Since the wave of illegal migrants started to flood the U.S. southern border last spring, the Biden administration has tried to ignore the obvious. First, the plan was to insist that there was no crisis. “The border is closed”, or so they insisted. It wasn’t. It never has been.

When video evidence showed thousands of illegal migrants huddled under bridges or wading across rivers, they had to try a new tactic. Each Biden parrot kept insisting “everything was under control”. Don’t worry. We got this. They screeched, “The southern border is closed.”

Americans had better start to worry, because not only has Joe Biden done nothing to stop this wave of illegal migration, he’s helping. These are not immigration asylum seekers. They are illegal migrants who have been prodded to make a dangerous journey to the U.S. border.

But why would this be? What motive could the U.S. federal government have for flooding the nation with undocumented, potentially dangerous people? In addition, when Americans begin to ask questions about the crisis, why would they lie? The pictures tell a different story.

It’s because, for Joe Biden and his liberal progressive party, it’s not a crisis. This is a pre-designed plan. This is a battle for permanent control of our federal government. Furthermore, this is a war. It is a purposefully created crisis that is being purposefully covered up.

The Biden administration has insisted that only children and family units have been permitted to stay in the country. That’s untrue. Video footage has proven this to be a lie. FOX News’ Bill Melugin has been on the border from the beginning.

Using his eye-popping reports, FOX News is the only agency to report the facts. They used drones and body-cam video to prove what is really going on. One video showed government contractors explaining how they were moving illegal migrants across the nation secretly.

There has been video footage released that shows airplanes landing in out-of-the-way airports in the middle of the night. These planes are packed with illegal migrants. U.S. taxpayers are paying for their transportation. But why do they have to fly in the dark of night?

There was additional video footage of dozens of illegal migrant males being loaded onto buses or transferred to taxi cabs. These single males, supposedly targeted for deportation, are being infused into cities across the country. However, this is happening in broad daylight.

Since Joe Biden took office, over 2 million illegal migrants have crossed the U.S. southern border. These are the crossings that can be documented. There are troubling estimates of thousands of dangerous illegal migrants, “got-aways”, who have escaped border patrol.

Along with this wave of illegal migration, the country has been flooded with dangerous narcotics. Overdoses now kill more young Americans than COVID-19 does. Benefiting from human smuggling, Mexican drug cartels have taken control of much of the U.S. southern border.

Americans see the border crisis with their own eyes. However, it’s difficult to find news sources which will expose the truth. The liberal mainstream media is complicit in this assault. But why would an administration do something so radical? Don’t they figure they’ll eventually get caught?
Combined with radical legislation for a federal takeover of elections, liberals have an obvious plan. First, seize control of all federal voting protocols. Then, flood the country with millions of illegal migrants. Secretly disperse these often uneducated foreigners throughout the country.

Be certain to target challenging precincts in critical swing states. Having already removed election safeguards to prevent cheating, open the floodgates for illegal migrant voting. Democrats are confident these two processes will ensure victory in every election.

There’s no compassion for the plight of these illegal migrants. Just like the colored vote, Democrats will use these people for their vote. They couldn’t care less about the conditions in which they live or the prosperity available to them in this country. Democrats want the vote.

This is a silent civil war. There are no guns and there are no tanks. But make no mistake about it; this is a war to take over the country. Once they permanently seize control of all branches of the government, America as a democratic nation will cease to exist.

With one-party rule entrenched in power; the Democrats’ radical agenda to transform the United States into a socialist nation will be unstoppable. Our once proud democracy will be turned into an authoritarian nation; a mirror reflection of Communist China.

Their “New World Order” will be all but complete. We will all watch as governmental decrees and tyrannical mandates, far more serious than those forcing us to get a vaccine, are strong-armed upon the people. The government will become oppressive, exactly like it is in China.

The wave of illegal migration at the U.S. southern border is a crisis. It is a humanitarian crisis. Likewise, it is a national security crisis. However, it’s also an attack on our democracy. This is a war for the heart and soul of our great nation. It is a war we cannot lose.

Once our cherished freedoms vanish, they will be impossible to retake. The battle to save our country from those who would destroy it is now. If the politicians we elect won’t do it, who will stand up to this assault on our democracy?

America is at a very dangerous crossroads in our beloved history. Now is the time to act. Failure to act now will produce dire consequences. The proudest, freest nation on earth will die. We cannot allow this to happen.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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