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Nothing says unpatriotic like refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, but that’s exactly what we see from Democrats.

It was quite appalling to hear Rep. Jerry Nadler’s object to Rep. Matt Gaetz’s request to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before regular House Judiciary Committee hearings.

Gaetz proposed an amendment to include reciting the pledge at the start of each hearing, with the intention of creating a patriotic and unifying moment amongst committee members, but Nadler objected to it immediately citing that they already pledged allegiance every day on the floor, and it would be redundant to do so again in one day.

Gaetz reacted with his feelings on the opposition, stating “Standing for the American flag isn’t controversial. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance isn’t a waste of time. Democrats are so outraged at the idea of a daily dose of patriotism that they spent 30 minutes ranting and raving in opposition.” His sentiment was echoed by Republican North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop who said “It’s absurd that Democrats on the committee don’t even want to say the pledge of allegiance. You would think it would be a simple request – not so for the Judiciary Democrats, who almost seemed allergic to reciting the pledge.”

That sentiment only grew more intense in 2021 when House Judiciary Democrats were caught making fun of Gaetz’s request to have them recite the Pledge during another hearing on hot mic audio. Rep. Steve Cohen and an unidentified House Democrat could be heard appearing to joke about Republicans’ request for them to recite it before hearings, failing even then to show respect for patriotic symbolics that bind us all as Americans regardless of party lines or political leanings.

The outcome here is both shocking and disheartening, that our nation’s lawmakers would refuse such an important gesture as partaking in a short act such as saying those 31 words together is unfathomable! It has been proven time and time again what reciting these words can do for morale, bringing people together in a moment of unity regardless of if you sit left or right on Capitol Hill. Should we not honor such an opportunity? It seems clear-cut rejecting this proposal was irresponsible. However, like many things there is hope still alive as we can continue fighting for moments like these and make sure gavels are never dropped until we can proudly chant “one nation under God” together once again!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • No, that’s not it. jerry Nadler can’t get his Fat Lard A $ S out of Chair once he sits down. But he get his Lard A S $ out of the chair when the Dinner Bell rings !!

    • “He is too far gone;” and we know how much he and Shifty Schiff with Pelosi wasted millions of tax payer dollars along with years of time fighting tooth and nail trying to prove Russian Collusion during Trump’s term in office, when they knew full well it was a lie on their part, but yet this slob waste product can’t take a few minutes a day to show love of God, Country and the Citizens who gave him his job!!! If I could have it my way he would be in GITMO as a treacherous wicked Traitor, there to rot till his last breath!

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    • That’s ok. Let ugly be ugly. Just pray for those that evil has taken over. The Father has already warned them all what will be coming to them if they don’t change. May God have mercy on them. It won’t be pretty.

  • If Nadler can’t stand for our nation by standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, there is no reason to stand for him to be in our nation.

    • Yes Pia, read my other comment and that is what I think of him or any like him! Think of the poor men and women who served in combat for this country and didn’t come back home or like some did in pieces, totally disabled many of them; and yet this human waste carries on this way!!! Nadler is “beyond despicable” and is actually “ugly as Evil Sin from Hell!”
      God has plans for him and all that live like him because they are the worst “hypocrites” and will pay for eternity in hell; the just punishment for all gluttonous pigs!

  • How in the hell is this guy a representative for the American people in New York. I would like to know who the Anti-Americans that voted for this creep are and deport them to a Socialist country.

  • Jerry the Nit Wit Nadler reminds me of one of the Dwarfs in Lord of the Rings! It appears that most Democrat Politicians are UnAmerican, AntiAmerican and Corrupt to the Core! Ever notice that they have Law Degrees and rarely have a job other than a Government Job! It is very hard to imagine how some of them ever got a Law Degree and Passed the Bar? Think Biden, Harris and a multitude of others in Biden’s Gang of Incompetent Malcontents. To be a Good Democrat you have to be a Radical, Gay or Lesbian Person of Color, any Color but White at least today. Unfortunately the people that Vote for these people are, in my opinion, Mindless Primitives. Good Luck.

    • The Dem party actively recruits the mentally impaired. because they are easily manipulated and brain washed to their radical unamerican ideology.

    • Good post VinneaA. It’s a total shame that there’s more and more Anti-American Communist taking over, while most proud Americans are just sitting idely by and doing nothing but watching our Nation and Constitution crumble before our very eyes.

      • Thanks. There is a solution. It is a 4 letter word that starts with “B” and ends with “G”! It is not B-O-N-G which I used back in the 60s…at least I think?
        They will not HEAR U.S. until they FEAR U.S.!

