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For years now, residents of California have been trying to split the state in half by creating New California. It hasn’t gone as well as they have hoped for, but they’re not giving up and progress is still being made.

Well, you will not believe what just happened in the latest chapter of the push to create the new state. They have basically said “screw our current government,” and appointed their own officials.

“We the People of the State of California by their Delegates assembled do ordain as follows:
A Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State for the State of California shall be appointed by this body to discharge the duties and exercise the powers which pertain to their respective offices by the existing laws of the State under the Constitution of 1849/50 as approved by the United States Congress at the time of statehood, and to continue in office for six months, or until their successors be elected and qualified. The General Assembly is required to provide by law for an election of Governor and Lieutenant Governor by the people as soon as in their judgment such election can be properly held.”

Ordinance – Reorganization … by Jim Hoft

In order for a new state to be created, there are a few steps that need to be followed. First, an application needs to be submitted to Congress. This application needs to be approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Once the application is approved, a presidential proclamation is issued and the new state is officially recognized by the United States government.

There are many reasons why California should be split into two states. The first reason is that California is too large and populated to be governed effectively as one state. There are 38 million people living in California, which is more than twice the population of the second largest state, Texas.

This large population leads to many problems, such as overcrowding, high taxes, and crime. Splitting the state into two would make it easier for each state to govern its own people effectively.

The second reason is that there are significant differences between different parts of the state. Some areas are unforgivingly liberal while the rest of the state holds to conservative values. These differences lead to tension between the two regions of the state. Splitting the state into two would allow each region to govern according to its own values and beliefs.

The process of creating a new state is a long and complicated one, but it looks like New California is one step closer to becoming America’s 51st state. This has been a long time coming and many people are excited for the change.

I think that it would be a good thing for them to become a new state, especially because it would take away some of the strength that California has in elections.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Great news! I vote YES! I left CA in 1993 because in San Diego we could not allow our kids to be in the public schools, unsupervised, with guns/drugs in the elementary schools, and parents NOT ALLOWED to come on campus for any reason! Also they had 35-45 kids in each class and no teacher’s assistants. Shame on them.

    We moved to North Carolina where the class size for elementary school was no more than 20 kids per class, one full-time teacher and one full-time teacher’s assistance, parents could volunteer any time to be in the classroom with their kids. It was fun, it was great! Our kids excelled and went on to great colleges and careers! No violence, no guns, no drugs, lots of support! We loved Southern California but the government there was very corrupt and Socialist. Great move!

    Looking forward to New California where great men and women will show us that California is a great state, just not the radical left wing socialist/communist element found in certain areas.

    • I agree as I also relocated to North Carolina (I’m retired and I chose Glade Valley for my residence). The Marxist/Communist regime that is allowed in public schools, predominantly in democrat-run cities and states is DESTROYING our kids and their future. I lived in California many years ago when it was beautiful, safe and run by common sense leaders where ALL life was respected (none of this CRT, transgenderism, systemic racism BS that is now taught in schools). I am now happy and content in my retirement years and don’t worry about crime as there isn’t much (and certainly NOT violent crime). I pray that one day, conservative common sense leaders will be voted into office in states like California, New York, Maryland and others. The residents need the changes.

  • There is NO way the Truly Patriotic Americans of San Diego and Orange County want to be affiliated with the Marxist Wokists of Frisco.
    Do your readers a favor and print the other half that’s missing here… “How SD and OC want to create the 52nd Constitutional State of America to help SAVE our Republic”!!

    God Bless America

  • Sorry but this cant be done. What you failed to mention is that the people wanting to split California MUST do everything you say AND THEY MUST get approval from all of the other 49 states to do this. And you know that the left will not allow this because the same thing has been tried to split NY State into two and it failed because of the same reasons.

    • did some counties in east Oregon, not secede to Idaho, recently? The “people” will not be allowed? Yeah, you’re free in Amerika. keep drinking the kool-aid

      • Well the problem was it had to be okay with Idaho! You can’t just join their state and they don’t want the Democrats! Idaho felt you screwed it up you fix it! Freedom does not mean after screwing up your house you get to move in with your neighbors. That is what the illegals are trying with the help of Democrats!

    • Ummm, WHERE in the Constitution does it say the other 49 states have to okay it?? Just the legislators of the state in question, both houses of congress and el presidente…

    • Approval by the other 49 states ? Wrong. A majority of Congress and the Senate must ratify (After January 2023 that will be Republican) and the President must sign off (Trump in January 2025) – so they’ll have to wait another 2 years when Republicans control all 3 branches again. The states have nothing to say about another state’s soverignty.

  • well, How smart does that make YOU? The land of flakes and nuts have more sense, boldness and guts that other wimps, slaves to the STATE and BIG talking/no action Amerikans? My ancestors left a corrupt “union with yankees” for only one reason, a high tax on cotton. I could give you thousands of reasons to secede. Bunch of sheeople & cowards. The stupid deserve the gov’t. they have. Go ahead, blame others….

  • Gee, remind me again what the alignment is for the California Aqueduct, supplying SoCal with most of its drinking water…

    • Sure – the southern Democrats started the civil war and got their comeuppance rightly so. Sherman burned Atlanta and the south lost the war – they also kept slaves which the north was 100% against – karma’s a funny thing – when you start sheet you usually get creamed.

      • Yeah, and you’re just another stuuuuuid f*ck regurgitating lies.
        1. The North started the civil war when it overtaxed the south and prevented the south from selling their goods abroad.
        2. The civil war had NOTHING to do with slavery, in fact the Emancipation proclamation only freed the slaves in the southern states, not those in the north. If the North was so against slavery, why didn’t they free their slaves too?
        3. Sheeple like you are this nation’s worst enemy.

