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In an act of apparent hate, Audrey Hale – a female member of the transgender community who identified as “he/him” – perpetrated a heinous massacre on Monday against innocent Christian children in Nashville.

On a tragic day in Nashville, Tennessee, a 28-year-old woman took the lives of three children and three faculty members at Covenant School.

Recent reports suggest that Hale was a female who had gone to a Christian school prior to the incident. It is believed her actions were premeditated, as evidenced by the manifesto she left behind; thus making this shooting an intentional and targeted attack.

On Monday, in response to the heartbreaking shooting, Joe Biden paid tribute to his affection for ice cream.

“Outrage after President Joe Biden said this at the start of his speech while children and adults were massacred in Nashville shooting.” reported Simon Ateba.

“My name is Joe Biden. I’m Dr. Jill Biden’s husband. I like ice cream, chocolate chip. I came down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream. By the way, I have a refrigerator full upstairs,” he said to laughter from the White House press corps.

Subsequently, President Biden shifted his focus to the school shooting, emphasizing an imperative need for a prohibition of “assault weapons”.

“It’s sick… We have to do more to stop gun violence… These children, these teachers, we should be focusing on their mental health as well,” he said.

Fueled by frustration, people responded to Biden’s words with indignation due to his lack of compassion for those affected and potentially making a political statement without firstly knowing the entirety of what had happened.

“I watched this live and I was absolutely disgusted!” Kristine remarked to Ateba’s Twitter post. “Biden is an embarrassment to this country!!”

“Wait… this was real? I would have sworn this was an edit or deepfake,” Fen added.

“Wait, this was live after the shooting?” Joseph Tucciarone asked.

“Shooting was around 10am he came in at 3pm…” AWD replied.

“Embarrassed. Not the time to joke about that,” another user remarked.

“Biden is an old perv and clearly out of his mind, but it is sad how his own party is setting him up to go down in history as the man who destroyed America for our foreign enemies,” Mindy Robinson remarked. “When the truth is… almost all of DC is owned by the same corporations, lobbyists, and people.”

“He is completely disoriented,” Donnie remarked. “He seemed completely corrupt. He seems very arrogant and egotistically. He seems to be very absorbed in his self and his power. He seems very weak.”

If a Christian had committed such an atrocity as shooting children at a drag show, the press would not be so lenient towards the presidential administration’s flippant remarks in response to national tragedy. One can only imagine how loud and widespread public outcry from news outlets would sound!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Two comments
    #1. Was the shooter transitioning from male to female or from female to male, or does it even make a difference?
    #2. Face the facts, Biden is senile. He is more pre-occupied with chocolate chip ice cream and looking at attractive young people rather than addressing serious issues. Where did he get the notion that the shooter used AK-47’s or was that just a result of his cognitive incapacity?

  • Biden has reached the stage of being an imbecile in other words the highest his IQ level is at this time is 50 and that’s giving him some leeway. What a leader???????

  • He’s got advancing Alzheimer’s, signs of Parkinson’s, & is just plain deaf as a post… aside from that he’s in “great” shape… Oh, then there’s the stuff “pervert patrol” should check out, & his total lack of empathy… Did I miss any?

  • Female to male, & yes, it makes a difference! Testosterone tends to increase aggression, especially in the doses needed to override the natural estrogen levels.
    The AK, presumably, arose from the standard narrative; she did have an AR style semi- automatic rifle & 2 pistols, from what police photos showed. No word on which were used on the victims, but the rifle was used on the door apparently.



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