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I’m hesitant to get too hopeful about Kevin McCarthy, but so far, he’s been doing the right things. Hopefully, he’s being held accountable by the real Republicans now that he’s Speaker of the House. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy put CBS News presenter Margaret Brennan in her place in a Sunday interview over whether she had held Democrats to the same standard as Republicans.

During an appearance on “Face the Nation”, Brennan questioned why McCarthy put certain Republican members of Congress on key committees such as intelligence, homeland security, and oversight despite their supposed denial of the previous election results. He brought up House Democrat Jamie Raskin and Bennie Thompson, a ranking member and former chair of the Democratic Party, as examples of individuals who similarly denied President Trump or George W. Bush’s legitimacy.

When asked why he had made these choices as leader, McCarthy questioned Brennan’s integrity and stated that he wanted to ensure fairness and equality by looking at Raskin’s actions, along with those of Thompson since they did the same thing. But apparently, she doesn’t care about that. Despite his explanation though, Brennan remained focused on pushing him to justify his decision-making process as House Leader.

Also, notice here “source” is CBS records…so they made up a fact and are using it as though it’s real.

“Well, if you look to the Democrats, their ranking member, Raskin, had the same thing, denied Trump or Bush was in there,” McCarthy responded. “Bennie Thompson, who was —”

Brennan immediately interrupted.

“Did you also be fair and equal and where you looked at — Raskin did the same thing?” McCarthy asked. “Bennie Thompson, who’s a ranking member and was the chair. These individuals were chair in the Democratic Party.”

“I’m asking you as leader, Kevin McCarthy’s House, why you made these choices?” Brennan responded. “These were your choices.”

“Yeah they’re my choices, but they’re the conference choices. But I’m also asking you, when you look to see just Republicans, Democrats have done the same thing,” McCarthy said. “So maybe it’s not denying. Maybe it’s the only opportunity they have to have a question about what went on during the election. So if you want to hold Republicans to that equation, why don’t you also hold Democrats? Why don’t you hold Jamie Raskin? Why don’t you hold Bennie Thompson, when Democrats had appointed them to be chair? I never once heard you ask Nancy Pelosi or any Democrat that question when they were in power in the majority, when they questioned.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • What a rude bitch! She is a typical democrat , when the facts are presented that she doesn’t want to hear she shuts her ears and opens her mouth to cut off the person she doesn’t want to listen to.

  • CBS is no better than CNN or MSNBC. And the news readers are all interchangeable. Listening, not seeing them, you wouldn’t know one from the other. Same bias, same scripted words.

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  • I think the more simple answer would have been “ what goes around, come around”. The dems opened the door for this, so one simply cannot deny republicans from doing the same. Sorry you don’t like it, as conservatives, we didn’t like it when it was done to us, yet your party never seems to learn this lesson

  • While what he said was true when are they going to get to the real issue of getting the real criminals out of our government from the top down?

  • The lib press seems unable to put the dots together to realize where we are at in the nation’s slide into socialism/marxism.

  • LMAO! Democrats always have a problem when asked why they do anything! And why did 60 corrupt judges not allow the people the right to check their vote? That we now know there was mass cheating! Ballot box stuffing! One state had more votes than voters! The mother daughter team counting with no observers! Changing of election laws without the legislators! Yep they were definitely corrupt judges! Or just to stupid to be a judge!



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