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Sometimes we hear a little tick or an unusual knock coming from our car. The first instinct is to set an appointment with your trusted auto mechanic. That’s exactly what one New Jersey woman decided to do. Her visit started out as a standard service appointment.

However, what was discovered was more than just a loose bolt or worn out part. The mechanic found teeth and hair embedded in the grill. Okay, still no big problem, right? The lady just unknowingly drove over an animal.

Possibly she hit a deer. That’s a totally plausible explanation, except for one thing. The teeth and hair fragments weren’t from an animal. The teeth found embedded in the grill, plus the hair retrieved from the undercarriage, were human.

Unlike normal trips to the auto mechanic, this one involved a call to the Linden Police Department. Investigators came to the local Goodyear Service Center. While the teeth were initially believed to be from a deer, forensic tests proved a gruesome reality.

They were from a person. No one, including law enforcement, is exactly sure who the remains came from. However, evidently there was a death on the New Jersey Turnpike back in December. The investigators don’t think this woman killed anyone with her car.

They believe that she unknowingly hit an already dead person. Apparently, during the original tragedy, multiple cars hit the deceased. It’s realistic to believe that not every part of the body was retrieved during cleanup, or that she was part of the original accidental death.

As gruesome as it sounds, this woman must have driven over the dead body at some point. This sad story gives a new meaning to someone being run over by a bus, and then the bus backs up and runs over them again. LPD authorities do not believe any charges will be filed.


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