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The Republican Party is gearing up for a critical series of presidential primaries. What course the party takes leading up to the 2024 presidential election will be vital to a successful bid to retake the White House.

The important thing for conservatives to realize is that accomplishing that goal may determine whether the U.S. remains a democracy.

Government by and for the people is being threatened like never before. If the liberal left can secure control of the White House for another four years, it may become impossible to change the dangerous course our country is on. Conservatives need to look at the upcoming primaries as a fierce “scrimmage game” between players from the same “red team.”

When sports teams participate in intra-squad scrimmages, it is usually to determine who the team’s best players are. Those who perform well in scrimmage games make the starting lineup. While the other players can provide vital support to the “best players on the team,” those who “win the scrimmage games” are invariably those who face off against the opposition team.

The list of players stepping forward to play in the upcoming presidential primaries is currently but a limited few. Most agree that the field is going to grow. How big it grows will be an important part of how these “scrimmages” play out.

One man is already suiting up. President Trump is a formidable player for others to deal with.

He is still wildly popular with a large portion of the conservative base. However, there are other viable players who most certainly will “step on the field.” One of those is said to be President Trump’s former vice president, Mike Pence. Pence appears to be setting himself up to enter the “Republican scrimmage game.”

Maybe it’s just a little ironic that the former V.P. spoke recently at the annual “Gridiron Dinner.” But it wasn’t the notion that Pence was speaking at the event. It was what he said. The former second in command started to put some distance between himself and his party’s leading candidate for president. He put his former boss right in his sights.

Pence talked about January 6, 2021. He said, “Make no mistake about it; what happened that day was a disgrace.” But he went on to clearly indicate he blamed his former boss, at least on some level, for the chaos that happened. The most blistering comment he made during his speech was, “I know that history will hold Donald Trump accountable for that day.”

The Republican field for the 2024 presidential nominee is expected to be full of strong candidates. One of those is the former president seeking to retake the White House. Another appears to be his former “wingman.” There will be more. The Republican primaries are setting themselves up to be heated scrimmages between players from the same team.

In essence, that’s what will happen. A series of “scrimmages” will be held across the country. Republicans will watch each presidential candidate perform.

As if we’re all a collective group of coaches, we will determine the starting players for the “big game” in November 2024. Who we choose to battle the opposition will have consequences.

Republican voters must choose wisely. But Republicans must also keep in mind that they are all on the same team. Just like a sports team, conservatives must collectively band together regardless of who wins “the scrimmage games.”

The nation cannot withstand four more years of inept and destructive leadership. We must pick a winner. Conservatives must pick the player who can hit, run, and field better than the rest, and then stand behind that player, regardless.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • Grizz Mann gets it, again. Founding Fathers wrote that they disliked “democracy”. Benjamin Franklin, when asked by a woman what form out government came out of the Constitution’s adoption, responded: “A republic, if you can keep it.” We’re on the cusp of losing it and descending into the despised mob rule “democracy” and economic communism like that of Venezuela.

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    • Thank God there are two of us. This abuse of the English language is pure mis-direction.
      There are also no “liberals” they died out long ago. Todays liberal is using out tax money to appear as one. Grifters.
      There are no progressives, as progress is not possible in a Socialist or socio-communist State.
      There is no “Social Justice” but individual justice.
      Thanks for noting this.
      one of the best things a preson could do, is call out this stupidity wherever they encounter same.
      Raven6 1965 – 1993

  • Pence is a weak non leader that is a coward and has little to no backing. This rino needs to go away and leave room for the real men to run.

    • I agree, Pence is nothing but a Backstabber and can’t be trusted all he does is hide behind the Lord and he’ll pay dearly for that one day when his judgment day comes. Go away Pence and let the real man do the job …. TRUMP 100%

  • Trump invites Pence and Haley to be on his team and they abandon him? And they think they have a chance against a terrific president like Trump?

  • Pence is a traitor he is responsible along with nancy Pelosi and they should both be arrested and charged with treason.

      • Absolutely and unequivocally he is a RINO-RAT, Two-Faced, Backstabbing Traitor and anyone who doesn’t’ know that is either as dumb as a stump or a deluded LIAR like him!

        He did have options prior to and on J6 to quell the storm and hold back the official count of the Elector Votes until there was more clarification on all the complaints of election irregularities; but he stalled and gave the impression of concern while knowing full well as a RINO embedded Mole for the Establishment, that he wouldn’t do what was done in the 2000 election of Bush vs. Gore when it was just some freaking chads on the ballots in Florida that were loose and not completely punched out, and that alone held up the final tally of Electors for several weeks!!! The establishment knows it has a bunch of brainwashed silly putty voters in this current populace, knowing full well that they can bamboozle and kick around, and nobody will do squat about it! Because even if they try the fascist machine will do what it did on j6 to control it! The commies have a grip on the cojones and aren’t letting go folks!

        Meanwhile with all of this internal strife and the Left, Woke, Deluded, Marxist Traitors polluting the American foundational heritage of his once great nation under God; the Chinese Totalitarian Atheist CCP Regime are setting in motion the takeover of the world by planning to supplant the United States as the world’s number one super power, along with and facilitated by replacing the US Currency as the world’s reserve currency putting America out of business in the Asia-Pacific, and into a massive economic depression as American businesses lose their long held access to those markets.

        • A 100% complete YES! We are losing our REPUBLIC to Communism. And too many people are BRAIN DEAD to that FACT!




  • Too much of the sports (team) analogies. Once, twice, maybe 3 times but in your whole dissertation it was alluded to way too much.
    Are you a frustrated coach or what? I agree with what you said in essence, but your message got clouded by all the sports talk.

