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After three American service members were killed in Jordan on Sunday, the US initiated retaliatory strikes in the Middle East on Friday.

ABC News confirmed that these strikes took place in Iraq and Syria.

Before this, Iran had issued a warning to Joe Biden, stating that they would retaliate if he responded to the drone attack that claimed the lives of the American service members.

CENTCOM released a statement revealing that over 125 precision munitions were used and we military forces hit more than 85 targets during these airstrikes.

Here’s the full statement:

The recent strikes were a result of Joe Biden allowing Iran ample time to prepare for a coordinated response following over 160 attacks on US military bases in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan.

Late Saturday night, three US servicemembers were tragically killed and 34 others injured, with eight requiring transportation to another location for treatment.

The attack occurred while the troops were sleeping in a tent structure and was carried out using an unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

All three servicemembers who lost their lives belonged to the 718th Engineer Company, a reservist unit based in Fort Moore, Georgia.

  • Sgt. William Jerome Rivers, 46 of Carrollton, GA
  • Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders, 24, of Waycross, GA
  • Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett, 23, Savannah, GA

deceased servicemembers from left to right: Rivers, Sanders, Moffett

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • These were “retaliatory strikes?”
    Seems more like Biden was sending another one of his “warnings.”
    Since Biden’s first warning, “Don’t, don’t, don’t,” was completely ignored, the time for warnings is past.
    Now is the time for consequences.
    Biden doesn’t believe in consequences for bad behavior.
    Just look at how he handled the bad behavior of his son, Hunter.

  • Communist pedophile Joe Biden will do exactly what his puppet Master Obama did when he was in Office and destroying America, get on T.V and let the enemy know when and where the strike (s) will hit..
    That’ll give those Fuc*ing Muslims time to relocate,, Obama the Communist Muslim will not allow his brother’s to be killed,, Muslim Brothers to the bone.

    • He’s not smart enough to be a crook. He thinks he’s doing ok because his handlers tell him so. He is just a demented dork with the mind of a child!

  • These Democrats are war mongers. Biden has started a world war with his incompetence for America along with the puppet master Obama. They don’t care about any of us in America, even the liberal left. His treasonist acts are effecting all Americans

  • This headline is MISLEADING. Why should the “world look on in horror”? These criminal terrorist attacked our base and killed and wounded American servicemen and women.

  • So Setting Up For W.W.3 Cos 3 Black Soldiers Were Killed?-No Mention Of The Dozen White Ones Maimed and Crippled?-Sounds Like A Last Ditch Effort To Win The Tribal Black Establishment Over!-Doubt It Will Work But Looks Pretty Obvious to Me-Ace In The Hole?-Government Shutdown When a Country is Dealing With a W.W.-Guess That Means No Elections Till Its Officially Declared Over?-Imagine Another 5-10 Years Of BIDOOM!!

  • Now ya’ll get ready over there!

    I’m having my wokers come over and slap a bunch of wrists.

    So here’s where they’re coming, so get out of the way.

    After this I’ll be able to brag about how Bada$$ I am.

  • Who even believes that these retaliatory “attacks” were in anyway effective or even meant to be, days later after Syria and Iran had time to prepare. The military use to have scenarios all ready to go for situations like this. Now it takes a week?? Doubt if anything of significance happened. Can’t believe anything this administration says

  • remember what biden said? America last, and he means it. Regardless he is nothing but a puppet (similar to week-end at Bernies), and someone else is pulling the strings. My guess is barry soetoro (his real name) and the CCP.

  • And if Biden had not been such a weak and pathetic excuse for a president in the first place and owned by so many of our enemies, the retaliation would not have been needed because the strike would never had occurred. Peace through strength. War through weakness. And since he only cares about himself to begin with, he doesn’t care if our people get attached and killed. Just look at his history and it’s undeniable.

  • Need to strike Iran to stop attacks. They could care less about other countries and would stop if their ruling powers were threatened and an opening for an uprising would start.
    Somebody in this country needs to grow a pair instead f having them all removed. They only understand power.

  • President Biden gave four days advance warning, that attacks were coming. The enemy evacuated. President Obama said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to XXXX things up.” That includes airstrikes.

    • Hmm? Why are US troops in Syria?
      Still fighting ISIS or is it ISIL?

      Obama and his CIA spooks created the ‘Free Syrian Army’ in Jordan that later, Wink, Wink, became ISIL. They took the American training, weapons and imported US pick up trucks with them.

      The ‘L’ means Levant. Obama used the word ‘Levant’ often to show he agreed that Israel was to be included in the ‘Islamic Caliphate’ during his treasonous reign in office.

      The American CIA and US military base at ‘Al Tanf, Syria’ is still there, guarding the old crossing point from Jordan! Even Trump left the base there. It alsp sits where a proposed Iranian oil pipeline was to be built.



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