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Elon Musk is a troll of trolls. He really does have a talent when it comes to hitting the right nerve for people who are just acting like idiots on social media. It’s almost worth him buying Twitter just for that freedom alone to have unlimited access to publishing tweets in response to some of his big critics.

One of these critics is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s going to pick a fight with anyone, but especially Elon Musk because he has “too much money”. The thing about Elon and his money is that he actually does a lot of good with it and is dedicated to making life better for humanity as a whole.

Nevertheless, AOC is going to do what she does best…say stupid things. She did that this week after Elon announced that it was going to cost $8/month in order to have a blue check by your name on Twitter. In response, AOC tweeted, “Lmao at a billionaire earnestly trying to sell people on the idea that ‘free speech’ is actually a $8/mo subscription plan.”

Musk’s response back was perfect. Musk responded, “Your feedback is appreciated, now pay $8.”

I think that AOC is the type of person who would not pay it just to be defiant. That would be fine with me if that were the case.

He also shared this meme on Twitter:

This one was a gem also,

I think that what Erik Voorhees said is spot on. He tweeted:

Let’s remember that @elonmusk charging $8 for premium Twitter experience means Twitter becomes the product again, instead of you.

And if $8 is too much, you’re free to remain as the product.

Musk replied back with a target emoji signifying that he’s exactly right.

Ocasio-Cortez also got into it with David Sacks, a West Coast-based venture capitalist, who responded to AOC by writing, “Why aren’t [The New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic] free? Their billionaire owners should stop being greedy and give us those products for free.”

AOC criticized the response, writing: “Are you seriously equating an app where people are torrenting racial slurs at an accelerated clip with the New York Times?”

“Also fyi, legacy newspapers actually care about verifying newsworthy sources. And they don’t charge their journalists/creators for ‘priority’ placement.”

“As for billionaire ownership of our news sources, that is a legitimate problem! Market concentration of media is a huge issue,” AOC continued. “Hope you’re using your power to stop private equity gutting of local newsrooms while supporting nonprofit and co-op modeled news outlets as well.”

Let’s just admit what this is…hypocrisy. She doesn’t like Musk, she likes liberal media. It’s really that simple.

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  • Why doesn’t she just go back to bartending? In that environment, she just might say something someone is interested in.

    • Not in any AMERICAN bar I have ever been in. Fact is she would end up in the dumpster with her BS,,,,,From both white AND Black working men.

      Maybe she could work in some yuppi bar where the “server” doesn’t talk to the customers. —- You know,,,Where they all are face down in their cell phones and don’t know who is in the place with them anyway.

      She wouldn’t last 15 minutes in a REAL bar…..Want another opinion? = She ugly, too.

  • I just love Musk, I hope he offers streaming or other services, like amazon, I’d quit amazon prim for that, they’ve raised their prices.

  • “I can’t stand stupidity”…So I don’t talk to myself”, AOC. “we don’t need farms, that’s what grocery stores are for”, AOC. We can’t land on the sun. “Yeah we can, just do it at night”, AOC. Had to return her pet rock…..couldn’t follow the instructions!!

  • Hey AOC, I think there is a fenced in area down at the border that needs you to be faking like you are crying. Photo Op!

  • We all know the use of the nword is a coordinated effort by folks who want Musk to fail. Give it a few weeks and they will tire of their 12 year old response to the issue.

  • I am not not or have I ever been a “twit” but give ‘um hell Elon. These commies need to get their crap back…right in the teeth. – New Day, New Way. Don’t let them get away with a damn thing PERIOD!

  • Why doesnt she finally realize that she is text book stupid,,she and her white trash pasty husband need to go away and keep their ugly picture off the internet,,it is enough of making people sick to their stomach

  • Whatever you say about AOC, she’s able to express her idiocy very well.

    I’m reminded from a line in an old Rolling Stones song:

    “Her head’s screwed on, only it just ain’t screwed on right.”



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