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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez created a stir on earlier this week when she posted a tweet criticizing Christian advertisement campaigns that aired during the Super Bowl. The “He Gets Us” campaign, which spent $20 million to air two commercials, inspired her reaction.

The first ad showed people from different backgrounds engaging in fights and arguments over political, religious, and justice issues. It ended with the tagline “Jesus loved the people we hate”. The second ad displayed various images of children demonstrating compassion and kindness. Its message was that “Jesus didn’t want us to act like adults” and his teaching of valuing childlike qualities counteracted popular culture at the time.

Ocasio-Cortez expressed her disapproval of the ads by claiming that Jesus would not have devoted such great amounts of money for making fascism look benign or palatable. Her tweet sparked intense conversations regarding its content as it had attained nearly 10 million views by Monday morning.

Some people agreed with her opinion while others took note of her own lack of self-awareness given the situation. Despite any controversy surrounding the campaign, its mission is clear…to make everyone understand authentic views of Jesus as depicted in the Bible, one based on radical forgiveness, compassion, and love.

As a Christian of almost 20 years now, I think that it is a small but important step to have a commercial like this show up for millions of people to see. The left has been doing everything they can to “kill God” so to speak, but God is what we all need and what we need to fix this broken country of ours. So let AOC cry like the little whiny brat that she is. One day, she too will bend a knee before the Creator of all things as will everyone other godless liberal who is trying to destroy this country.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I’m sorry but this ad is not about Jesus it is about a fake Jesus. Jesus died for our sins and if we don’t become born again we will judged by him and sent to hell for all eternity.

  • I believe that AOC has been “Unhinged” since Birth. She and many others in Biden’s Gang of Village Idiots should Never be allowed in Our Government! We used to be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we have Now become “The Land of Freebies and Home of the Depraved”! That “Shinning Light on the Hill” has Now become That “Stinking Blight on the Hill”! You Thank the Liberals and the Democrat Party for this.

  • Seriously folks, all the squad members are unhinged period, it not any certain thing that unhinges them! That is just their natural state of being.

  • Daniel, there is a reason why some people have gone “marxist”. This is just an outcropping of what has occurred by the subtle.. now overt assault on America. Things of this nature do not happen overnight, but have been occurring over a period of 120 years. It leaves a beaten path as history always does. Find how deep the rabbit hole goes and you’ll find all the answers.

  • AOC do you really think any of us give a crap about what you think? Please take your EVIL and leave us that believe in Jesus Christ alone.
    What you are doing is EVIL and God is watching you. Now let me tell you about a friend on mines brother, he died during open heart surgery and was revived, she ask him if he saw the white light everyone always talks about. He said “NO”, that God sent him to see the outsides of HELL, so he could come back and tell others that it really does exist. He said, “It was HOT, he could hear the people whining and crying on the inside, and it smelled like sulfur. ” He was very much a Christian man, and wouldn’t do anything off negative. Now how would you like to end up there?

  • Why is this godless creature in our government?? She should move to a country like Iran or Iraq! They too have issues with our great country, and she would fit right in!

  • One can not trust what a Muslim says. Her Mission is to Covert America to ISLAM. Their own book says Convert all the deniers and if not kill them all. They can lie, cheat, steal, and, those actions are spelled out as OK as long as one needs to be untruthful to convert one to Islam

  • Everyone needs Jesus. Even those who don’t believe they do. Trust in Him today and
    by faith be saved! Life will not end well for those who continue to reject the loving grace of Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord for all mankind.
    Remember: It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God. <



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