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Tyson Foods, the world’s second-largest processor and marketer of meat, and Protix, the world’s largest insect factory, have entered a joint venture to explore the potential of insect protein and lipid production.

This move is intended to target the pet food, aquaculture, and livestock industries. While there is speculation that this could be a step towards sustainability, it still remains uncertain if these alternative proteins will hold up to expectations.

The joint venture plans to create an insect protein processing facility in the continental United States that uses animal waste to feed black soldier flies; however, these flies are not slated for human consumption at this time.

According to Tyson Foods’ press release on the matter, “the strategic investment will support the growth of the emerging insect ingredient industry and expand the use of insect ingredient solutions to create more efficient sustainable proteins and lipids for use in the global food system.”

The goal is to produce high-quality proteins and lipids from byproducts of food manufacturing which can then be used across multiple industries.

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John R. Tyson, the Chief Financial Officer of Tyson Foods, and Kees Aarts, CEO of Protix, have lauded this venture.

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“Our partnership with Protix represents the latest strategic investment by Tyson Foods in groundbreaking solutions that drive added value to Tyson Foods’ business,” said John R. Tyson. “The insect lifecycle provides the opportunity for full circularity within our value chain, strengthening our commitment to building a more sustainable food system for the future.”

“We are very excited to announce the next step in our international growth strategy. Tyson Foods’ and Protix’s strategic partnership advances our joint work towards creating high-quality, more sustainable protein using innovative technology and solutions,” said Kees Aarts. “Moreover, we can immediately use their existing byproducts as feedstock for our insects. This agreement is a major milestone for Protix and significantly accelerates our ambition to grow through international partnerships.”

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  • I’ve tried to stay away from Tyson products since I read about their cozy dealings with Bill Clinton when he was the governor of Arkansas. Later I read about their hiring if illegal aliens and paying a “finders fee” to illegal employees who recommend illegal friends to go to work for them. Got to love that cheap labor. The last thing I read about them is how they wanted to drop Labor Day as a paid holiday and replace it with Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that celebrates the end of the month long fast for Ramadan. Got to kiss up to the Somalis they hired but it didn’t go over well with true Americans who either work for Tyson or consumers. Oh, by the way, Somali workers have been hired in many meat packing facilities nationwide instead of US citizens to pack the food YOU eat. How’s that make you feel?

  • Well what can go wrong with this???
    Is Soylent Green the next big step.
    What a wonderful idea you get to eat your dead grandma, after processing

  • The FDA and the USDA approved the artificial chicken created in the laboratories and is working to create artificial beef. The success of creating artificial beef will reduce the amount of gas (farts) from the reduced live beefs. As of this day I will NOT buy and eat any boneless chicken.

  • I remember when Tyson got shut down and sued when they shipped out chicken contaminated with salmonella, twice because of the Illegals didn’t wash their hands after going to the restroom.
    this was back in the late 80’s and 90’s.
    To this day I haven’t bought or eaten any Tyson products.
    They want the cheap labor and couldn’t care less for the health and safety of American consumers.



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