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Rep. Adam Schiff struggled to respond to Margaret Brennan’s straightforward question on this past weekend’s “Face the Nation.” The question was about the recent FBI investigation into former president Trump’s Mar-a-Logo club.

It is a question that should be asked by everyone, and those in positions of authority should have a coherent answer ready for it.

Brennan asked why authorities waited 18 months to carry out the operation if it had been ordered due to a “national security” concern. Furthermore, why did they wait three days to conduct the raid after receiving the warrant? What danger specifically arose?

In reality, Schiff’s response—or lack thereof—was evasive.

“Uh, I don’t know,” he said. The Department of Justice also doesn’t have a satisfying answer to this question.

Then Shifty Schiff gave a fresh spin a try. “If, uh, the Trump people represented that they provided all the classified or national security information and didn’t, that’s a serious problem. And I could tell you anyone in the intelligence community that had, uh, documents like that marked top secret SCI, uh, in their residence after authorities went to them, um, you know, they would be under serious investigation.”

Nobody is arguing that Trump’s team gave authorities access to every document. Furthermore, it is obvious that the government was aware that they still had documents at home. Keep in mind that in June, officials had inspected the residence. So, Schiff’s reasoning is not entirely accurate.

The FBI’s hypocrisy regarding how Hillary Clinton was handled in connection to the same issue may be the next issue that has to be addressed.

In order to prevent the authorities from viewing her emails, Hillary Clinton had a complete private server. And she deleted 30,000 emails in addition to having a lot of confidential documents on it. All of Clinton’s team’s blackberries were destroyed. Trump didn’t take any action at that level and was working with officials rather than causing chaos.

Clinton was given a pass while Trump is being targeted.



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    • Nah, treason on this level gets the firing squad! Appropriate punishment for anti-gun fanatics like the current regime!

    • Replying to your pencil neck remark, look at Schiff’s head. That head has to be filled with helium because that neck would have trouble holding up a normal head, wouldn’t it?

    • Amen! Someone needs to explain to us why Shiffty is still walking around a free man. He should have been thrown in the slammer long ago.

  • How can members of Adam Schiff stand for all the lies and in accurate information he spews forward. His wife and children should set him down and tell him to right his wrongs and go from there. If they don’t then they are as guilty as he if for all the lies and disinformation he spews out. If that be the case the entire family should be ostracized from society.

  • When you think of Schiff, just substitute “ut” for the “hiff” in his name and you have what mostly comes out of him on both ends. Think about this, would you buy a used car from him?

  • DOJ/FBI handling of the Hillary email “matter” was pure theater.
    They knew the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting would get out. Lynch would recuse herself and remove the entire DOJ from the process, so Comey could let Hillary walk.
    In any normal legal scenario, the Deputy steps in when the top person is compromised. Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General did not suddenly cease to exist.
    Lynch handing off to Comey was comparable to a city District Attorney saying the Chief of Police would decide a case. Comey rewrote the wording of the law, and Hillary walked. Dems and the MSM focused on Comey, instead of noting the DOJ was on the sidelines, not functioning. That was the goal.

  • Adam shi* Has been the most lieing, instigater anti-Trump bug eyed bobble head Commifornia rep. in Washington.
    And Commifornia keeps voting those incompetent brainless idiots back in.
    He’s nothing but a low life son of a Bi*** that should be charged for high Treason and brought before a FIREING SQUAD.!!

  • All shall be REVEALED! I, keep asking the Question. YA’LL SEEN ENOUGH YET? The Whole Global Cabal, demoncRATs and RINOS, ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS DESERVE DIRT NAPS. YA’LL KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE,GIT R DUN! VOTE,VOTE,VOTE CONSERVATIVE AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT. NCSWIC,WWG1WGA, P.A.N.I.C. LGB,FJB. I’m not a BOT nor a Spammer. I’m a American Veteran,Trucker and GreatGrandpa. President Trump’s still my President! Yahweh save our poor souls Amen.

  • Let us never forget that the demonic Schiff’s best friend is Ed Buck. The man who drugged ,raped & murdered young black men.

  • Schiff is guilty of TREASON and should be executed for all the lies he spread in his attempt to overthrow a duly elected President. If that isn’t Treason nothing is. An example must be made and not only with Schiff but all involved in the Treason to destroy a Duly elected and Loved President. Please lets not wait much longer. Let the public executions begin

    • This bitch should be tried for treason and executed for wasting 54+ millions of tax payer dollars trying to impeach a sitting president knowing that their was zero evidence of a crime. In fact all others who voted Yes to impeach Trump should also be executed for their treasonous acts as they also knew there was zero evidence to substantiate the charge.
      Execute every individual involved regardless of their political preference. They are all guilty and need to die!!?
      Enough is Enough!!!?

