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Fox News’ Bret Baier did not back down when a retired CIA official claimed that the report about Hunter Biden’s laptop was actually Russian disinformation.

Before the presidential election in November of 2020, the New York Post was the first to publish the laptop story. Many branded it as Russian misinformation right away.

The mainstream media quickly jumped on board, promoting a letter from a large number of ex-intelligence agents who said that their story had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

However, there was never any solid proof to support that assertion made by these officials.

Even news organizations like the New York Times and Politico have since confirmed the veracity of Biden’s laptop, proving that the laptop report was not false information spread by the Russian government.

Baier directly questioned former CIA operative David Priess, one of the signatories to the letter, about his decision to spread false information.

“Why did you sign on to that?” Baier questioned.

However, Priess justified his support and made the absurd claim that the letter was impartial because it did not label the Russian laptop tale as “disinformation.”

“Because of what it says. It has all of the classic earmarks of one of these operations,” he said. “You’ll note elsewhere in the letter, if you read it, that it also says we don’t know if this is a Russian operation at all. That has been dramatically changed in the retelling of the story.”

“The letter is merely pointing out that this is the kind of thing that time after time after time that people who study Russian disinformation, intelligence officers who look at Russian tactics, over the long period of time — this is the kind of thing they like to amplify, to sow discord within target countries,” he continued. “The fact is, the tactic is an old one, a tried and true one, and it’s been successful in the past.”

Baier said, “But in this case it was not true — it was not true,” citing the media as having verified it.

Priess replied smugly, “It’s not my fault if people don’t look up definitions.


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  • what a weasel. He knew what they were deliberately trying to hide the evidence that Joe Biden was compromised.

  • Funny. I watched all the hearings about the Russia collusion ect and they all — Hayden, Comey, Brennen, McCabe, etc all used the same, “word twist” tactics used by this guy in their testimony Those 51, as well as Wray, Garland, ect should all be held criminally liable for colluding and plotting to change and influence an election; as well as fired from any position they now hold, as well as denying any pensions and perks they have accumulated. Its more than a Lie, its pushing and promoting socialism and fascism.

  • I don’t understand. Why did Brett just ask him if his letter and stance on “The Russian Disinformation” statement, was more like Russian disinformation than the laptop story ?

  • The CIA is as corrupt as the Gestapo FBI. All those in both the FBI and CIA who committed Treason against the Constitution and the Duly Elected and Loved President of the United States must be Executed for Treason. No If’s ans or butts. They must be executed or this Treason will never stop



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