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Recently, Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of ABC’s “The View”, made headlines once more when she attempted to explain the voting process using unconventional language, creating an unexpected moment during a political discussion.

The conversation began when someone mentioned that former congresswoman Liz Cheney had proposed running as a third party against Donald Trump.

Alyssa Farah Griffin then commented that the United States is “careening into dictatorship” under Trump’s leadership and urged her fellow panelists to be aware of how dangerous he is.

Given that Trump is projected to be the nominee no matter what, Sunny Hostin questioned whether anyone was paying attention to voices such as those of Griffin and others.

She conceded that Liz Cheney may be their ‘savior’ since she stands up for democracy.

The New Intellectual Froglegs Is Out! RINO SEASON!

“I would consider this sort of split ticket that she’s talking about,” she shared, while Goldberg chimed in to say that everyone thought she was “crazy” when she proposed the idea of a split ticket years ago.

Later in the segment, Goldberg proclaimed, “This is not about them, this is about us,” referring to the candidates in the upcoming presidential election. “We make this decision. I don’t like polls because polls can be manipulated. I like when somebody goes in and they vote.”

Goldberg continued, “I like when somebody puts their thing in the box” — at this point, she used exaggerated hand gestures to mime shoving something into an imaginary container — before adding, “and they walk back, you know? Because then you can see what someone did.”

Sara Haines, seated beside Goldberg, was taken aback after hearing her remarks; Goldberg then offered an apology.

“I know that sounded worse than I meant it.” Thankfully, Goldberg caught her innuendo.

“It did, yeah,” Hostin told Goldberg, and the rest of the panel, including Haines, laughed. But Goldberg was adamant, saying, “I know where it came from now!”

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  • First of all these are the five dumbest women on TV, Second the only people destroying our democracy, are the Democrats and this dictatorial clown act of an administration, led by Mr. MaGoo Biden, who wants to change everything by a presidential fiat.

  • I thought that I lost my spaghetti mop, I just found it on Whoopi’s head. It doesn’t look any better than it did on a stick.

  • Just looking at that photo of this BIZARRE FREAK makes me urgently need to go to the rifle range for some group therapy.

    She makes The Predator look good.

  • These leftards and way too many conservatives keep calling WE a “democracy”. Get a clue people, WE are not a “democracy”, WE are a Constitutional Representative Republic. Apparently, they were spending more time back in school learning about “systemic racism”, the thousands of different genders and commmunist doctrine to pay attention in their government class. The minute any of these jackwagons starts howling about our “democracy” I immediately tune out, as that is usually the beginning of their “conservatives are Nazis”, we need more DEI and transgender clap trap BS. When you don’t even know what type of government WE have nothing you have to say about the country means anything to me. Byron Donalds-R Fla., is the only polictician that I have heard refer to our country as a Republic lately, and even then, he finishes with a comment about our democracy. We may have democratic underpinnings, but WE are NOT a democracy! If, you don’t know the diffference, any search engine will help you learn the difference.

  • These women are not the sharpest knives in the kitchen. Trump is for Democracy, but I don’t believe Cheney is for the same Democracy that we as American have enjoyed for the last 200 years. The Left have a set of rules for their democracy, and those are not necessarily our set of rules for democracy. But as they keep talking about Democracy, I would feel safer with Trumps Democracy that the gals on the View or any of the lefts Democracy. Theirs is not real Democracy it is a mixture of Communism and a bit of Socialism and a bit of Capitalism, of course, they all want to be rich. So the Capitalism is for them and the communism is for the rest of us !

  • I wish all you people making comment’s, whoopi is NOT a she, it’s an it, remember according to those use the correct pronouns, that is a small herd of its

  • yeah, trump is a danger all right, to the corrupt demon-rats and the view. maybe he can deport them all to gaza so that they can be with terrorists that they love ans praise so much.



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