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Once again the domestic terrorist mob BLM was allowed to harass, threaten, and terrorize families trying to enjoy their Saturday night.

This time in San Diego, as their reach has grown to metro cities nationwide.

This time primarily white, goofy, sheeple, were led in chants by unstable girls, trying to white shame the locals, accusing them of supporting racism by not speaking out with their fascist cause.

What was supposed to be a positive for the democratic party’s chances of winning back the Presidency on November 3rd, the actions of BLM and ANTIFA has backfired as Americans around the USA don’t like unruly mobs harassing complete strangers and/or burning down local citizens cars, businesses, or government buildings.

President Trump has seen a surge in support from those who are looking for a candidate who will restore law and order.

The following tweets show Screaming Black Lives Matter anarchists, disrupting families dining outdoors in San Diego, California.

They marched with the minyans repeating the screeches of their leader using a bullhorn “White silence is violence!”

Black Lives Matter terrorists then surrounded families with young children dining outdoors screaming, “You’re on stolen land!”

A young mother sitting at a table clutched her baby in fear.

Lastly, they blocked a street and harassed motorists.

Nothing positive accomplished again BLM, but what’s new.

Their days might be numbered.

With a Trump re-election victory, the GOP will probably also pick up of the House and maintain their Senate majority. With control of the entire US Congress, we should see some really tough domestic terrorist laws introduced in 2021.

And just like with the minimum 10 years prison sentence for tearing down federal statutes, a similar sentence for those who riot and terrorize anyone should send these basement dwellers straight home to mommy.

Never to be seen again with their silly face coverings and not chanting heard by those who want to live freely.

Eric Thompson

Conservative independent talk show host and syndicated political writer.

USMC Veteran fighting daily to preserve Faith - Family - Country values in the United States of America.

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