  • I can tell why they Waited for 3 days to be Sure Trump and his family was not there but in New York and would not be able to get there in time to stop them Period Adam Schief has been Lying ever since I knew him and now more than ever about Trump he says there was plenty of evidence in Plan Site but now was found to Impeach Trump and Trump should Sue him to and all the others for what they have done to Him and We the People with 40 Million $ of our TAX Money too

  • We are ALL wishing that somebody can get a good shot at this bugg-eyed little pencil necked bastard and finally send his lying ass to hell where he belongs !!!! When is he going to be investigated, if ever, for the “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” Scandal where he was caught with those children ???? LOOK IT UP !!!!! The left thinks that they have swept this under the rug, like every other crime that the liberals commit !!!

    • Just remember who controls ALL the agencies that would be involved in investigating these situations! There’s your answer as to why they’ve never even been looked into!

  • This goof like Joey Boy is a proven liar. He has made many statements but when challenged had zero proof. The problems are he being #1 and #2 the people that voted the lying moron into office!!!!!

    • No! Don’t hang ’em, proper execution for traitors is a firing squad! Very appropriate for these anti-gun fanatics! The very reason they’re trying so hard to ban guns in citizens’ hands is this exact scenario! So, let’s make their worst nightmares come true, since they’ve been making our lives a waking nightmare for the last year and a half!

  • My fellow Americans we are screwed, I am sorry to say we have no one worthy to carry the colors to lead the attack. I keep hoping someone will come forward but we need it now. Even if the Republicans win in November will that make a difference? They need new leadership also male or female as long as they carry a big stick and uses it when needed.

  • What would happen if the FBI was raided????? Cuff them all and pick a nice rainy day to have them stand outside! Take the entire building down and arrest them all! Drag Wray, Comey, and McCabes family out of their homes in front of their neighbors! Same for the DOJ! And the Jan 6 judges! And claim they all committed treason. Then have the Democratic congress all be forced to show 100% of their emails! Take their phones and detain them all on National TV! Then leak all sorts of fake claims how they were caught working with Russia to destroy America! Drag the media out to answer who they are working for and who is supplying them with their lies!

  • This bitch should be tried for treason and executed for wasting 54+ millions of tax payer dollars trying to impeach a sitting president knowing that their was zero evidence of a crime. In fact all others who voted Yes to impeach Trump should also be executed for their treasonous acts as they also knew there was zero evidence to substantiate the charge.
    Execute every individual involved regardless of their political preference. They are all guilty and need to die!!?
    Enough is Enough!!!?

    • A poem from Citizen Thomas’ desk:


      Adam was an original Cro-Magnon page
      Who was known for his electrifying presence on stage
      A man-about-town who spent time perfecting his art
      Always brandished his skills – he was theatrically smart.

      Then one occasion an upright gentleman he met,
      A striking personality that no one could easily forget
      He instantly became the apple of Adam’s eye.
      So sure of himself, this newcomer seemed to imply.

      His presence was well received, and welcomed by all
      He spoke straight, with lofty but trusty ideas easy to recall
      A distinct leader, a quality of sincere calm in the way he spoke.
      People hailed him, respected him for the honesty he invoked.

      Adam felt the shift in his audience grow
      Towards the new sensation who “just has to go.”
      To a bull’s eye, anything red creates a fiery invitation:
      Rid the glowing center-stage usurper without hesitation.

      Such influence must end, to return to what had been
      The key to his perceived hold on a chosen team.
      So, Adam thought up a script that would stop the steal,
      Create a diversion, the now magnified facts reveal.

      The shamelessly soul-less team set out to do
      Was impeach this newcomer – make him go,
      And propel inconsistent rulings all around,
      Weave lies about him, run his future plans aground.

      So, the story goes, up to this day, Adam still tries
      To drum up crimes and notoriety, whichever flies,
      Assigns them to the guy standing tall, with no malice at all,
      Demands American patriots stop pursuing an election recall.


    FAKE JEW SOROS IS A REAL KAPO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why is Obummer allowed store all his documents in an old furniture warehouse in Chicago, with no security and no penalty?

  • Every move against Trump is to prevent him from running as POTUS and the DNC will lie, cheat and conjur up false narratives to achieve this goal.

  • As a former Federal Special Agent I understand what it took to get FISA up and approved – “VERIFIED TRUTH” with a seperate witness supporting the claim. Like most of Americans we mistrust the Government and the general Left Wing “B” Media (ABC, CBS & NBC). The only thing that matters is the truth or the next DOJ attack on Conservatives or the fact that we failed to react to intelligence concerning the 9/11 attack ?

