Biden Spins Another Tall-Tale About Big Mama the 18-Wheeler Driver

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Throughout his time as a career politician, Joe Biden has been known as an expert at spinning elaborately extravagant stories. What we really mean is that Biden has perfected the art of B.S. One of his earliest tall tales was about his prowess as a student.

Joe Biden was no more a high ranking student in his class than he was an astronaut. In fact, good old Scranton Joe was one of the stupider students on the list. Even his illusion that he was some kind of Midwestern-like small town good old boy is untrue. He’s not.

What Joe Biden is, is an adept B.S. artist. He may be the best tall tale teller to ever sit in the Oval Office. Biden can spin a fictional fable about his life that rivals the exploits of Paul Bunyan or the Mighty Casey Jones.

If you listened to, and believed, any of Joe Biden’s wild stories, he would appear bigger than life. He’s not. In our technologically advanced age of fact-checkers and reliable search options, we’d think people like Biden would appreciate that others might verify the authenticity of their B.S.

Biden’s most recent tall tale is a real whopper. B.S. Joe was delivering remarks alongside his incompetent Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg. This pair of tall tale tellers were trying to explain why they are incapable of getting a grasp on America’s supply chain crisis.

The obvious reason is that they have no clue what they’re doing. Neither of them has an answer. However, if you listen to either of these two blowhards tell it, they’ve spent a chunk of their lives working in the supply chain industry.

Biden’s story involved “Big Mama” and “Truck Driver Joe.” Biden may have experienced a romantic rendezvous with a big mama, but he never drove a semi-truck a day in his life. B.S. Joe proclaimed, “I used to drive a truck. It’s a long story – anyway.”

Furthermore, Biden, appearing to completely forget his train of thought, spouted off, “and I thought I was gonna get to drive one of these suckers today.” Does he even have the mental capacity to realize how stupid he sounds when he makes such ignorant comments?

At Biden’s current rate of “gaffes per day”, it doesn’t appear that he does. He’s a full-blown gaffe machine. But these tall tales of heroic life exploits that never really happened aren’t gaffes. These are flat out lies. This story is actually a repeated claim from a speech he gave last July.

Talking to an audience at a truck manufacturer in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Biden boasted the same claim. “And, anyway, I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man! I had to!” Biden bragged. Again, Joe Biden has never driven an 18-wheeler, ever.

The closest Joe Biden ever got to a big-rig was riding shotgun in a pickup truck. That story is even embellished. As usual, the White House raced to Biden’s aide. According to an unnamed White House source, riding in a pickup truck “is” the same as driving a semi-truck. It’s not.

But apparently, we’re supposed to believe it is. These Joe Biden tall tales are amusing in some respects. However, his tall tales go far beyond just stupid stories to amuse the press and make Joe appear funny. Everything Joe Biden says is basically a tall tale. He’s full of it.

When he said there “isn’t a crisis at the southern border,” everyone could see that there was. When Joe Biden calls the recent spike in gas prices “Vladimir Putin’s Price Hike,” they’re not. The skyrocketing price of gasoline started the day Joe Biden took office.

High gas prices are Joe Biden’s fault. It’s not just a tall tale, it’s an outright lie. Joe Biden is a buffoon. Some of his stories might be cute. Old men tell cute tall tales. That’s okay. But when you’re a blatant liar and your lies are destroying a country, they’re no longer funny.

Maybe Joe and Big Mama can take a road trip, one that gets him out of our country’s way for the next 33 months. Then, Joe and Jill can pack up an 18-wheeler and move out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue permanently. Possibly, they’ll let the “Big Guy” drive.


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