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Former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president, believes that voters in Michigan who voted for President Donald Trump are racist.

What’s more, he believes that these voters, who voted for he and former President Obama, a black man, were racist because they voted against a rich white woman, Hillary Clinton.

He made the ridiculous, clown-like remark when he spoke to CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Thursday during one of his rare interviews.

“Let’s turn to the 2020 race, and specifically the fact that we’re in Macomb County, Michigan, right now,” Tapper said.

“This is a county that President Obama and you carried twice, and then President Trump carried by 12 percentage points in 2016.

“You’re a son of Scranton. You’re somebody who likes to talk about working class, the middle class. Why do you think so many of these folks turned against the Democratic Party in 2016?” he said.

Biden responded with his usual nonsensical hodgepodge of words that make sense only to him and those who speak Wokeanese.

“Well, look, I think, number one, a lot of it was taken for granted,” he said. “When we were in, I spent a lot of in Macomb County, a lot of time in Detroit. I was given the responsibility of getting it out of its bankruptcy and getting it on its feet. I was the guy that was asked, in the Recovery Act, to make sure we made sure we were in a situation where we saved General Motors and Chrysler.

“I come from Claymont. You know Claymont. You’re a Philly guy. Claymont’s a working-class neighborhood. It used to be — have 6,000 steelworkers in Claymont. It shut down, Worth Steel.

“But the point is that I think it was the feeling that they were taken for granted. I don’t know that for a fact. And I think that he used that dog whistle on race. Now it’s a bullhorn,” he said.

The “dog whistle on race” is another way of saying that if you voted for, or vote for, President Trump and not rich, white Biden, you are a racist.

“And I think that — look, the neighbors I come from, and I think, presumptuously to say, you come from, people don’t want a handout. They just want a fighting chance: Just give me a shot. I have been looking for a shot,” Biden said.

“And the effect of everything he has done has decimated them. I mean, right here in this county, in this state, they’re down 5,000 manufacturing jobs since he became president.

“We’re in a situation where it’s hard as hell to figure how you get your kid to school, because he won’t do anything in terms of helping states that are going bankrupt to be in a position to be able to open schools safely.

“I mean, just across the board — and it’s like when the carny show comes through town the first time, and there’s no pea under any of the three shells. Second times it comes around, people kind of figure out,” he said before he ran to the race card.

“I think that I have — I have won all of my races with the core of my support being a combination of the African-America community and working-class blue-collar guys. And I think that it’s a matter of saying, look, I see you. I understand the problem,” he said.

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