This week, critics expressed concern when the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri presented the Associated Press with a “Pictures of the Year” award for images featuring an Israeli victim of Hamas.
The most contentious photograph captures the body of Shani Louk, a 23-year-old dual citizen of Germany and Israel who was abducted and killed by Hamas, being transported on a truck.
Subsequent footage revealed Palestinians mistreating her remains.
The Associated Press was awarded the “Team Picture Story of the Year” for its reporting on the “Israel and Hamas War.”
However, the statement from the Reynolds Journalism Institute contained several inaccuracies.
It misrepresented the number of people kidnapped by Hamas, inaccurately reported statistics on casualties in Gaza without differentiating between terrorists and civilians, and falsely stated that Israel targeted safe humanitarian zones.
Breitbart News contacted Lynden Steele, the director of Pictures of the Year International, for a comment, and he responded as follows:

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RJI and POY strongly condemn the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, and we continue to mourn the loss of innocent lives and human suffering that is occurring in the ongoing conflict. Reactions to the Team Picture Story of the Year express the greater emotions related to that conflict.

This year and every year, the photos in the competition are selected by a panel of professional journalists tasked with identifying compelling representations of the significant news events of the year. While we understand the reactions to the pictures, we also believe that photojournalism plays an important role in bringing attention to the harsh realities of war.

The statement failed to acknowledge that the AP had employed at least one stringer in its reporting who was associated with Hamas and was photographed holding a weapon during the October 7 incident.
Additionally, another AP photojournalist reportedly urged civilians in Gaza to participate in the attack and looting in Israel.
The AP has refuted claims of prior knowledge of the attack, despite having stringers closely linked with Hamas militants.

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  • I do not condone this, but I can understand why, however it is clear Israeli government officials are the worst garbage this planet has to deal with. Ariel Sharon is burning in hell. It’s hard to deal with what they did and are still doing, but they are causing all the problems in the Middle East, and the Hamas are a bi-product of Israel’s viciousness infecting even Saudi Arabia. Hamas has to be annihilated and Israel must be removed from power. Buying photos of their dead citizens is as barbaric as it gets. The people of Israel are not to blame. Just because you are Jewish does not mean you should support’s doctrines

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  • Tom’s comment seems to be the most confusing thing about this place and history. Scientists say there is no DNA for Palestinians which the Israelis do have a definite DNA. Try that one one for whatever justification you are pursuing.

    • There is really NO SUCH THING as a “Palestinian,” so it’s not surprising no “Palestinian” DNA can be found! “Palestinians” are the MONGRELS of the Arab world–a motley collection of contentious, murderous trouble-makers that NO Arab country will allow into their countries. THAT is how Israel got stuck with them. There IS no “Palestine” or “Palestinians,” for that matter. And PS, King David established the nation of israel THOUSANDS of years before these mongrel PARASITES appeared on the scene. They have NO CLAIM on any part of Israeli territory. NONE. Hamas hides their military installations in schools and hospitals and uses them as human shields. The MORE of them that die, the merrier–it’s just more grist for the ‘Palestinian’ propaganda grist mill, and gullible Leftist LOONS just gobble it up hook, line and sinker and weep for the “poor” Palestinians. They are the human equivalent of cockroaches. The “Palestinians” ELECTED Hamas to be their government. They DO NOT DESERVE and SHOULD NOT HAVE any concessions, as this is what they CHOSE to do, and now it’s time to pay the price for their treachery and murderous ways.

      Israel allowed these cockroaches to inhabit ISRAELI territory in the Gaza Strip, and they used that largesse to build tunnels so they could creep into Israel and MURDER Israelis. WHY people keep blaming Israel for the bad behavior of these malignant parasites is a mystery to me!

  • Do not label these people as ‘Liberals’. They are part of the Communist propaganda network actively trying to destroy American influence in the World. They are working on isolating Israel in a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. Next, it will be America. FJB is trying to play both ends of the stick and is getting burned. We need real leadership in times like this. His handlers aren’t up to the task.

  • Photo shows nothing! Stop sanitizing pictures that protect the Hamas crimes from view.

    Is DP pro Hamas?



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