The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has hired the services of lawyers from Debevoise & Plimpton, a firm that has previously aided House Democrats in the impeachment trial of President Trump. This is in an effort to protect their Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, from any potential impeachment charges from House Republicans who have been signaling their intention to impeach him for his handling of the crisis at the southern border.

Reps. Pat Fallon and Andy Biggs of Texas and Arizona respectively, along with then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy have all acted to initiate proceedings against Mayorkas for his role in the border crisis. A DHS spokesperson said that hiring outside legal counsel was necessary to ensure that their important mission was not disrupted by these unprecedented and partisan actions by some members of Congress.

The DHS official went on to explain that protecting the country from terrorism and other threats should remain the priority, stressing that they wanted this situation not to distract Mayorkas or anyone else from their job. In response, Mayorkas himself said he hopes Congress will take steps to fix the broken immigration system once and for all, so as to avoid further issues like this one.

Meanwhile, under Mayorkas’ tenure as Secretary at DHS, illegal immigration at the nation’s borders saw unprecedented surges with more than 2.3 million migrant encounters recorded during fiscal year 2022 alone. He, and the entire Biden regime have utterly failed as securing our border. This all started on Day One when Biden halted construction of the border wall.

On top of all of this, Biden himself needs to be lawyering up because between the border situation and the potential attack of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, he may be next on the list to face impeachment. Once again, I don’t think that it’ll get anywhere since the Democrats control the Senate and they stick with one another no matter what.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • So the prick says protecting the country from terrorism and other threats should be the priority of DHS. I totally agree.. However, this corrupt prick who heads the DHS has done all In his power to do completely the opposite of the Department’s priority.
    After his impeachment ,please ensure the bastard is executed for Treason along with Biden for not upholding his oath of office

    • And howmany of the 2.3 million who have invaded this country are terrorists? Border Patrol and ICE have determined that there have been many. Were they ejected from this country? Probably not under this administration.

    • My question would be, why are taxpayers footing the bill for his lawyers. plus we’ll be footing the bill for his impeachment. Is it me or is it wrong we’re footing the bill on both sides of the issue, prosecution and defense.

      • Totally agree, Taxpayers should not be footing the bill for this pricks lawyers. He needs to foot the bill all by his lonesome self unless he can talk some corrupt Demos into contributing to his causr.

  • If Mayorkas doesn’t want to be impeached he needs to go home now and stay there. He hasn’t done anything but destroy this country. He lies and doesn’t do what his job is supposed to do. Maybe someone needs to expose him to some of this fentanyl.

    • “Republicans have always been to stupid to carry out an impeachment”

      We take very little notice (except to laugh) at Dimwits so uneducated that they make simple grammatical and spelling mistakes in one simple sentence.

  • Lloyd, U must be One Parasites that thinks everything is going ROSES under pretending president Hidin Biden ! And he doesn’t need to be IMPEACHED & IMPRISONED. U R a bigger FOOL than U think. WAKE – UP U FOOL.

  • Biden should be impeached for lack of duty and responsibility in keeping America and its citizens safe via open borders!

  • The primary directive of a U.S. President is to keep the U.S. and her citizens SAFE. Through his actions, or lack thereof, President Biden has attacked and removed the safety of both, on land, air and sea . Now, in 2023, the U.S. and her citizens are more unsafe than at any time in history. A battalion of Biden attorneys cannot defend against this fact. Both the President and Vice President should be impeached immediately for Dereliction of Duty.

  • The Biden Group took lessons from the Mafia group many times watch them plead the 5th amendment many many times!!!!!

  • Well let’s start with the Constitution, I don’t remember any thing that say’s you can impeach a nonelected official, he was appointed to that possition by Biden, it’s like trying to impeach Trump once he became a Citizen and not in a elected position Constitution states impeachment is for the people elected official, so how can he get impeached, he should be in federal court if any one want’s to follow that line then who voted for him to that position or what branch of government did he get voted in from by the people of his state.

    • Then impeach the Prick that put him in office. All the acts of Treason and not supporting your oath of office point directly to our illegal demented President Biden. He is the one to impeach just like the Dems tried to impeach Trump. The only difference is the evidence against Biden is overwhelming, where the evidence against tru!i was non existent.
      And why haven’t all those individuals who voted to impeach Trump knowing there was not one shred of evidence been indicted yet for Treason for trying to overthrow our truly elected sitting President and our government. That as I understand it is an act of Treason.
      I would personally enjoy watching every politician who voted Yes to impeach executed by a firing squad along with all the FBI, CIA, DOJ etc who participated in setting up the phony scam.



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