Ron DeSantis’s political allies are now starting to have their doubts about his possibility of becoming the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, due to recent disagreements with President Trump.

It’s been suggested that donors and supporters of DeSantis are considering whether he should take on Trump for the nomination or wait until 2028 for a chance at running for president.

According to CF,

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s donors and supporters are beginning to question if the potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate should run in the next election cycle — a bid that would put him against former President Donald Trump — or wait until 2028, according to reports.

According to a report from NBC News, donors and supporters of DeSantis are having second thoughts on the prospect of the governor’s potential presidential bid. Per the report, one main issue seems to be the governor’s ability to take Trump — who has been criticizing the governor for months — head on.

In a recent NBC News report, it was found that many of DeSantis’ loyal donors and supporters have begun to doubt his potential presidential candidacy due to the looming prospect of confronting Trump – who has had stern words for the governor in recent months.

At a gathering in Palm Beach, Florida which included a group of sixteen influential Republicans, the consensus was that it would be more beneficial for Governor DeSantis to steer clear of any potential skirmishes with President Trump and wait until 2028 instead. An attendee divulged this sentiment after assessing their qualms about his chance of success if he decided to stand up against him.

“They liked him — many of them might even support him,” the person who was at the event said of DeSantis. “But they thought on balance that his long-term future was better without him trying to take Trump head on.”

“He will get scarred up” by Trump, the person added.

Richard Uihlein and his wife Elizabeth, two prominent conservative billionaires well-known for backing DeSantis’ 2022 gubernatorial campaign, expressed their reservations about how hard it would be for DeSantis to oppose Trump’s strong base of followers.

DeSantis’ hesitation to respond and eventual negative comments about Trump after the news of potential legal action from a Soros-backed prosecutor in New York left many of his supporters and donors feeling uneasy. His words seemingly sealed his fate with them, intensifying their fears even further.

The underlying message is that while Ron DeSantis would make a great president, we can all agree that President Trump has been the right leader for our country.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • You make yourself the laughing stock of the link with this cheap advertising. It is for comments about Desantis

  • by them putting all the Patriots and proud boys in jail they think they will lose the votes from them. DeSantis can beat him but it would be better to have Trump first and DeSantis as VP. Then go for it in 2028 for President. Trump needs to get his act together and leave his family out of the picture this time especially his son in law. Go and stop this WW3 coming shortly with China and Russia attacking USA. He seems to be the only one who could stand up and get results with the other countries. That would be a great time together to try to stop.

    • the rump Trump has lost my vote I don’t care who runs with him. DeSantis has no desire to be the rumps standby. The only reason that Joe ain’t been disc’d is that who comes next is, if anything, a worse choice. rd

    • DeSantis would be the worst choice as VP for Trump. DeSantis has already betrayed him and would do so again. He would not support the great things Trump would do for our country, as he did in his first term.

  • Trump – with his trumpet mouth has lost my vote – I don’t care who runs with him on the ticket – He has a mean mouth when he doesn’t need it. AND he failed to clean out the swamp on his first go round – what makes anyone think he can do it given a second chance?

    • If he lost your vote you were not a qualified, knowledgeable conservative in the first place. Don’t you remember from the get-g?, the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA BS for 2 years, 2 impeachments, Michael Avanati meddling, the constant bombardment from the fake news media, the RINOS and even Paul Ryan obstruction as a speaker? How could he do more than what he accomplished? Could you? Did you expect him to clean the swam in 4 years with all those hindrances? He did damn well under the circumstances! You should have given him the last 4 to clean up. Now he will be starting over from a negative point! NOONE else could stand up to what he had to go through. Remember he also gave away his salary and lost a lot of business being in the White House. Keep up!!! You sound like a so-so, wishy washy supporter!!

  • I voted for Trump and would vote for him again. But his mouth and ego are too big and he will lose many of the independents because of this. He will easily beat Biden in 2024 if he is the nominee. If DeSantis continues to be a candidate and wins the primary and becomes the nominee, Trump might likely become a 3rd party candidate which would split the vote and assure he presidency for Biden or whatever other idiot the Democrats have on the ballot

    • Trumps mouth and ego are what intimidates the other world leaders; they know he will do what he says. People who hate Trump are the same ones who are offended by everything, and stand for nothing.

  • The same reasons for not voting for DeSantis in 2024 will be the same reasons for not voting for him in 2028. If his supporters are relying on the people having short memories, they’ll be surprised at how many of us will remind them of his faults, adding more during Trump’s 4 years. Say goodbye to the White House, DeSantis. After President Trump’s 2nd term, no one will want DeSantis.

    • I liked DeSantis until he made/didn’t make certain moves which showed his disloyalty. I said over and over he should sit this out and give Trump his chance to finish what he started in 2016-2020, He is a young man and 2028 is not too far away. He should have declared his intention NOT to run and he would not be getting beat up and invite negativity. Stay in Florida and solidify it in RED, do some more good and he would be ready in 4 years!!!

  • NO. I don’t agree DeSantis would make “a great president.” We don’t EVER want another RINO in the White House. A great governor with support from his state’s RINOS doesn’t make a great president. DeSantis deserves to stay in Florida, until he doesn’t. It’s about the Peter Principle.

  • Something fundamental is being overlooked in all this talk about 2024. This country’s government was overthrown in the bloodless coup d’etat of the stolen 2020 election. That wrong must be set to rights, not allowed to stand. We cannot build on that faulty base. And as Pres. Trump himself has said: A burglar, upon being caught, doesn’t get to keep the jewels that he stole. There is talk that U.S. military Intel has even more evidence of that steal than has already come out, but are waiting for the civilian Justice system to run its course on the matter. It doesn’t look as though any more is going to happen in that regard. So that evidence needs to come out now, as the military honors its oath, to protect and defend the Constitution “from all enemies, foreign and domestic”. The nation cannot take any more time in power of the criminal Biden regime, and all the further mischief that it could get up to. As the playwright said: “Affairs are now soul size.” It’s time to come into the Light of a New Day. Not succumb to the darkness any longer. In this country. And the world as a whole. For Truth to prevail. On Earth. As it does in Heaven.

  • I voted for Trump twice but never again. He did a good job as President except for his thin skinned constant creation of enemies. He makes enemies of every one who even questions one iota of his opinions. He makes enemies in his own party. Look what he is doing to Ron DeSantis with absolutely no provocation. He makes near mortal enemies of his opponents. He should give up these foolish tendencies and learn from Reagan……Their he goes again……. but he can’t. He is like a 12 year old in a pout. If he wins in 2024 the Republicans will lose in 28.

    • I think the creation of “mortal enemies” was more the result of the Deep State fear of him, the mean tweets were used by the propagandist Marxist media to create the image of an evil person. Low information, emotional thinking Americans fell for the whole fraud.

  • While I respect Ron and like him, I cannot see him defeating liberals from the White House. At least not at this time. Trump is angry, but not a bitter man. After a hiatus of 4 ugly years watching nazis destroy our nation, he’s going to roll up his sleeves and go in swinging. Let’s see how American Indians go this time. A lot of elders are up and shouting that kids (anyone under 40 LOL) shamerd us by voting for a bigot. Many dem American Indian politicians got good jobs from the dnc for stabbing us in the back. niio



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