On Wednesday evening, a startling incident occurred in the corridors of Capitol Hill. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), a former school principal and prominent progressive activist, scolded Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) – known for his commitment to safeguarding the Second Amendment and supporting liberty – for having proposed that arming teachers could deter school shootings.

Bowman’s tirade against Republicans started when addressing the press, condemning them for not backing his gun control agenda. He labeled them as “cowards” and “gutless,” asserting they are just puppets of the NRA. Furthermore, he declared that states with open carry legislation have higher fatality rates due to an influx in firearms.

Massie, who happened to overhear Bowman’s tirade, approached him and asked him what he was talking about. He then calmly tried to explain that there has never been a school shooting in a school that allows teachers to carry guns. He also invited Bowman to cosponsor his bill which would repeal the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act and allow local school boards to decide whether to allow teachers and staff to be armed.

Bowman, however, was not interested in facts or logic. He interrupted Massie several times and shouted at him to “look at the data”. He also told him to calm down, even though he was the one who was clearly agitated and emotional. He repeatedly said that “children are dying” and invoked the recent tragedy in Nashville.

Massie attempted to connect with Bowman, but he was not interested in hearing him out. He just continued to shout until they ultimately had no option but to go their separate ways. That’s what liberals do though.

This unfortunate event demonstrates how the Democrats have become unhinged and illogical on gun violence. They overlook evidence that criminals will find a way to get their hands on firearms no matter what laws are in place, as well as the fact that carrying guns can easily deter or stop mass shooters from harming innocent people. Instead, they sneer at responsible gun owners for exercising their rights under the Constitution and try to limit those freedoms without any justification or cause.

Kudos to Rep. Massie for standing up firmly against Bowman’s tyranny and defending the Second Amendment. Meanwhile, Rep. Bowman ought to be embarrassed for his actions towards another congressman as well as utilizing a tragedy in order to obtain political gain. He should offer an apology both to Massie and all citizens of America due to his appalling behavior.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • YES, children ARE dying, because y’all on the left keep painting targets right on them & stripping them of protection! “Common sense” gun laws would remove those stupid invitation signs, & insure there are 2 or more armed people at that school at all times children are, whether police, or trained staff. criminals WILL get guns, laws notwithstanding; the answer to that is trained, armed protectors on site, period! In schools who have armed staff, the kids unequivocally declared they felt safer, when asked. Even young kids get that guns keep them safer; WHY CAN’T Y’ALL???

    • In 42 states with legal carry are armed and trained teachers, staff and parishioners in houses of worship. All school and church shootings took place in gun free zones where the shooter knew they had a least 15 minutes of time before the police got there.

    • Amazing this same ‘Crazed, unhinged DEmoRat” didn’t once mention that the millions of drugs pouring into America, unfettered, that his party is letting flow in like the rivers of the Nile, are killing 100 times more children youth than guns could ever match!

    • My g.mother-NOT my g.father, was a member of the KLAN, AND a staunch DEMOCRAT! But they constantly try to blame THAT on REPUBLICANS.ANYTHING we try to do “right”, they try to make look wrong, to cover what THEY are actually doing!That display in TN was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. He wouldn’t shut up long enough for the other party to even open his mouth! THAT is how they get away w/most of what they do. Obama was the same! I think, it is FInland, that requires every home to have a gun and a trained “marksman”. Crime is almost non-existant there. Criminals KNOW, if they try to break in, etc., they WILL be made the target! Everyone in my family knew how to shoot, and not to hesitate. Just making that known, kept us safe on more than one occasion!

  • What a stupid BIG mouth fool! He proved beyond a shadow of a doubt why this Nation has massive problems! Because of the Dem Party with its nut jobs like this ALL MOUTH, lack of intelligence FOOL, that are running rampant in our current Political Chaos that Crazy Nancy promoted and instilled in all Democrats! So here we are with the entitled and beyond Enabled loud mouth incompetents pushing our Republic toward the abyss!

  • Seems he should also be worried about the huge amount of blacks killing blacks but guess only schools are important.

    • And obviously, most of them must have guns! And most of them were obtained-illegaly and NOT registered!

  • Audrey Hale: Despite protest, she, too, is a tragedy. You cannot outlaw madness any more than you can outlaw volcanoes or stand on the beach and command the tide not to come in. You cannot legislate against weather – though the AGW cabal unfortunately suffers delusions regarding that. The analogy of being possessed by a demon, while out of fashion, accurately describes the observable effect which, in the case of recent stabbings, shootings and arsons, is Hell unleashed upon the innocent. It is more accurate to say Hale was driven to it by her madness than to say she “chose to do it.” Locked doors are not enough, as we saw; we can, however, legislate to permit schools, churches, assemblies (and individuals) to arm themselves against the incursion of demented killers. And, Progressives, you can stop letting violent felons out of jail. Violence is what they do. They are driven to it like gamblers are driven to games of chance, alcoholics to drinking.

    • Amen! I , at one time, was like you on demons. I was priviledged to spend a week of teaching by Dr,Kurt Koch, the #1 Christian psychologist in Germany. By the time he finished, I was CONVICTED, that demons ARE real, and do exist in our society. Look into the eyes of some of these CHILD killers-which are becoming more and more abundant! He said they had never been known about in America, because it HAD been a Christian nation, but was alway abundant in Europe and we would see and hear more and more about them here, because we were quickly losing that status! How right he was!!!

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  • This man should be in a sanatorium. His mouth disrupted the activities going on around his. Shame on the voters, who elected him. He is a disgrace to the office he serves.

  • Rep Massie is one of my favorite people. Bless him for trying to use common sense to a fellow Rep who would only scream repeated claims with no data. Just ranting, not good.

