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In the summer of 2020, following the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, Black Lives Matter protests erupted across the United States including in New York City. The protests were supposed to be peaceful but liberals being liberals don’t know how to do anything peacefully and eventually the protests turned violent with looting and vandalism occurring in various parts of the city. In response to the unrest, former Mayor Bill de Blasio imposed an 8 p.m. curfew in early June to discourage this behavior. However, he forgets that criminals don’t care about rules and laws.

However, during a protest in Mott Haven in Bronx County, New York Police Department officers allegedly engaged in “kettling” – a crowd control tactic used by law enforcement where they surround a group of protesters and trap them within a confined area using physical barriers or a police line. This tactic has been widely criticized for its aggressive nature and violation of protesters’ rights. Furthermore, during this particular incident NYPD officers allegedly used force – such as batons and pepper spray – to confine protesters, resulting in many injuries and leaving some unconscious or convulsing from shock.

In response to this incident, the City of New York agreed to pay up to $6 million dollars to over 300 protesters who were trapped or assaulted by police officers during this protest. If approved by a federal judge each protester will receive approximately $21,500 – one of the largest amounts awarded per person in a class-action case related to mass arrests. In addition to providing financial compensation for these individuals’ suffering, NYPD has since re-envisioned their policies and training for policing large scale demonstrations based on recommendations from outside agencies that carefully investigated that period.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • thats great, now they can buy more tools to use in their protest. bigger guns, more ammo. explosives. Good luck NYC. nobody coming to help you

  • Before they hand out the money they need to deduct the damages to public and personal property as well as hospitalization plus the cost of overtime and extra security and all other expenses that were created by the mobs. I seriously doubt there would be anything left and those with their hands out may actually need to step forward and dig into their own pockets. Yeah, that will never happen.

    • Good point Tarheel. Take away all the damage THEY did and betcha there wouldn’t be much money left.

  • I guess evil rules now on. Reward protestors for destroying property in NYC? Did BLM sue? Theyu must have an excellent lawyer(s).

  • There are clear reasons why once great American cities are now crime ridden filthy environmental disasters. The leftist movement embodied by the Democrat Party has destroyed these cities and the evidence is plain for anyone to see. In California even the once beautiful city of San Diego is now just a pint size version of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Gaslamp is the commercial centerpiece of downtown San Diego along with Petco Park and I don’t know any one who wants to go downtown after dark. For a couple of I years I worked out of a law office one block from the Federal Courthouse and the air was always fouled by the stench of an open sewer and you had to routinely walk around the conscious drug and alcohol addicted nightmares laying on the sidewalks. Elect strong conservatives who care about their oath of office to support and defend our Constitution and the Rule of Law and these problems will go away quickly. No matter your political beliefs if you watched Trump speak at CPAC this weekend you’ll hear common sense solutions to all our problems.

  • Peaceful protests are supposed to be peaceful, The BLM crowd and democraps don’t know how to be peaceful.

  • Well consider the fact that all they’ve done is prove the old adage of stupid is as stupid does which is typical of Demonrats.

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  • well now, it seems that the inmates are now running the nut house in new york. if they start paying some of these criminals, you can bet there will be a lot more of the same, only more violent.

  • WHY would you PAY the people who tore up your city, over the drug OD suicide of a career thug & junkie??? HE wasn’t even from or in NYC, & NO ONE “killed” him. Read the autopsy report, maybe actually WATCH the video without the audio, & SEE where Officer Chauvin’s knee really was, before our o passing ot taxpayer money to MORE thugs, who don’t deserve it either!

  • Let’s not forget all of the individuals who were not even present, who will sneak under the fence and claim they were physically injured, or suffered emotionally. Just to get on that government gravy train.

  • This soft on crime is starting to bit back and this demo-rats cities. It is sad that being bad pays. Our fully supported and well armed police and sheriff takes down those who break the law. Jessica Alba got busted for stray painting a state owned wall. We don’t experience lawlessness.



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