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We’re not certain if the cast of a recent Shubert Theater production “stunk” up the place, but one individual thought something was pretty “stinky.” Apparently, there’s a rather sick individual navigating his or her way around New York. This person drops a “dookie” whenever the fancy fits.

During a production of “Some Like it Hot” at the New York theater, a rather foul item was found lying in the aisle. Now, maybe the person felt like the performance was not up to par. Or maybe the motivation to leave a “turd in the aisle” was for different reasons. Ironically (or not) a person who many feel is a “big pile of” was sitting in the same aisle.

According to sources, Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea were in the audience. Now, other reports say it was an elderly person who simply had an accident. However, one eyewitness discounted the previous theory, telling the house manager that this was actually the fourth time someone “dropped a load” in the aisle.

Either way, it certainly puts into question security measures at the Shubert Theater – along with other venues hosting shows or events attended by VIPs. Given modern technology and surveillance setups, it is surprising that someone could get away with such an outrageous act this many times. Furthermore, it makes you wonder what kind of punishment they would receive if they were caught.

The source also indicated that “There is someone who is either sh***ing in the aisle, or surreptitiously dumping defecation that they smuggled into the theater.” The list of VIPs in attendance was rather impressive. The likes of Steven Spielberg, Martin Short, and Bo Derek were on hand. Perhaps this person just thought there were too many people in attendance who think that their “poop doesn’t stink,” including the Clinton gals!


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