  • If you don’t stand for our flag, you don’t stand for us Americans. You should be relieved of you duties. We need to get people in there that will stand for the people of the United States, not for how much they can line their pockets. You stand or you get out!

  • What a disgusting weasel Nadler is. If the founding fathers were here, they would escort his butt right out of the chamber and tell him to never come back. This is so blatantly unpatriotic. If I had to say the Pledge of Allegiance more than once a day, I would be proud and happy to do so! But then, I love this country, I’ve been a constitutional conservative since I was 14 (I’m 75 now) and I will not abide such unpatriotic nonsense from anyone in congress

  • The only way democrats will pledge allegiance to the Constitution and nation, is if it will help to destroy this nation and constitution! They are Marxist though and though and only want to enslave the free citizens of this nation!

  • Democrats today are not Americans.They have sold their filthy souls to Communism and hate our country now where they all have become multi millionaires.

  • They know they’re always going against what’s good for America so reciting a pledge for America then breaking it a few minutes later is just too much for them to handle.


    • Deborah, you nailed it because all you say is true, but the underlying reason is Satanic Evil, which all of them are ruled by! These are such far removed from anything that is good creatures; and their immortal souls belong to Satan, so there is nothing of any value or of good cause left for them to do and speak to! All they live and breathe for is serving the Evil One!

  • Vigilante justice is the way to go. We cannot trust the voters or the voting system we have. Remove the garbage!

  • i can understand the point, but to me, working in congress is like using the bathroom. it’s a necessary part of life. is it redundant to wash you =r hands every time?
    man up jerry

  • Pack up every one of the mother fuckers by force if necessary , take them to the nearest airport and ship their sorry asses to some third world country.
    And revoke every one of their passports and freeze all their assets.

    Kick the pricks and their families out of our country if they do not want to adhere to our American standards.
    They don’t belong here and should not be allowed to enjoy our freedoms since they do not represent the American People or honor their oath of office.

    • That is what should be done and happening on a daily basis but it never does and won’t if left to the Congress to make it happen!

      All the rest is lip service and Hot Air!

  • Nadler just proved that the democrats ARE COMMUNISTS when they don’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance!! All the communist must be removed from congress immediately and the United States!!

  • It is no surprise that the America-hating Demmunists would object to reciting the pledge of allegiance. If they don’t want to do that, they ought to be made to pledge allegiance to the Constitution and to the people who elected them, but then why bother, ANY pro-America pledge they take would be a lie!

  • Well, let us see now……My response to “His” (hope he is not offended by the pronoun I assigned him) response is “AND ALSO RECITE THE CONSTITUTION!!!! You, Mr Nadler need to refresh your memory on who placed you in Congress. We The People!!!

  • So Nadler a representative of the people, ignores the Pledge Allegiance of this Country. Who then does he represent???????

  • Maybe Jerry Nadler the 20 Ton HIPPOCAMPUS can’t get out of his CHAIR once his sits there. He has a Hard time pushing his a way from the Buffet Tables ????? !

  • Maybe Jerry Nadler the 20 Ton HIPPOCAMPUS can’t get out of his CHAIR once his sits there. He has a Hard time pushing himself away from the Buffet Tables ????? !

  • Well a reminder may be in order for some members. Gaetz should be reminded of the sanctity of a pledge. Perhaps some other declaration to remind committee members as to whats important and why be there.

  • Jerry Nadler should be taken out and shot, period, that short fat assed little midget son of a bitch has done enough damage to our nation and he along with his buttbuddy, Adam Shiff should both be KILLED !!!!!

    • I was on this track in commenting before I read yours and obviously there is a consensus of opinion out here in the Citizenry!
      Rack his fat ass, we couldn’t care less; but will our alphabet agencies do their job and carry out the garbage?!

  • Maybe if lardass Nadler recites it numerous times a day he just might start being a REAL American , for once, instead of the communist fascist racist and satanic moron demacrat he is!! GO GAETZ!!!!

  • The Pledge should be recited before all meetings with the names of those polled prior and refusing to do so logged into the record.

  • The frightening thing is that Comrade Nadler believes, perhaps correctly, that his refusal to pledge allegience will get him reelected.

  • Why would Nadler recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Nadler is a Bolshevik like Schiff. Nadler’s allegiance is to the party not to country.

  • Hey fat boy, I’ll bet you can’t tell the people what we paid for your breakfast today. Do you seem to think that a one-time pledge will suffice? Do what your told not what you think is good for America. Shut your pie hole and pledge . Don’t forget under God, he’s watching you, fool.

  • Maybe they should start with the 1st and second amendment. Maybe remind them what they are there for. And what are rights are before they go the opposite direction.



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