cows, has been watching the developments closely. His Texas company, which specializes in shelf-stable freeze-dried meat for long-term storage, has vowed to never allow gene-tempered cattle to enter the food supply through their products.

“I’ll shut down the company before we ship a single bag of mRNA-injected meat,” he said. “That’s why we’re growing as quickly as possible so we can achieve the buying power to produce large amounts. We’re relatively small now but we want to have a surplus of tens of thousands of bags of beef by 2024.”

The pushes for both transparency and to halt the push for mRNA-jabbed beef have hit roadblocks recently. In Missouri, a bill that would have forced labeling of beef injected with mRNA vaccines was stalled in committee. According to Todd Neeley at DTN:

A bill at the center of a vaccine controversy in the state of Missouri was voted down in a committee of the state’s house of representatives this week. The Missouri House Committee on Emerging Issues voted 10-4 against HB1169 on Wednesday, effectively ending the bill’s chance for passage in the current session.

Among many other stipulations, the bill would have required all beef derived from Missouri cattle to include labels detailing vaccines cattle received throughout their life. HB1169 also would have applied to commodities produced using GMO corn and soybeans.

Unfortunately, cattle and rancher associations across the nation have ignored concerns from both consumers and producers. Currently, most state rancher associations are either silent on the issue or in favor of advancing Big Pharma’s agenda.

“Our goal at Whole Cows is to give the people healthy, natural, delicious proteins they can eat today or store for decades,” Nelson continued. “We can’t fulfill that promise if the beef has been tainted, so we’re taking every step necessary to keep the jabs away from our cattle.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has been a heavy proponent of natural foods his entire career, has been raising the alarm bell about the risks of the burgeoning threat to the food supply in America. As he recently noted:

Moving forward, it’s going to be extremely important to stay on top of what’s happening to our food supply. Many of us were surprised to realize mRNA shots have been used in swine for several years already. Soon, cattle may get these customizable mRNA shots as well, which could affect both beef and dairy products.

For now, I strongly recommend avoiding pork products. In addition to the uncertainty surrounding these untested mRNA “vaccines,” pork is also very high in linoleic acid, a harmful omega-6 fat that drives chronic disease. Hopefully, cattle ranchers will realize the danger this mRNA platform poses to their bottom-line and reject it. If they don’t, finding beef and dairy that has not been “gene therapied” could become quite the challenge.

Ultimately, if we want to be free, and if we want food safety and food security, we must focus our efforts on building a decentralized system that connects communities with farmers who grow real food in sustainable ways and distribute that food locally.

Nelson concurs, which is why his company currently only works with local Texas ranchers. The plan is to expand to Utah or Idaho where cattle is more likely to be protected for longer than even in Texas.

“When the industry starts adopting mRNA jabs for cattle, it’s going to happen quickly and the people won’t be warned,” he said. “We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and remaining nimble so we can jump to a safe haven state when necessary. Texas is safe today but there are risks everywhere.”

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  • I wish the beef and pork industry would have their own factories to process their meats and never allow this to happen to we the people. This should never be forced on them or us. We don’t know if this is safe, and I for one will never believe it is! If the government is doing this, we the people should rise up and say heck no! WE don’t want this forced on us, PERIOD!

    • Bren, no matter what We The People say the Communist Democrats will continue to do what they want to do to us. They think we work for them not the other way around, and so it’s more responsibility for us to March on Washington DC and remove them from power by force and this is no joke, look what they’ve done to America already to make our lives closer to Dictatorship. Open borders, Bill Gates buying up farmland, Gates producing laboratory fake Beef, Allowing Communist China to buy America land, Forcing Americans to buy EV’S and Solar panels, Forcing the deadly Covid Jab on our children and Military Personnel, Massive spending to destroy the economy and giving $billions to Ukraine and Iran, getting huge kickbacks, Allowing deadly Fentenyl to pour into the Country, forcing our children in transgender operations, shutting down America’s oil, killing millions of jobs, depleting our defensive by sending military weaponry to Ukraine, Allowing Communist China to spy on Americans, Keeping Christopher Wrey protected, charging President Trump with fraudulent crimes, protecting that diaper filled pedophile Joe Biden safe from Treason after he’s been caught stealing classified documents since the 70’s, Allowing Communist Muslim homosexual and George Soros to call the shots to destroy America, Child sex rings, putting law abiding Americans in prison without Due Process, allowing rampant crimes caused by Antifa and BLM and Illegals to get away with Murder, smash and grab, Rape, Defending law enforcement, pushing climate bullshit change, Ramping up IRS, ATF, FBI, CIA to go after law abiding citizens firearms and destroy the 2nd Amendment, destruction of freedom of speech, Pushing the fake news CNN and MSNBC to lie to Americans,, higher taxes to pay for the Illegals on everything in exchange for Communist votes, and so much more.



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