  • This person’s mouth ran faster than his brain. But that is the way of the Democrats. Have you ever watched a Dem. and a Rep. on television, being interviewed? Any time the Republican tries to make a valid point, the Democrat will start talking over him/her. When they have no real facts, they have learned to talk loud and fast and never let the other person state real information. It is low class, shows ignorance, and very irritating to the listener. They get a way with it, and have for years. No one ever calls them out. Just another tatic to stop facts and real imformation getting to the general public.

    • Absolutely true! They have no valid argument of their own, so they try to prevent their opposition from getting their valid points across by talking over their points or other misdirection to divert the publics’ attention from the facts being presented!

  • Who would expect anything more from an overgrown PRIMATE !!! ONLY a group of Ignorant Liberal Yankees would ever actually elect something like this overgrown knuckle dragging monkey !!! Rep. Massey SHOULD have dropped the hammer on this dam nigger !!!!!

  • Jamaal seems overly impressed by his affirmative action career in education, sadly he doesn’t understand that you can’t learn anything by running your mouth.
    I didn’t need to work twenty years on a farm to recognize bull shit.

  • The Saint Paul school board removed Armed school resource officers from the schools. SRCs weren’t politically acceptable. A young teen nicknamed “Cheese”was stabbed to death at Harding High School a couple of weeks ago. The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department had warned the school about threats of violence against this student but instead of protecting him by allowing armed and trained SRCs in their schools they bowed to political pressure. That young man died. Why?

  • You cannot reason with the insane &/or the stupid. I believe that this Democrat school principal may be both!

  • The Nashville shooter avoided the first location, because of the SECURITY. Then the shooter went to the Christian school because there was no security there. All the mass shootings that happen always happen at gun free zones. This member of Congress just doesn’t get that fact. He says to look at the data. The data states that mass shooting happen at gun free zones and not those areas that have any type of security. The Democrats are so damn stupid. Talking points are all they have. They can’t or won’t debate the gun free zones.

  • talk about gutless and cowardly. the guy from NY is a puppet for the democrats. everything he’s crying about he already is. like most democrats they bark like a yapping dog at their betters, then go lay back down on the side porch. why won’t they want armed guards at schools. it gives jobs and a safer place for kids when at school. sounds like they want kids killed in school. the democrats back terrorists groups like blm and antfia yet cry its the Republicans fault. we all see who’s the real problem . it’s not the law abiding citizens with weapons. it’s the dumb azz’s the democrats let out of prison who have illegal weapons that kill. to bad this azz wipe doesn’t do a fact check. but them he already knows cause he helps set this crap up. just another delusional democrat on the run.

  • Unbelievable, the leftists truly have lost their collective minds. I’m so sad and fear for our Nation.

  • HISTORY shows us what happens when a hostile government has all the guns…
    ????Khmer Rouge, COMMUNIST party banned guns in 1956, and went on to murder 25%(2 billion) of the Cambodian population.
    The first thing the COMMUNISTS in
    ????Russia did was to ban guns … and 61 million Russians patriots paid with their lives. (Spot the tragic pattern)…
    The first thing the COMMUNISTS in
    ???? China did was ban guns too… 65 million deaths were the result.
    Evil woke mind virus hate truth

  • I wonder what Bowman would say if we took all the armed protection paid for by us and put it in the schools and for them they could call 911 like they tell the kids and teachers to do! After all the Idiot Democrats keep telling us how they are the adults! Why not make them practice what they preach? Them you will see the coward Democrat really whine like a stuck hog. We could give them a shiny new gun free zone sign like they gave the kids. And we could advertise the removal of all armed protection like they did for the schools! Then maybe the right people would get shot! Instead of our kids. Want to bet they would all be packing Full auto arms for themselves? Just like all the Democrat mayors that destroyed their cities around America!

  • More proof the Demorats don’t care one whit for the truth, (in this case Rep. Massie’s factual rebuttal), only their Party’s goals! Misdirection and disinformation are their main tools, erroneously believing if you repeat the same lies enough times, the lies will eventually become the truth! (or that enough sheeple will believe it as to make the lie as good as true)

  • Of course they want kids killed in schools! So they can rant and rave about how guns are “evil”, and drum up public support for their push to ban all guns! (except of course, for their armed security detail). Did you ever notice the fact that ALL of the school shooters end up dead, either by their own hand or by police during a shootout? None left alive to explain their actions! Makes me think some entity or agency is “programming” these shooters, with instructions to not be taken alive! But that’s just my theory!

  • This unhinged looney tunes character reminds me of others that I have encountered along the way, volume of his nonsense takes the place of any sort of logic or reason. Those that engage in that kind of diatribe are unable to form logical arguments so they just scream at whoever their object of the moment is and consider that to be a valid way to engage. He is a lunatic and he really should have no place in Congress or anywhere else where there is a modicum of responsibility.

  • Perhaps Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) should be asked about his (lack of ) success rate of raising the educational performance of his pupils and that of the number of the same that have come in conflict with the law. The answers, should you access them, would most likely show a decline in academic success with a corresponding increase in the student’s interactions with law enforcement.
    Such is the case in virtually all of the school districts which have been, and are, run by Democrats, have an NEA or AFT Union teacher’s affiliate, and expend their political funds and labor on behalf of Democrat politicians. For which they’ve seen massive increases in salaries and benefits with an equally, (if not greater) academic decline in their students.
    Not to mention the increase in student violence.
    Rep. Brown’s shouting tirade is a sure-fire indication that he, along with all his group-think Democrats, employ when they, themselves, are confronted with facts.
    They dissemble, disseminate, prevaricate, and scream their collective useless, toady heads off.
    I know. I was employed as a teacher, principal, and directly involved with dealing with such as he.



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