        • Thank You Rattlerjake! We need to keep telling the truth about the “Civil” War. The CSA was already a fully formed country for several years so it was not even a civil war. It was an invasion of a sovereign country. The United States invaded and destroyed the Confederate States of America. Remember the winner always writes the history and it is accepted today that the war was fought over slavery and it was not.

  • I think this is great news for the people who are part of the New State. They can free themselves from the corrupt self serving politicians who refuse to uphold their oath of office and defend our Constitution.
    Let’s see what Congress members and Senators refuse to let this New State request move forward and hear their Bullshit reason(s) why they don’t think it happen, reasons which will only confirm that they are just as corrupt and useless as the current politicians running California.

    • A majority of Congress and the Senate must sign off then the POTUS must sign off – not happening with Brandon – he doesn’t even know where California is…LOL – the Republicans will have a majority of the House and Senate in a few months then we have to wait for Trump to win in November 2024 and take office in January 2025 – then northern California can achieve statehood AND we get 2 more Republican Senators ! Nice.

  • I don’t get how the people of California are so brainwashed! In the battle of Athens! Right here in America. All the people wanted was to have a fair vote! Put the ballot box in the post office and count the ballots right there in front of the people! The local government denied them that! So they broke into the armory and attacked city hall and took their ballot box back and counted it in front of the people where the corrupt government was defeated! WHAT A SURPRISE! Well that needs to happen in a lot of places! Those afraid of letting the people see what is going on are cheating! But first the state needs to purge the voter role! As we saw in Colorado ! Twice the secretary of state tried to register 30,000 illegals! California needs theirs done! They keep paying for it and the money keeps disappearing and the job never gets done! That needs to happen before the government gets paid! As they have been paid many times to do it! Time to hold their pay till they do!

  • The map looks perfect. Corral all the weird and crazy ones in a small area and let the rest of the state get on with being normal, patriotic Americans. Change the little crazy areas to Kaliforni-ew, and the rest can be California. Require passports for Nancy and Nuisance to visit the real California.

    • Put signs on the Border saying “Outside the Insane Asylum of West California. I suspect Oregon and Washington would follow. The reason for the Electoral College and having only two Senators was to prevent such undemocratic States from coming to exist run by DINOs like Newsom.
      Today is Tuesday, October 24th, the 643rd day of being hostages
      to undemocratic Democrats. Democrats positions are based on political whims of tyrannical compulsive collectivism, not principled reason.

  • The liberal NUT-JOBS running the state right now will NEVER allow the cessation of that much tax base !!!!!!!! They couldn’t care less about the people, BUT, they need the money to pay for their liberal agenda !!!!!!! For the left it is all about money and CONTROL !!!!!!
    The people of NEW CALIFORNIA just want to be FREE CITIZENS of America, not SUBJECTS of the Marxist, Communist regime running the state now !!!!!!

  • Good luck New California. We’ve been trying to do the same here in New York. We are fed up with liberalism as well

  • Dream on. The filth in Californication will migrate to New California.
    There’s just no getting away from evil trash like: DemoRats, abortionists, illegal-alien-invaders, Leftists/Liberals/Communists/Socialists/Marxists/Hippies/homeless/drug pushing/doped up scum.

    California should be walled off and all the trash thrown in there.

  • Even if there is a new California those in the old California would move into the new and change it back to liberal. It should be easy to do as they have changed several states and one more wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Our Communist Party controlled congress would NEVER allow this to happen. The Communists would declare war on the state of New California, and Braindead Biden or any Communist president of his ilk would use tactical nuclear weapons to destroy them if necessary. This will NEVER happen, without tons of bloodshed and destruction.

  • A great idea, because the present government doesn’t even come close to representing most of the areas of California. The Commiecrats are mostly condensed into southern Cali, where illegals are allowed to vote. The libs won’t admit it, but it has already been evidenced with the left not even trying to hide it any longer, saying it makes for a more diverse representation, in spite of our US Constitution, and the citizenship laws.

  • Article IV of the US Constitution states that a new state formed out of an existing state requires the approval of the current state legislature.

  • Remember folks, this will give the Dems 2 more Senators, and liberal senators.
    Then they want to make DC a state, two more lib Senators!
    And don’t forget Port Rico, two more Lib Senators.

    Just kick back and watch it happen, they will take down America even if it takes them 100 years. We are good at kicking back and doing nothing!

  • They should split. They are too powerful as they exist, and residents should be able to reside in a state that they respect.

  • California has a Governor that NEEDS Jesus Christ as “SAVIOR” and yet rejects the same! WOA unto them that reject Jesus Christ!!Isaiah 3:9, Hosea 7:13

  • I’m in the Republican state of Ohio (How Brown ever got elected is beyond me) There is not much I can do to help but if there is anything let let me know and I’ll do my best. I will to anything I can to eliminate stinking commies. (Anybody old enough to remember when the biggest insult you could throw at someone was to call them a communist?)

    God bless those that are fighting for freedom and good luck to you all and don’t forget………

    PRESIDENT Trump 2024
    Take America back and keep it this time!

  • Lets do it New California, lets do it. California as it is today has become the very pit of hell, governed by communist , who call themselves democrats…A change is desperately needed NOW !

  • Article fails to point out that for any part of an existing State to breakaway from that State requires approval of the State Legislature–not just of Congress. See Art IV Sec 3 of the Constitution.



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