  • Mike Pence is a snake! The election was stolen and he knows it. Yet no words from him on that. The real insurrection was the Antifa and BLM riots of the summer of 2020. If I remember the numbers 25 people died and billions of dollars in damage. That was the insurrection! Only 1 person died on January 6 and that was the unarmed Ashley Babbit shot to death by a Trump hating Capitol police member. Any property damage was minimal. And 5 police being killed is another lie from our
    government officials. It never happened.

  • Pence would only fill the role of Bush, Romney, and McCain as another RINO that has no chance of being elected and adds no value to the needs of this country. Wake up America and see the effect of weak leadership. Trump is the only candidate that these rogue leaders fear and has the knowledge and spine to move the country forward. It is simply amazing that FOLKs memories are so short, of a strong border wall being constructed, stable economic policies that were working, and respect in the world. What the Hell could these FOLKs been drinking to vote for Sleepy?

    • WHATEVER y’all think of, or about, Trump is IMMATERIAL! IF y’all do NOT get real & grasp that he will never be allowed into the WH again, y’all WILL hand the election to the LEFT! There are NOT enough votes to overcome the Dems, never Trump RINOs, & cheating that will occur: FACT! Move on from Trump, or throw America away, your choice!

      • You do not understand the Left, who ever runs the Left will LIE about endlessly. They have learned that they can force the media to lie about anyone on the Right. Just look at all the people who will just lie daily about Biden now. And he is a complete PUPPET and corrupt TRAITOR.

  • will never vote for pence be just like voting for a gutless democrat he’s a turncoat that doesn’t deserve any respect or anything get rid of him now

    • Not true! He made far too many big mistakes from poor cabinet choices, to poor candidates to back, to poor bills to sign into law. He talks a good game, but scrutinize clinically & you’ll see a different picture… He did better than I expected, but he is DONE; ALL he can do now is insure a left win, unless he pulls out & supports someone else.

      • So, “45” has four years and makes mistakes – by believing in grifters, rings, deep State, Governors who lie, corrupt members of the opposition. Ok, accept his mistakes, and who said they were. Media, bought in 1909 by the Elite, in hiring Wilson, agencies with socio-communist leaders, CCP and “O”biden, who is :o;s tool of choice.
        So in his failures, the opposition who is so afraid of him, that for the next 7 years they daily lie, spin, and attempt every kind of assault, and he stands.
        War is deceit, and politics is deceit. The Founding Documents are one of a kind, meant for the people not the Government. “45′ said what is true, they are attacking him, but the spoils will be in enslaving those left from the “Faux” medical fear p**n.
        Stupidity is an equal opportunity enslavement mechanism.

  • Pence is a sorry piece of human flesh, he pretends to be a religious man that is called a hypocrite. President Trump should have fired the TRAITOR.

  • No, America cannot endure 4 more yrs of globalist control, & that’s EXACTLY WHY Trump MUST NOT run! If he does, it will guarantee precisely that 4-8 moe yrs of globalist control. He will NOT be allowed into the WH again, & leftists will break every law on the books o insure he is not there, if that’s what it takes. Conservatives MUST find & come together around someone ELSE, or plan for 1 world gov’t micro control!

    • The Left will not allow any REAL American in the white house ever again. They will keep on cheating at the ballot box and no one will stop it. So be ready for HELL in America. Laugh at me all you want, then show me where I am wrong. Every election we have had since The seventies has been rigged on the Democrat side. They had to kill the Kennedy’s to show they mean business.And since then they just learned how to cheat at the Ballot Box a lot less trouble.

  • To All: find the article concerning the Political timeline posted I believe on “The Last Refuge”, involving the resolutions to be voted on prior to the Election sign off. There were two, and if Pelosi did not call an “emergency” at the singular point in time, none of this would have happened. This article from my Military Analyst point of view is incredibly damaging to the “grifters” Pelosi, Schumer. Pence, who waffled in the pre-rally days saying there was going to be a vote on those resolutions, and at the exact moment Pelosi declared the “Emergency” and the Resolutions were killed.
    Pence knew of this and was a part. The Constitutional rules for requesting investigation of anomalies exists, and that is not an overthrow of an election. What Pelosi did was. Ladies and Gentlemen this was an active coup. This must be adjudicated. Find and share the article it is amazing and the site trustable.
    Raven6 1965 – 1993

  • Sadly Pence is NOT of President material. And at this point, it seems maybe the Republican old guard ‘ Establishment’ is more focused on themselfs than on We Americans. I deeply worry about the American way of life and our future, what with the Republican party so full of Rinos and backstabbers.

  • Where did you find it written that this nation is a “democracy”? I believe our founders established a republic, as Benjamin Franklin stated when asked by one Mrs Powell, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    It’s often misquoted using the word “democracy”. As stated by John F. McManus, in an article in The New American, “This misquote is a serious one, since the difference between a democracy and a republic is not merely a question of semantics but is fundamental. The word “republic” comes from the Latin res publica — which means simply “the public thing(s),” or more simply “the law(s).” “Democracy,” on the other hand, is derived from the Greek words demos and kratein, which translates to “the people to rule.” Democracy, therefore, has always been synonymous with majority rule.”
    We justify those who are working to destroy this republic when we ourselves fail to recognize this.

  • Worthless, gutless RINO Pence is so two-faced ,,, Pence did a town hall with Jake Tapper from FAKE cnn trying to bring democrats to him . Piss on Pence , the Republicans don’t like him , Patriots hate him and the socialist democrats are just using him !!!



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