  • Schiff is guilty of treason and must be executed for Crimes against America and a Duly elected and Loved President of the United States along with all the other Gestapo FBI and CIA who are just as guilty or this Treason will never Stop

  • It is very obvious this idiot was dropped on his head in the delivery room(or squished by the rock he crawled out from under). One look at him and you can tell something isn’t right. What kind of people would elect something like that to represent them?

  • There is a definite double standard when it comes to the way conservatives are treated.
    Law Enforcement, Biden Administration and now the media have come together to form a one party government even though there are TWO parties. The liberals have politicised the DOJ to do their biddings. They raid and attack those who have the audacity to oppose their agenda. That is more like a Communist regime instead of a free America.

  • The level of HYPOCRISY by the LibTURDS is FRIGHTENING. Guess the Constitution is GARBAGE and Lady Liberty took off her blindfold!!!

  • This BUFOON is a proven liar many times over!!!! FACT He is an absolute disgrace to the term representative of the people and should have been in court way back. A total Buffoon from the land of fruits and nuts where many reside!!!!!

  • Schiff is a liberal, snowflake liar. Can’t believe a word he says. He should be thrown out of the House. Maybe that will happen in January. At a minimum, I hope the Republicans strip him of all committee assignments.

  • None of this TALK really matters at all, this little bug-eyed lying liberal son-of-a-bitch will NEVER be prosecuted and he knows it, along with all the rest of the liberal criminals in our government !!! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME !!!!

  • Actually…Schif-face, gives criminals a “bad rap”! *Demoncrat Sciff…soul-less, corrupt, evil, & with out any morality!

    How could his electorate be so utterly stupid as to send him to Congress? Are they all American enemies?

  • On the day that the “priest”,then FBI Director Comey was considering what to do about Hillary, I sent him an email warining to “do the right thing, “High diddle diddle right up the middle” but Comey, (one of the FBI executives who had already committed FELONY PERJURY, was already in the Hillary payoff bag and stated the most legally ridiculous unfounded on any legal precedent, really laughable statement that “No reasonable prosecutor would prosecute Hillary”
    So now Pres Trump has three viable defenses:
    1. “No reasonable prosecutor would prosecute” Trump
    2. The “Eric Holder defense wherein as Holder did, Trump can just give the finger to the committed and ignore the subpoena and the
    4. Billy Clinton “sock in the drawer defense

  • The best interim way to handle Adam Schiff is to follow him around with an automatic cow dung collecting machine that they use in the Dairy Processing plants; Keep it wet and warm so Schiff will be able to shovel it with a spoon when he gets to Guantanamo

  • Mr. Wray, the shoe maker has been trying to get in touch with you: Your Hob nailed boots have been repaired and are ready for you to pick up.

  • So most honest Americans, if we were in Schiff’s position and “don’t know” the answer to such a relevant question, would shut up and then pursue getting an answer from the FBI and DOJ. We also would be very skeptical of the validity of their raid. But not corrupt shifty Schiff. Instead he tries to make up an answer that might excuse (in his mind only) the FBI and DOJ’s corrupt actions.

    Let’s not forget the appropriate follow on question.

    If the DOJ and FBI were truly pursuing national security interests why didn’t the warrant specify national security documents or documents marked confidential? Why did they pursue a general warrant, which is unconstitutional, and granted them permission to cease anything and everything?

  • If we ever have a civil war! I am sure schiff will be at the head of the line to be hung! And he will claim it was never him!

  • You can’t compare Hillary’s classified e-mails with the stuff they were searching for at Mar-a-lago. After all she’s a democrat and it’s the government’s job to shield democrats. Trump is a republican, the the government’s position on republicans is to destroy them with innuendo and scams. Hillary destroying 30,000 documents, her private server, and her phones is perfectly acceptable to the democrats because she’s one of them, a swamp dweller of the highest order. Trump is an outsider who threatens the reputation of the criminal democrats and their personal gains obtained by manipulating the government for their own benefit.

  • Lying as their leader has done all his career and it is documented many many times is what his followers(DNC) do with a passion !!!!!

  • The truth is, Pencil Neck, you dimocRATS are terrified he will run and win again in 2024 and you will do anything to try to prevent that. Now go get ready for your next useless witch hunt!

  • Pencil neck couldn’t make a straight statement if his life depended on it. He has lied and twisted the truth so much during his life he fears he might actually accidently tell the truth!!

  • Not as sad as people would like to make out. After all, he’s no more than another Demon-O-Crat puppet like Dementia Joe. The SWAMP must be completely drained and sanitized.

  • This double standard need to be revisited! And all those that did participate need to be prosecuted. As they were never hired to cover for their buddies! And the judges that keep allowing this type of action need to be quickly disbarred! Just to send a message to future criminal trying this in the future! DON’T! And they will just keep doing it! And if the new Republican congress does not do something right out of the gate! They will not be here in 2024! As the people are truly sick of the double standard!



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