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Despite the fact that she was defeated in the primary election in Wyoming, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney continues to have influence on legislation that is favorable to the left. The bill that she authored to amend the Electoral Count Act of 1887 was finally approved by the House of Representatives.

The legislation proposed by Cheney is referred to as the “Presidential Election Reform Act,” and it modifies the regulations governing the certification of presidential elections by Congress.

A number of people have the opinion that the Democratic Party will benefit from this.

Alongside the Democratic representative Zoe Lofgren, Cheney served as the bill’s sponsor before announcing her impending departure from office in January. Both of them participated in the activities of the January 6 Committee.

According to Cheney, the following will occur as a result of the bill:

  • enacts new counting rules;
  • requires that Congress receive a single certificate from each state;
  • requires states to select electors under state laws prior to Election Day;
  • permits elections to be extended in the event of so-called “catastrophic events”; and
  • prevents election officials from refusing to certify presidential elections.

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) stated that this bill is a “partisan messaging bill intended to score cheap political points” and that it will not address election integrity but rather help House Democrats “stack the democratic process in their favor.”

In addition to this, Tenney asserted that the bill “creates broad private rights of action in a backdoor effort to empower Democrat election lawyers and partisan operatives.”

Tenney’s viewpoint was shared by Republican Jim Banks of Indiana, who represents the state. According to him, the measure will be used for political purposes and has little to do with the protection of voting rights. This past week, he made the following statement: “It’s clear that anything Liz Cheney touches is all about whacking Donald Trump and not about making meaningful changes.”

In the event that this piece of legislation is signed into law, the time allotted for voting in elections may be extended, but “not later than 5 days after” Election Day.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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      • Ask Obama. His records are stored in a furniture warehouse in a Chicago suburb. And no, it is not a secure location..

        • You’re right and George W. Bush stored records in a storage locker.
          This was one more political witch hunt by a very biased justice dept. I hope when republicans take both houses of congress in November, they replace all upper managers of all doh agencies. Clear the agencies.

      • You forgot about Sandy Berger, worked for Bill Clinton, strapped classified, secret and top secret to his legs with rubber bands and walked out with them…Funny, the President can declassify and take those, but his people CAN’T. Obama had his sent to a Chinese restaurant, Trump had his in a LOCKED ROOM only he had access to!

      • Were you born yesterday. The Clinton’s, Obama’s and Biden’s all stole secrets and sold them to Russia and China. You have been totally Brainwashed into a total moron

  • In my opinion she is a chip off the old block…That said her daddy along with ‘W’ was a war criminal during their regime. Yellow cake and WMDs what a crock to get congress and the american people to support a war in Iraq that left over a hundred innocent men women and children dead just so vp Cheney could make a bundle and W could revenge a near hit on his father. If she goes democrat it will be a blessing. However the dems may tell her to hit the road… if they’re smart. Then we can breathe easier without that RINO around.

    • Are those the same WMD’s that Hillary, Kerry and numerous other Democraps said did exist? Only a hundred innocent men, women and children died in Iraq? Can you be any dumber?

  • Justice would be to have them pay back every dime they wasted! As if they never pay they will never stop! Till the people stop them! Then they will be screaming WHAT ABOUT THE LAW??? The same laws they cared less about for decades! That goes double for the corrupt judges!

  • The real reason that Liz Cheney voted to impeach Trump is she like many corrupt politicians fear the real investigations that will come when Trump is back in power. Liz Cheney’s financial worth was 7 million when she was elected. Now it’s 33 million. CORRUPTION.

  • So what’s new. The Domestic Terrorist Chaney has sided with the Communist party for years and against the American People

  • Liz Cheney needs to let go of her anger and review her behavior as to why she was so massively defeated for re-election in Wyoming. Her entire political agenda has been nothing but revenge against President Trump and his supporters instead of doing the work of the American people. She comes across as a spoiled brat who is so full-of-rage that she’s unable to concentrate on why she was elected in the first place. I hope Cheney finds a purpose in life that’s not destructive for her well-being and happiness because the path she’s on now is harming her. Cheney needs to remove the thorns from her personality and get a life that benefits her.

    • I agree. She is NOT behaving as a true Christian. I do not know what the problem is, but she should forgive and help those in need.

  • It took democrats less than 2 years to totally destroy our economy, and country. They should be taken out and shot for treason.

  • Do mean like Killary Clinton did. Or like the Parasites in this FAKE & FRAUDULENT Xbiden’s Administration.

  • I ran into Liz last week and asked her, ‘Can I make pee-pee on you????’ Funny thing is… she seemed shocked….

  • well now she can go back and sponge off her dad! The guy who killed all the people on flight 93! Maybe somebody will return the favor! As we have plenty of illegals to replace them with! Nobody will ever miss either of them

  • Liz Cheney will soon be gone from the House. Good riddance to bad rubbish! America is well rid of this trash.

  • Reminder to Liz: who lost your bid in the primary. Get the hint, people do not want you sticking your nose in our governing. Your temper tantrum of burning everything down is unforgivable.



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