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Where is the investigation committee looking into what is going on with these protests now? If the tables were turned on any other issue, Democrats would be impeaching and imprisoning people.

The demonstrations over the leaked Supreme Court opinion have been so intense that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his family have been forcibly relocated.

Imagine what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would say right now if the shoe was on the other foot and conservatives were protesting outside of the freshly nominated Supreme Court Justice’s home and threatening her. They would be livid.

Someone even doxxed the home addresses of the other conservative justices and now protests are going on outside their homes as well. Liberals are freaking demonic! They really are something else.

I wish a public debate on abortion would actually take place on tv just so people could really see how bad their arguments really are. Overall, most of them claim that it’s not a human life, but they can’t say when a human life begins or what changes about it in order for it to begin. Many will say when they can survive outside of the womb, but that’s an ever-changing standard because as we continue to progress with our technology, they can survive sooner and sooner, and pretty soon, they’ll be able to survive in an artificial womb. What then? What will be their argument?

But there are several other arguments they offer, none of which are any good, but I’ll not go over those here.

My thoughts overall though are let’s do this. Let’s end Roe v. Wade. It should have never existed anyway. And the fact that Congress is trying to put laws in place to make abortion a law, proves that it was never the law to begin with.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • One of these days, the people on the Right are going to say “ENOUGH!” When that happens, the Left will realize they have woken a SLEEPING GIANT and will regret that day for the rest of their miserable lives!!

  • And where is worthless McConnell and McCarthy to chime in, while Schumer and the rest of militant left own all the microphones and tv cameras? What side are they on? No wonder fake new leftist media never criticize them.

  • Start shooting leftist mobs with no warning- off the property or let Dobermans loose. About time the leftists get what they deserve. Jail time for trespassers and possible assassins. Also, Pelosi should be held responsible for not discouraging but she has NO ClASS!

  • When is it enough ? When will those who believe in the Constitution and our TRUE way of life take the fight to these scum that threaten our way of life ? Our enemy is the Media, the liberals and the democratic party. This is war. Not a disagreement.

  • Those who could put a stop to these demonstrations against the justices, won’t do their job to stop it. They don’t care about the justices or the American people, just themselves. They hate our country so much, why don’t they move to a socialist country? Look at all the problems that would go away. The people must stand up against the swamp to keep our country free.

  • This really makes me wish OUR SIDE would go do the VERY SAME THING to Schumer and Pelosi and Warren and Schiff and Swalwell and Omar and Pressley and Tlaib and Waters and …

    You get the idea. Go there and shriek and scream and curse and threaten and blow airhorns 24/7!

    But we Conservatives are too civilized. For now…

  • When are the American people say enough is enough an put a stop to soros army this crap needs to be stopped…

  • Unfortunately chaos is the stated goal of the leftists. Their aim is to destroy our country’s unity. If we do nothing they win. If we revolt, they also win!
    Our crime is that we have not tried to find honest men and women to put into office. We allow the “parties” to decide who is nominated. A quick view of American History will tell us that this has been the problem since our country was founded. George Washington warned of this in his farewell address. “Man will choose party over principle”. We are just reaping the crops we have sewn!

  • It is time to meet out justice to all of the lawless acts of the far left. They are Americans just like those of us who have brains and use our common sense in cases like this. We act in a civilized manner and don’t act like spoiled 2 year olds who throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way. Lawlessness and the disgraceful lack of respect the Communist Democratic Party has adopted toward our lawmakers is pure B…S. This behavior has to STOP —- NOW!!!



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