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Americans are expressing deep dissatisfaction with the lack of leadership from Joe Biden and the Congress, according to a recent survey. This sentiment has surpassed the nation’s worries about inflation, ​the immigration crisis, and the state of the economy. The poll results are indicative of how Americans are struggling to cope with economic challenges this past year as well as their expectations for the future.

The survey found that ‘government/poor leadership’ has risen to become the most pressing problem today with 21% of citizens citing it compared to 15% last year. Meanwhile, inflation and economic concerns have declined since 2020. 16% chose ‘inflation’ and 16% chose ‘economy’ last year, compared to only 15% for inflation and 10% for economy this year. Immigration saw an increase in concern, rising 3 percentage points from 8% in 2020 to 11%. Unifying the country remained unchanged at 6%.

Experts suggest that citizens’ views may be affected by recent changes in inflation which fell from 7.5% last January to 6.5% in December. And while both President Biden (41%) and Congress (21%) have seen little change in their approval ratings over the past year, Republicans (24%) cite ‘government/poor leadership’ as a bigger issue than Democrats (18%). For Republicans, inflation and economy remain top issues at 18%, followed by other concerns such as morality/ethics/family at 6%, and federal budget deficit at 5%. On the other hand, Democrats list inflation (11%), economy (9%), race relations (9%), unifying the country (8%), then environment (6%) as their main worries.

When it comes to current economic conditions, 45% of Americans rate it poorly while 38% view it fairly. Only 15% think that it’s good, a figure that has barely improved since last year when 2% rated it excellent. Additionally, 72% believe that their financial standing will worsen over time yet 64% still consider this a good time to find quality employment – which is slightly higher than what was reported last year when 62 % thought so.

It’s no surprise that people have recognized how worthless our leaders are, the problem is that they just keep voting for them expecting different results.

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Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Poor leadership is the primary reason behind the govt/personal financial crisis in this country today. Why should this poll be surprising?

  • Not Surprising. Lying corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe is mentally incapable of running America. Corrupt Quid Pro is in good company, all his bureaucrats, from the DHS Secretary, to The Sec. of Transportation, to Granholm the Sec. of Energy, to the Defense Sec. are all unqualified to be in their positions. one could say the same about certain members of the Supreme Court. What America has is an old fart deceitful, dishonest corrupt politician who has sold out America to Communist China for monetary gain, with one foot in the grave, running and ruining America. Corrupt Quid Pro won’t be impeached, thanks to McConnell and the RNC putting the Senate into the hands of the liberal commie Democrats.

    • People blame biden for this mess. It is not just him it is the whole socialist radical progressive dem party and the cabals that run it He is just the puppet for show. He never was a leader and was never the sharpest pencil in the box. That is why he was so perfect for thm. He was deemed a moderate and the dummies beileved that lie for sure.

  • True….the criminal element in our government trying to push us into the NWO garbage need to be put where they belong….in prison and a new government with real Americans can put it abck the real America.

  • Well, people are beginning to realize that all the troubles we have are the result of poor leadership. The overwhelming problems we now face is the consequence of the one who replaced Trump in the White House.

  • What “must” be told to the general public is that the Democratic Party no longer exists the way it did back in the 50s. It was back then that the Socialist Party decided to infiltrate the Democratic party with their people pretending to be Democrats. As of today there are more “Sheep in wolves clothing Socialists” Democrats elected into office than there are, real Democrats. The Socialist Party is now in the process of doing the same to The Republican Party. They are appropriatly called RINO’s. All one has to do is to watch what bills a representadive endorses and how they vote to know who the “real Socialists are.”

  • dummies would say that. however tyrannical leadership is the real flaw here. Everything he has done and will do will not favor the American socialist now people. Nothing at all. You traded the great american dream for the lousy american nightmare. enjoy.

  • It’s not just Obiden but his whole administration, the whole stupid Democrat part and the people who support it. So it is not an easy fix. They ask for peoples view on things and 98%-99% vote they must all go but there is always 1 or 2% who think everything is alright. Who are these people and what are they taking? Some thing needs to happen and fast. Keep your powder dry people.

  • The American public has no one to blame but themselves, the keep voting for these people. It’s a know FACT that everything that happens to you is a result of the choices you have made. It’s no one else’s fault! OWN IT!

  • I would argue that an ethical and moral decline is at the root of ALL the other problems on this list.

    I think adding “family decline” to this item suggests to many that the root of the ethical and moral decline is the family. As most of us understand there are many powerful forces outside of the family fueling the ethical and moral decline. In fact, often those forces are fighting against families.



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