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Even the most avid NASCAR fans probably couldn’t tell you who Brandon Brown was. However, after a viral post-race interview with NBC Sports, that all changed. Nevertheless, many ardent racing enthusiasts still wouldn’t be able to tell you a whole lot about Brown the racecar driver.

But with a little grin, even non-racing fans could tell you how “Brandon” ignited the frustration of a nation. After Brown earned his first Xfinity series victory at Talladega Superspeedway, NBC’s Kelli Stavast spoke to the young driver.

It was actually Stavast who triggered the wildly popular phrase, “Let’s Go, Brandon”. That’s what Stavast mistakenly thought the raucous crowd was chanting. She joyfully said so much on air. Unfortunately for Stavast, those were not the right lyrics.

Eventually, Stavast’s startled look acknowledged how horribly her ears had failed her. The fans were not cheering for Brown. These enthusiastic souls weren’t voicing approval for a race well run. They were voicing their disappointment for a pitiful excuse for a U.S. President.

Fans weren’t chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon”, however similar the words may have sounded. They were singing a melodic chorus of “F*** Joe Biden”. Since that momentous day in October, “Let’s Go, Brandon” has exploded into a national rallying cry.

You can buy t-shirts, hats, a Hoodie, or pajamas. Coffee mugs, with “Let’s Go, Brandon” embossed on them, are a growing fad. You can even scrap your boring argyle socks for a red, white and blue pair embroidered with “Let’s Go, Brandon”.

One would think that NASCAR, like most money-hungry professional sports, would seize on the financial opportunity. However, the woke culture has its claws in the sport most see as one with a deeply patriotic fan base.

Brandon Brown has even endured a financial crunch created by something he had nothing to do with. Brown insists he is not a political person. Nevertheless, all of his previous sponsors pulled the plug after his name became part of a viral statement for a nation’s aggravation.

Without financial backing in NASCAR, you don’t race. Brown’s existing sponsorship evaporated, and with that backing went his ability to work. However, James Koutoulas saw an injustice and decided to help Brown.

Koutoulas is the founder and CEO of Typhon Capital Management. He’s earned the nickname of the White Knight of Wall Street for standing up for people who have been shafted by big money Wall Street brokerage houses.

Koutoulas saw an ideal opportunity for Brown. He decided to put in motion a new sponsorship idea. He linked Brown’s racing team with LGBCoin. LGBCoin is a new player in the crypto coin industry. The relationship seemed perfect.

In a statement, Koutoulas said, “We are thrilled to partner with Brandonbilt Motorsports and Brandon Brown for the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season.” When NASCAR Senior Manager of Racing Operations, Dale Howell, granted approval on December 26, it seemed like a done deal.

But the evil multi-headed monster called cancel culture reared its menacing head. It seems that many staunch conservatives endorse LGBCoin. The list includes publications like the Daily Caller, and prominent conservative voices Candace Owen and Ryan Fournier, to name a few.

Evidently, that didn’t set well with the “powers-that-be” in NASCAR. Obviously, afraid of the backlash from the woke left, NASCAR officials abruptly pulled the plug. With NASCAR’s sponsorship approval, LGBCoin rallied $280 million in one day.

A new, patriotic paint design for Brown’s car was even submitted. But then, just like in a fantasy tale, in an instant, Brown’s new chariot turned into a pumpkin. Within 10 days of approving the sponsorship arrangement, NASCAR revoked it.

NASCAR issued no statement explaining its reasons. They’re obvious, because there really are none. That is, unless you account for the NASCAR woke executes worrying about the attacks they’ll have to endure from the cancel culture crazies.

NASCAR’s bogus decision to revoke Brown’s sponsorship will not only harm the driver, but the stakeholders in LGBCoin as well. Lawsuits have been filed against NASCAR as a result. The same executives for NASCAR who shut down Brown, allow Bubba Wallace to promote BLM.

Wallace, the same Bubba Wallace who exploited a false noose allegation, is allowed to drive a car using the Black Lives Matter (BLM) theme. This is the same BLM that was behind dozens of deadly riots across the nation.

The “Let’s Go, Brandon” chorus has hurt no one, nor has it damaged a single piece of property. The hypocritical stance of these wokeists is astonishing. We can only hope Brown’s First Amendment Rights prevail.

“Let’s Go, Brandon” is not racist or vulgar. They are mistaken words that have turned into a national cry for accountability. If anyone has a right to allege discrimination, it’s Brown and LGBCoin. We’ll be waiting to hear what the courts decide. In the meantime, “Let’s Go, Brandon”.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Black and White Sports


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