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At the start of the new year, Tucker Carlson shared a video of Mark Epstein trying to acquire a prehospital care report from the Emergency Medical Services personnel who had taken away his brother Jeffery’s body from his prison cell.

In the video, Mark Epstein speaks with an administrative clerk at the New York Fire Department regarding Jeffery Epstein’s PCR report and is informed that it is not in their database.

The clerk further states that they are unsure as to why this is so.

In the caption of the post, Tucker wrote, “The U.S. government claims Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a federal detention facility in Manhattan four and a half years ago, just before his trial. If that’s true, why are there so few records available from that night?”

He continued, “Here’s Mark Epstein trying to get a copy of one of the most basic documents of all, the prehospital care report, written by the EMS team that moved his brother’s body out of the cell.”

He concluded his post by announcing he would be interviewing Mark Epstein in the near future.

At the :55 – :57 second mark of the video, someone in the background makes a notable statement regarding Epstein’s cell. They suggest that a “private unit” may have been deployed inside it, which could explain why no PCR report was filed.

This week, court documents pertaining to Jeffrey Epstein are set to be unsealed, with former President Bill Clinton’s name among those expected to be revealed.

The whole Jeffrey Epstein saga has been nothing short of a travesty of justice. His alleged sex crimes are heinous and inexcusable.

Epstein’s death raises questions that need to be answered if we are to have any faith in our criminal justice system. It appears no one may ever know what really happened that fateful night on August 10th. If there was foul play involved, it would be an absolute disgrace—and yet another reminder of why our justice system needs reform.

This case does not just affect Epstein’s alleged victims either, it affects every single person who believes in justice and fairness within our nation’s courtrooms.

It also demonstrates how powerful people can escape punishment due to their wealth and status—something we must stand united against if true justice is ever going to prevail.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • I so hope that Tucker Carlson has excellent personal security, in addition to having his material automatically released to numerous sources upon his possible demise, whether it be an outright hit or his being suicided. These people don’t mess around. Just ask Epstein. Oh, wait, he can’t testify.

  • “….if we are to have any faith in our criminal justice system.” Wut? Someone still exists that has “faith in our criminal justice system?” Count me out Charlie Tuna! If anything has been positively proven over the past eight years, it is that there is “NO EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW” in America today, or for that matter decades! That screed above that SCOTUS lair should have those TWO letters (NO) carved into that stone!

  • I sure as Hell don’t believe in our justice system, it’s total bullshit run by a Nazi party who protects the rich and powerful who committed heinous crimes and incarcerate the poor.
    Just ask Hitlery Clinton.
    Paid for by the Communist party of America.

  • “Mountaine” below seems to have it correct. This is just one more in the vast Leftist world that is the SHITSHOW they have put out country through!

  • I hope Tucker has a gun… you never know with Slick Wille and that Fugly DRUNK SeaHag Swillary yhe “ suicide” squad …

  • Too many unanswered questions! I’ll believe Epstein’s list of names will be released when I see it! There are too many so-called important people involved to allow it to see the light of



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