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The recent findings from the Brownstone Institute have caused some conservatives to take pause and question what is really going on with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

According to an anonymous tipster, the CDC has allegedly removed “COVID vaccine” as a cause of death on a number of Minnesota death certificates. This report is raising important questions about whether or not the agency is truly being open and transparent with its data.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, sifted through all Minnesota death certificates since 2015, and discovered that the CDC made the alterations.

According to Aaron Hertzberg, who thoroughly researched the death certificate process, coroners list the cause of death (CoD), and the CDC can later adjust that cause based upon International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

“The critical thing to keep in mind is that the person filling out the death certificate writes a text description of the CoD’s, but doesn’t assign the ICD 10 codes for the CoD’s,” wrote Hertzberg.

The information provided by this tipster was supported by Aaron Hertzberg’s detailed report which sheds light on how death certificates are filled out all over the country.

The local coroners fill out the death certificate with a Cause of Death (CoD), but then they are assigned an International Classification of Diseases (ICD 10) code by either an algorithm or sometimes staff at CDC headquarters.

Hertzberg revealed that ICD 10 code T88.1 is used for “Other complications following immunization, not elsewhere classified,” while Y59.0 indicates “Viral vaccines.”

He found nine altered Minnesota death certificates that listed either one of these codes related to COVID-19 vaccinations and concluded that in each case, it appeared that the CDC had committed data fraud by not assigning these codes as causes of death on these documents.

This news has raised alarm bells among conservatives who worry about government agencies such as the CDC withholding critical information from their citizens – especially during a pandemic when trust in public health officials can be so hard won and easily lost again.

After all, if nine people died due to complications related to Covid-19 vaccination, why would those deaths be excluded from official records?

It doesn’t make sense why any agency would go through such lengths just to suppress dissent or alternative opinions to their narrative- especially when lives could potentially be at stake!

Reports like this further fuel conservative skepticism over government involvement in our daily lives and call into question whether or not we can really trust our elected officials when they tell us something isn’t true even if there appears to be evidence pointing otherwise.

At best, it looks like sloppy workmanship, however, at worse it might indicate an intentional attempt to manipulate data – which could have serious ramifications for public policy decisions moving forward.

It also highlights how important it is for citizens everywhere to remain vigilant when it comes to holding their elected leaders accountable for ensuring accurate reporting in all areas – particularly ones involving matters of public health and safety.

Eric Thompson

Conservative independent talk show host and syndicated political writer.

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  • If the CDC can alter a death certificate then others can also alter them. The death certificate is now meaningless and a worthless piece of paper. Coroners have been lying to us for years.

  • Yet another reason not to trust the corrupt cdc, or any liberal infested alphabet agencies..

  • Do you people really think this is something new? The government has been committing fraud since it was created. 99% of people who have “power” will find a way to use it to their benefit. The CDC has a financial relationship with the pharmaceutical companies.

  • demons in skin, Hitlers Mengele is alive and well and living in Communists and the liberals who lift their hands to the fuer

  • Anyone can see that some of the deaths have been with people who were in god shape got their shots and then suddenly died ,
    mostly with heart failure.

  • I’m thankful to be a survivor! After complying with the rules set forth by our legislature I scheduled and received my two doses of Covid vaccine. Only a few weeks later I landed in the ER with DVT’s in both legs and a pulmonary embolism! Pending my release the hospitalist reviewed my medical records and recommended that I not get any more vaccines. I only need to be told that once!!



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