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During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital workers, especially emergency room staffers, were pushed to the brink of capacity. It was a tough time for our dedicated healthcare professionals. Americans are rightfully proud of these frontline heroes.

However, despite a surge in COVID cases created by the delta variant, many medical facilities have been able to keep pace with the uptick in cases. While there has been an increase in COVID-related illnesses at times, often other types of sickness have been more prevalent.

There are even watchdog agencies reporting that many hospitals over-reported the actual number of COVID cases. They chose to include anything remotely related to the pandemic to boost reporting numbers.

Furthermore, recent reporting is showing an ever-increasing number of sick people showing up at emergency rooms that do not have COVID. These statistics are drastically different from the alarming reports during the rise of the pandemic.

Patients are now being taken into emergency care with symptoms far more serious than what the same illness would have presented pre-pandemic. Many chronic conditions that were not treated during the height of the pandemic are now dramatically more serious.

Exacerbated illnesses, such as respiratory problems, heart conditions, and blood clots, are beginning to overwhelm ER staff. Frightfully, suicide attempts are another contributor to this rapid rise in non-COVID types of emergency room visits.

Other wards in hospitals are feeling the burden of this increase in non-COVID types of illnesses as well. The cases are so much more serious that patients cannot be released safely. Therefore, many patients have to stay much longer than previously for the same illness.

Hospitals now have to create “overflow units” to house the new wave of inpatient care. ER staffs are saying that there has been an alarming increase in emergency ambulance deliveries. The numbers are often so high they are forced to divert certain patients to other hospitals.

Even in situations where ER numbers are drifting back to normal, the patients that do show up to emergency room doors are far sicker. The problem is putting ER staff into the uncompromising position of choosing who gets treated first, or who gets to stay.

One ER nurse said that she often must tell someone that they must wait in the hallway, so a sicker person can be treated first. It now appears that many of the bureaucratic policies forced on hospital workers during the height of the pandemic may be a direct cause of a new wave of chronic illness.

The crisis that surrounded the COVID pandemic has also revealed another disturbing issue. There have been ongoing issues with understaffed and overcrowded ERs long before the pandemic started. Experts insist this problem leads to significant patient harm.

Plus, this new wave of chronic ER patients is overwhelming and already overwhelmed staff of healthcare workers. There is some inclination to believe that Draconian lockdowns helped fuel this new wave of chronic sickness.

People were forced to miss essential medical treatments that may well be at the heart of this new surge of sickness. Now, there is what an alarming increase in controlled chaos overwhelming ERs. Oddly enough, this new wave of sickness isn’t directly caused by COVID.

However, it may be an indirect consequence of months of COVID policy. If emergency rooms across the country are trending back to normal pre-pandemic numbers, why is the Biden administration continuing to push excessive COVID mandates?

If emergency rooms are being overwhelmed by non-COVID illnesses, why are administrative officials not finding new strategies for handling minor COVID symptoms? Why is the mainstream media still using the fear-mongering playbook to scare Americans?

The liberal left and their water-carrying fake news media do not want America to get back to normal. They will lose the COVID-noose they have draped around the country’s neck for nearly two years.

Democrats will have to give up something that has allowed them to coerce Americans into blindly accepting big-government control. In the meantime, our dedicated healthcare professionals are experiencing an unrelenting new wave of sickness.

This wave of illness may be a consequence of poor policy. No one is willing to point fingers, yet. However, eventually we may have to come to grips with the “other medical consequences” created by a deadly virus unleashed on the world. The coronavirus continues to expose America’s beleaguered healthcare system.


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