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According to a recent report, America only has 25 days’ worth of diesel fuel left in its reserves. This shortage could have a devastating effect on the economy, as diesel is used to transport everything from food to medical supplies.

The Biden regime has responded by saying that it is “closely monitoring” the situation and working to find a solution.

According to the Daily Wire,

The depleted supplies occur because of maintenance season at many refineries and pressures from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, two ships carrying 1 million barrels of diesel are slated to arrive in New York, while a Pennsylvania refinery belonging to Delta Air Lines is returning from seasonal maintenance.

Inventories in the northeastern United States, where more residents burn fuel for heating than any other part of the country, are at less than one-third of usual seasonal levels. The diesel shortage comes after the Energy Information Administration said last week that the average household primarily using natural gas for space heating will likely spend $931 on power from October to March, marking a $206 increase since last year.

With a greater energy density than other liquid fuels, diesel enables the majority of shipping activity in the United States via semitruck and train, as well as large shares of military and farming activity. The national average cost of diesel fuel is presently $5.33 per gallon, according to data from AAA.

A shortage of diesel fuel would have far-reaching consequences for the economy. Diesel is used to transport everything from food to medical supplies, so a shortage would quickly lead to higher prices for these essential goods. Additionally, a shortage of diesel would make it difficult for farmers to bring their crops to market and for manufacturers to get their products to stores. In other words, a shortage of diesel could grind the economy to a halt.

The Biden regime has said that it is “closely monitoring” the situation and working with industry officials to find a solution. One option that is being considered is releasing some of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve—a government-owned stockpile of oil—to help ease the shortage. However, it is unclear if this will be enough to solve the problem.

America is facing a potentially crippling shortage of diesel fuel, and time is running out to find a solution. The consequences of this shortage could be dire, so it’s imperative that we find a way to solve this problem before it’s too late.


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  • No diesel, no jet fuel either! Air Farce ! will be grounded too! The idiot in chief will have to go by car to his weekend basement!

    • Biden his doing what his voters wanted him to do. If this were not so they would not have voted for him in one form of another.
      Votes no matter how they are obtained have consequences. Biden proves this without any doubt.
      It’s amazing what Americans will tolerate.

    • If Air Force 1 is grounded due to lack of jet fuel, how in hell does he get from the United Socialist States of America to any country like Europe, Russia, China and any other country is glad that Biden is a weal leader? He has tapped the Strategic Oil Reserves to artificially lower fuel prices, but refuses to make us energy independent as we were when he took office.

  • Lack of home heating & lack of food deliveries is what we have to contend with this winter, all thanks to the foolish & incompetent Biden regime. If we don’t manage to vote the Left in Congress out of power on November 8th, we will probably not survive two more years of this blatant American destruction before the country folds up.

    • A BIG part of this problem is two-fold … Dictator Joe is ruining this country, along with the fadical left; AND, the MSM is quiet about this issue to support DEM candidates in the midterms. (The MSM is helpingthe Dems in brainwashing America.)

  • There is nothing the government will do. They will do nothing after the elections and only talk the talk before. and the pices of all fuels will skyrocket. Americans are going to take a massive hit this winter You people, keep voting in democrats and this will continue. Wake up.

  • Biden damaged our petroleum industry in several ways when he took over the WH. His job is to damage and destroy America in every way he can. Let’s get to the point, he’s a traitor and deserves the gallows.

  • And they tried to bury this story until after the elections. “In times of tyranny and injustice when law oppresses the people, the outlaw takes his place in history” – England at the turn of the 12th century was such a time. And now in the 21st century, it is such a time for America.

  • When the government says that it is “closely monitoring” the situation and working to find a solution what they really mean is:
    – We know we caused the problem, but don’t want you to know we know, and if you don’t know definitely don’t want you to know we caused the problem.
    – We have no intention of fixing anything. That’s why we’re telling you we’re “closely monitoring” the situation. We want you to think we’re doing something when we are not.

