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There has long been a theory that a select group of global elites believe they know what’s best for all society. This cabal of self-entitled know-it-alls has been referred to by various names. Despite a growing sense that such a push for a global world order is true, many who suggest it is happening are vilified as radical lunatics. They’re not.

As the world listens to elected leaders proclaim themselves to be transparent defenders of freedom, people watch as their cherished, God-given freedoms erode. These so-called “democratically elected leaders” are no better than rulers, whom they refer to as tyrants. At least dictators such as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping don’t deny that they’re autocratic despots.

What’s worse: being a tyrannical dictator and owning it, or supposedly being an elected official who defends democracy and freedom but lying about it? We certainly believe the latter is far more dangerous. Elected leaders, self-entitled tyrants who proclaim to be on the side of freedom, are far more dangerous.

They suffer from a disgusting level of moral turpitude that rivals even the most notorious tyrants in history. These people are not only power-hungry tyrants, they’re liars! Most dictatorial authoritarians seize power through an often bloody military takeover. The citizens are subdued by force. It’s happened many times in history.

These types of tyrannical governments never succeed. Eventually, the people rise up and retake their freedoms. However, it’s rarely, if ever, without grave consequences and bloodshed. Often, the loss of human life is astronomical. For this reason, free societies must strive to hold any leader who oversteps these boundaries accountable.

Again, the consequences of regaining personal freedoms stolen by a tyrant will be dire. These self-absorbed narcissists know this. They use trickery and deception to keep people living in fear. The pandemic was a convenient weapon to exercise power and control over the masses. Or was it?

World leaders had an “all-too convenient” excuse to strip people of their freedoms. They certainly did. But some were worse than others. Many leaders couldn’t hide their tyrannical intentions. One of the worst examples of a so-called “democratic leader” abusing their power to subdue their society and seize control happened north of the U.S. border.

Canada, a freedom-loving democracy and northern neighbor of the United States, is a valuable ally. However, as the U.S. proclaims to be taking a stand against tyrannical aggression against Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, the Canadian Prime Minister is doing nothing less than stripping free people of their freedoms.

Thankfully, it appears Canadians have had enough. The Canadian people have been suspicious ever since Justin Trudeau issued the first Draconian pandemic orders. But things got worse. Trudeau has censored free speech, imprisoned peaceful protesters, and otherwise used an iron fist to rule over his country.

As Trudeau and his dictatorial cabal gathered for a retreat in Hamilton, protesters made their voices heard. Waving maple leaf flags and carrying signs that read “F**k Trudeau” and shouting, “You f***ing tyrant!” and “Resign!” angry Canadians said they’ve had enough. But what can freedom-loving people do when a tyrant seizes control of their democratic government?

The plan is to vote them out of office at the next opportunity. But what can citizens do when these tyrants devise schemes to cheat in elections? This is exactly what’s happening in the United States.

What happens when a tyrant finally becomes intolerable? Is it too late? How can a free society stop tyranny and reclaim their stolen freedoms when a dictatorial tyrant has seized power and refuses to let go? If history tells us anything, that process will not be pleasant.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Trudeau hit his peak as a Ski Instructor from there it has been all down the hill while abusing his citizens. An ego centered tyrant!!!!!

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  • To our Canadians friends from America: We are with you!!

    Oh Canada! Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all of us command.
    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free! From far and wide,
    Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
    God keep our land glorious and free!

  • The Liberals are dropping in the polls but they are still supported by the New Democratic Party so unless Trudeau decides to call an election (doubtful with the polls) we are stuck with Trudeau for another two years.

    After the Freedom Convoy crackdown and the example of Jan. 6 in the states, doubtful Canadians will revolt.

    The Conservatives are raising record amounts of money but they need a majority to do anything – a minority means they are dependent on smaller leftist parties. But what a mess to clean up if they do get a majority.

  • Nothing seized by a tyrant will be pleasant. Many people are usually eliminated because of various reasons. One is they are not in tune mentally with this type government and will cause dissention in one way or another. In the USSA it is the republicans that have to go. Mao and Stalin killed approx sixty million and thirty five or so when they ruled. So this is not unheard of. To lose that many in a war of freedom is worth it for the future. The problem is people are so uncaring and complacent. Oh, the gov. will take care of me I don’t have to worry about what is going on. REALLY . this is how you get this way;.

    • Oh really? “In the USSA it is the republicans that have to go. ” Pull your head out of your butt, open your eyes and take a deep breath of fresh air. It is the Democrats that have been stealing our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, destroying our economy, brain washing and indoctrinating our children, getting us into endless wars, and who have turned us into one huge welfare state, and it is the Democrats who are pushing for the One World Government.

      • Thank you for stating facts. If we could only get the media to tell the truth, we could survive this without violence.

  • What happens when a tyrant finally becomes intolerable?
    What happens is just what you are seeing now. Your rights and freedoms are slowly removed, until the day comes when you finally realize they are gone.

    Is it too late? — In most cases YES!

    How can a free society stop tyranny and reclaim their stolen freedoms when a dictatorial tyrant has seized power and refuses to let go? — First, you should NEVER allows it to get to that point. Second, the majority of freedom loving citizens MUST band together and treat such tyrannical leaders to a Nicolae Ceaușescu/Benito Mussolini style justice AFTER they have been given three opportunities to listen to the will of the people.

    But what can citizens do when these tyrants devise schemes to cheat in elections? — After it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that there was cheating during an election, then at the next election, place armed citizens in and around EVERY polling station and at every step along the way where and when the ballots are counted and during the ballot count. If cheating is found to occur, those involved should be immediately arrested, charged and put on trial. If and when found guilty. they must face punishment immediately. When ALL has failed, REVOLUTION should be the final step.

    • Here in the U.S. , “the land of the free……” people have taken advantage of our freedoms. Freedom doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. There are laws which must be followed.
      Criminals think they can commit crimes with impunity. That goes for the DemoRat trash in our government too.
      Leftist, cowardly Judges release criminals back onto the streets to continue their crime wave.
      Illegal-alien-invaders think they can just walk in and take advantage. They get temporary housing and destroy it. They get food [which our own homeless Legal, U.S. citizens that are living on the streets don’t get] and throw it in the garbage saying, “I don’t like it”. Then they loiter on the streets harassing the citizens.
      The predatory Homo’s and Pedophiles hunt down people to destroy. If they can’t rape them outright- they sue and goosestep their way through cities and try to change the laws.
      Those kinds of people are absolutely worthless and should be eradicated on sight.

  • We all know that one person or a group trying to steal our freedoms is wrong…we know this and anyone who has lived their life basically free to do and think as they please will never except communism or any form of it…question is..when you know that voting doesn’t mean anything…it is either head for the least populated area you can find….or take up arms and do something about it

  • I’d support impeaching Biden because it’s Sunday – throw in Schumer, AOC & McConnell just for fun!

  • Sounds like it’s time for civil war. Trudeau is a Tyrannical idiot. We as Americans need to help get rid of Trudeau and Biden.

  • At this time, I believe the United States is headed in the direction of civil war. I also believe Liberals are slowly and deliberately herding the country towards civil war. They have the belief that only they will survive a war and it will leave them in charge of the country permanently.

  • FKN Canadian Cops are NAZIS , Arresting Pastors and Others who protest against the HAG Queen Tran-O Hour !!



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