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A sixth-grade teacher in Florida has sparked outrage after posting a series of TikTok videos featuring white students bowing to black peers and mocking their state’s “Stop Woke Act,” which seeks to prohibit Critical Race Theory and other discriminatory lessons from entering public schools.

Ethan Hooper, an educator at Howard Middle School in Orlando, has been strongly condemned by parents and other observers for exploiting children as political props.

Orange County Public Schools, Hooper’s employer, released a statement expressing disapproval of the videos. In the clip, Hooper pretends to seize books from students, including Harry Potter and The Hate You Give, while yelling “Gotta go! Gotta go! Absolutely not!”

Reactions to the teacher’s behavior were swift and critical with one father noting that he would be disturbed if his child was used for political gain without his consent. Multiple critics have called for Hooper to lose his job and have expressed shock at a school employee creating student-focused content during class hours on social media.

“If one of the teachers was using my kid for political gain, that would upset me,” one father said. “What if I don’t believe in that, and, you know, that’s not what I’m teaching my kid?”

“He needs to lose his job now,” another critic declared. “He can take his issues to adults in the system. Instead, he used children he’s supposed to be caring for on a personal social media account,” one critic of the video said, while another critic chimed in, “What is a teacher doing on social media during school hours, much less posting his students’ identities?”

Orange County Public Schools further commented that they will not tolerate any exploitation of students for political purposes. Superintendent Maria Vazquez described being appalled by the teacher’s actions and affirmed that such behavior is forbidden in their district. It was revealed that Hooper was placed on administrative leave as a result of the incident with Orange County Public Schools spokesperson Michael Ollendorf confirming that, “Any employee of who creates videos or other content with students in an effort to exploit them for political purposes will be immediately removed from the classroom, placed on administrative leave and swift action will be taken to terminate employment.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This is a free country, white people established this country. This is reverse discrimnation. Just like the sport that are going on in this country. I can remember when some black people got together and said their is too many white football player, now it is mostly black. THIS DOES NOT HELP THIS COUNTRY AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this teacher needs a slap in the face and a kick in the butt out of the door.
    You’re fired!
    Good thing for him I don’t have a child in his class.

  • Teachers need to be told to do their job and quit with all the social engineering. I don’t care what they learned in university. The school boards should have the last say, and how they do their jobs, of course in many places the school boards are worse than the teachers.

    • All the social engineering should not be allowed in our schools, our military, nor businesses if we are to succeed on the world stage.

  • Well that balances the scales for sure. Only a moron would take advantage of children. Yes let us inflict pain on children and call it justice.

  • Apparently this particular teacher hates or at least has an intense dislike for certain ethnic groups which is evident by this article. If he has such a dislike for certain pigmentation then he shouldn’t even have a teaching certificate or even be close to children because with his attitude, he could do anything to a child thinking he could get away with the deed.

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    • He needs more then being fired. By firing him, he will just somewhere else and get the job and start over. It is hard for me to believe that one parent didn’t get up close and personnel with this malcontent.

  • This radical liberal teacher is perpetrating Communist propaganda on his students. He is not teaching academics he is committing indoctrination of leftist ideology. He should be terminated ASAP.

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  • He needs to be fired and put on the registry for abusing children he should never be allowed to teach at any school in America again. He should also face criminal charges for child abuse.

  • That’s just wrong on so many levels! That man is NO teacher; he’s an hater poisoning the minds of ALL those children with lies, racist supremacism, & God alone know what other evils! His credentials need to be reminded, so he can’t just go somewhere else, & spread the poison of his hate! Simple firing won’t prevent that.

  • Someone needs to pull out Ethan Hopkins and give him the beating he deserves, and while the parents are at it, they need to send a thankyou card to Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe. CRT a program being taught by racists to indoctrinate the kids on how to be good little racists. There is power in numbers. parents should boycott and keep their kids out of school and demand racist Hopkin be fired.

  • This is what is wrong with our country today. It’s teacher’s without an ounce of common sense. This person should be fired.

  • That teacher should be fired ! Children are innocent ! They are
    not born racist ! To needlessly humiliate innocent kids is just
    disgusting & downright abusive ! Dr Martin Luther King Jr
    envisioned a world where we would all sit down together !
    I agree with the saying that there is only one race & that is the human race. Only the Marxist leftist want to turn us against one another so they can control us all. Shame on them !!!

  • The only one that I will bow down to is Jesus Christ my Saviour.
    Also there will come a time when every knee will bow down to our Lord.

  • Those Communist Democrats started this whole shit and it’s the really stupid Black SOB’s who fall in line with their hatred, racist teaching.!
    It’s long overdue for White people to start fighting back and to home school their children.
    Blacks today have spit on MLK and pushed him out of their life, Those same Black’s now Praise and bow to the Communist Democrats.
    Their also to stupid to figure out how their being used by the Communist Democrats.

  • It will be interesting to see if teacher is removed or will they just move him around. I hate to see anyone lose their job, but this fellow doesn’t belong in K-12 classrooms, period.

  • he needs to be fired right now. he is supposed to be teaching the basics. none of those kids need to be taught his political views.

  • This is outrageous! If this was a white teacher making black kids bow down to white kids, it would be Breaking news on every TV channel, the teacher fired and the school shut down, but it seems, nothing is happening to this teacher – he didn’t even get fired! Where is the justice in America today – blacks rule?



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