  • Biden can blame the war in Ukraine, Republicans, Trump, or whomever he wants but it is he and he alone that created the mess our nation is in at present. A lot of military vehicles run on diesel, what if our military is forced into a Biden war with Russia?
    He has placed us in a very precarious position militarily, economically, morally and culturally. Biden is a loose canon on deck and is extremely dangerous to both our country and the world. Unfortunately, Obama, Rice and Jarrett are somewhere int he mix and no one will address this until the damage is irreparable.

  • This problem will get fixed, however before it does I hope it makes Biden and the democrats the most hated people in this country. So much so that it would be impossible to elect a democrat for a shiff-house inspector. They can try to blame republicans but they own congress, senate and executive. If grocery shelves get empty,….it’s going to get real ugly and who will get blamed.

  • This article, and several well-intended news sources are screaming apocalyptic messages that need not be. If supply equals demand, this capacity may also be 25 days two weeks from now. If supply falls short of demand, it will be less. Thinking of supply and demand, what is really called for is some projection as to when the two cross over at current usage rates.

  • It’s a two-pronged problem. The limited supply is only exacerbated by the high cost. A double whammy! Thank you, Joe Biden! As Obama said Never underestimate Joe Biden managing to F up anything.


  • “…Biden regime has responded by saying that it is “closely monitoring” the situation and working to find a solution.” — Is that like VP Harris looking for the causes of the mass of illegal immigration?

  • “According to a new report, our nation has only 25 DAYS of diesel fuel left in our U.S. Emergency Reserves!”

    Let’s assume the foregoing report (from a reliable source, by the way) is only partly true. Anyone with more than a moron’s IQ is aware that this is BILLIONS OF GALLONS less than it would take us to fight a war! It is far less than required by tanks, ships and airplanes needed to defend our nation. It is BILLIONS less than needed to carry food supplies to our markets! It is BILLIONS less than needed to carry our kids to school. The resulting shortages will affect nearly everything we need to conduct normal lives. And all our enemies would need do is to shake a small stick at us and we’d have no recourse but to surrender. This is the same guy that spent the second day of his presidency using his pen to remove us from energy-independence. Our source further says time is running out for us. I’m afraid I must disagree — Time has run out!

    WHO voted for this pretender? You should be ashamed!

  • Biden is the most corrupt unconstitutional lieing Anti-American Anti-Constitution mother fucker in the history of the United States, and he and all Communist Democrats and Rinos should be executed immediately.!!
    George Sorros and Barack Hussein Obama and Bill Gates are behind everything and they should be arrested and tried for High Treason,
    Then taken before a military Tribuneral and face a FIREING SQUAD. That treasonous execution should be televised so the World can see.
    But will the Republicans have the spine to do this.? My guess will be NO.
    The Republicans have always shown no guts, no Spine. They have always let them go without repercussions.

  • The MSM types refuse to connect the dots. Biden is implementing the Green agenda Obama was giving speeches about starting in 2007. Obama at the Real Leadership for a Clean Energy Future, Monday, October 8th, 2007, Portsmouth, NH “The first step in doing this is to phase out a carbon-based economy that’s causing our changing climate. I will set a hard cap on all carbon emissions at a level that scientists say is necessary to curb global warming — an 80% reduction by 2050. I will also commit to interim targets toward this goal in 2020, 2030, and 2040.” “We’ll also invest in clean energy sources like wind power and solar power, so that by 2025, America can meet a new standard that will require 25% of all our electricity to come from renewable sources.” In Jan 2008 he told the San Francisco Chronicle ““If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them,” Obama said, “Under my plan, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”
    Just like all the “We’re saving the planet!” measures, they expect people to understand energy prices will consume 30-40 percent of their paychecks for at least for 20-30 years, while billions are thrown into rat holes like Solyndra.
    Biden is promising that millions of high paying green energy jobs are just around the corner. He’s been promising that since Obama put him in charge of the hundreds of millions of dollars for “Shovel Ready Jobs” in 2009. Biden mismanaged and bungled that too.

  • Biden is so worried about his hot air that his underlings don”t know what to do!
    seems that stagering of shutdowns would help, but who has the ball’s.



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