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The U.S. is less than one year away from the first 2024 presidential primaries. A potential battle for the Republican nomination will begin in Iowa. There could potentially be a number of strong individuals vying for the GOP nomination. However, to date, only one individual is officially running. That is, of course, President Trump.

In virtually every poll, President Trump either leads or is neck and neck with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Most predict the field will be eventually reduced to these two candidates. Notwithstanding a series of bizarre events, Governor DeSantis and President Trump look to be the Republican Party’s leading horses to retake the White House.

There’s also a growing inclination that the winner of this dogfight will ultimately be an odds-on bet to win the presidency. But as the 2024 presidential race unfolds, key endorsements will be critical. Since voters often follow the lead of their elected congressmen or congresswoman, these endorsements can prove to be extremely instrumental in a tight race.

Endorsements from U.S. Senators are exceptionally strong indicators of how well a candidate may perform in a particular state. Before any other Republican has even entered their hat in the 2024 race, President Trump has secured five Republican Senate endorsements. Recently, he added Oklahoma Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin.

Mullin became the fifth senator to endorse President Trump for a third run at the White House. The freshman Oklahoma senator joins fellow Republican Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Eric Schmitt of Missouri, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, and J.D. Vance of Ohio. Mullin’s enthusiastic endorsement makes it three freshman senators coming out in support of the former president.

Schmitt and Vance are also in their first six-year terms. As the former president continues to add endorsements, the divide between himself and other potential Republican nominees will grow. Current polls show President Trump holds a substantial advantage over other potential Republican competitors. The only person who seems to have a realistic chance of beating him is the Florida governor.

A DC Enquirer poll conducted between January 19 and 23 shows President Trump ahead of his opponents by a prodigious 35 percentage points. 59 percent of people polled support the 45th president’s bid for a second, non-consecutive term. Other polls also reveal that President Trump has a healthy lead in the popular vote against Joe Biden.

This could prove important since Republicans haven’t won the popular presidential vote in numerous cycles. It’s still very early, but the growing number of senatorial endorsements is an early sign that the former president has strong support from within the Republican Party. As well, Joe Biden continues to fumble and bumble his way through his presidency.

In the event of a rematch, President Trump looks to be a solid early favorite. But the toughest battle may not be the presidential election itself. Two colossal figures seem destined to face off in the GOP primary. Endorsements aside, this looks to be the race that will determine who is inaugurated as the 47th President of the United States on January 20, 2025.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The republican’s and Trump do not have a chance against democrats for the for reason: mails- IN Ballots, media, google, face book ,ballot harvesting and the crooker voting machines. The democrats control everything. The judges will not do anything along with the supreme court. With all the facts that come to light in 2020 and 2022 just shows how bad the situation. I will continue to vote a straight republican ticket because i endorse their policies. The quest are we better off now with Biden as president than we were when trump was in office for 4 years. The answer is that i am worse off. If you really want to have a handle how bad the usa debt is go to: and you will see the debt load for every citizen and also on the backs of every tax payer. I ask you how are we going to pay the debt. We have been told the interest on this 31.2 trillion is costing the usa $800 billion per year and growing as we borrow more money to give away.

    • It doesn’t matter what party you belong to just be a American and vote where it counts, party affiliation shouldn’t define a True American theres Dino’s and Rino’s on both sides of the aile the decision has always been the people not the party.

  • If the Republican party was smart about the upcoming election, they would ditch the primaries. Nominate Trump for President DeSantis for vice president and be done with it. Instead of having them rip each other apart in the primaries. Trump has proved he knows how to get things done in Washington and around the world. DeSantis can afford to ride the coat tails of Trump for four years gain a ton of knowledge & be well prepared to take the rains in 2028.

    • I woud love t o see this ticket also, but DJT woild have to move out of Florida, The Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates can not win the electoral
      votes of the state ì they are both residents of that state, Florida is far too
      important in the Electoral College to lose it.

  • Trump has experience with the trash called a government where DeSantis doesn’t and should know whom to trust. Make Desantis VP so he can learn BEFORE taking the office where he can get the same knowledge beforehand where he can silence them.

  • It would be the biggest mistake the Republican Party would make by not endorsing Trump, he is the only one that can clean the swamp he knows them now and where there hidding, his the only President in the last 40+ years that didn’t get us into another war and did what he promise in his campaign failed only in finishing the wall but that was the voters failure not his by not making sure he got another turn to finish the job he started, if we can sucure the Senate and the Congress we can get America back to the people and make the world a safer place, if any one else From the GOP wins the Nomination we will lose even if we win, the swamp will chew them up along with there familys, Trump is the only one that can face that no one else in the nation can do that, I think Di Santis needs to be VP so he can be primed for the the 2028 presidential run.

  • DeSantis is a Freemason RINO of which I’m NOT voting for. He may be right for Florida but not for president.
    Why only stop grooming of children up to 3rd grade? Why not ban it from schools all together?
    (Is that his age preference? 4th grade and up??)
    Why after 108 arrests for child porn/trafficking is Disney STILL open and ONLY being made to pay “taxes”.
    (Does he want a cut of that trafficking money)
    Why is he gonna be one of the FIRST states to allow Gates to release GMO mosquitos?
    Why are NWO digital machines going up in Fla?
    Why did he approve the death jab for kids 6 months to 5 yrs?
    Why did he stay silent on international human trafficking after he or his office signed off on evidence sent to them?
    Com’on people…OPEN UR EYES! AND FOR god sakes and ur ears. Y’all heard stop grooming kids up to third grade and never ONCE questioned why only 3rd grade? U made him a hero instead of THINKING!

  • I would love to see Trump and DeSantis on the same ticket. DeSantis serving one term as VP and then taking the White House for two terms as President himself.

  • Reality check people. Jesus is everywhere. He loves all of us. He provides for all of us;
    believers and non believers. We are his creation.

  • A Trump endorsement from Graham doesn’t mean much, especially from a RINO Republican that is siding with Democrats on Immigration.

  • Politically , the worst thing DeSantis could do is run AGAINST President Trump . All 74 million true Patriots will then turn against DeSantis and will be DONE with him in the future. If DeSantis were to win the nomination , all of Trump supporters will NOT vote for him and that will just be handing the White House to the socialist in 2024. The smart move for DeSantis is ,,, back President Trump for 2024 , Trump will win ,,,, THEN in 2028 DeSantis could run and get the support of Trumps Patriots. But Again ,,, if DeSantis does run against Trump in 2024 , DeSantis is DONE , he will definitely NOT get the support of 74 million Patriots for 2024 or anytime in the future .



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